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Novell Delivers High-Availability Solution for NetWare 5

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01 Jul 1999

Novell Delivers High-Availability Solution for NetWare 5

Continuing to provide NetWare users with reliable downtime solutions, Novell announced the shipment of Novell StandbyServer, Novell's first high-availability product for NetWare 5. This real time mirroring solution ensures NetWare 5 users continuous up-to-the-moment data protection, essentially eliminating downtime by providing users automatic reconnection to another, fully functional server within moments of hardware or software failure.

"The latest release of StandbyServer gives NetWare 5 customers an excellent high-availability solution," said Ebrahim Keshavarz, director of Compaq Software Marketing. "Compaq ProLiant servers are a key development platform for StandbyServer, and this latest release represents another achievement in our long-standing partnership in delivering joint, high-availability solutions to NetWare customers."

Novell StandbyServer provides NetWare 5 users with a more effective way to ensure efficient network operations. With Novell StandbyServer, server maintenance can be done at the customer's convenience without affecting users or network performance ensuring reliability of e-commerce applications and allowing for upgrades or testing at any time.

When a shared-storage configuration is used, Novell StandbyServer also allows for the use of Novell Storage Services (NSS) in NetWare 5, which offers faster volume mount time thus minimizing total fail-over time.

In a case of primary server failure, the standby machine will begin accessing shared storage, and users can continue using the network.

"Novell StandbyServer is a strong, high-availability solution for a broad range of customers with critical data," said Michael Bryant, director of marketing for Novell clustering solutions. "This solution gives our customers another way to increase the productivity of their business processes."

Novell StandbyServer is Y2K ready and does not require the purchase of identical hardware for production server and standby machines. This high-availability solution can also be used to perform Y2K testing using mirrored data stored in the standby machine.

Novell StandbyServer is available today through Novell channels and has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $4,285. Novell StandbyServer also supports NetWare 3.12, 3.2, 4.11 and 4.2. For additional information on Novell StandbyServer, call (888) 321-4272, or visit

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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