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Novell Delivers Unmatched Performance Foundation for E-Business With Internet Caching System

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01 Jun 1999

Novell Internet Caching System supported by Industry-leading Partners

At BrainShare `99, Novell unveiled the Novell Internet Caching System, a scalable, plug-and-accelerate caching appliance architecture available for license by Intel architecture-based OEMs. Novell's Internet Caching System effectively increases the capacity of any Web server ten-fold, which enables content publishers, ISPs and enterprises to deploy high performance, content rich Web storefronts that increase buyer satisfaction, attract new customers, and drive new revenue opportunities. Novell Internet Caching System, with its patent-pending cache file system, dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of delivering Internet content to employees, business partners and customers within corporate intranets and extranets as well as across the Internet.

Several leading industry vendors, including Alteon, Compaq, Dell, Foundry, Intel, Log-On Data, Mirror Image, N2H2, SkyCache and others have endorsed Novell Internet Caching System as the premier caching solution for ISPs and enterprise customers. Please see quote sheet for detailed support at

Caching accelerates the performance of e-business Web servers, and speeds information access and lowers network telecommunications costs. Collaborative Research, the publishers of the 1998 Internet Caching Report, estimates that the caching market will reach $2 billion by the year 2002, with caching appliances representing 80 percent of that market.

"Novell Internet Caching System is the only solution that delivers the performance foundation necessary for e-business," said Ron Heinz, senior vice president, worldwide sales, Novell. "With over five million enterprise users already relying on Novell's BorderManager for Internet caching, we have clearly established ourselves as the leader in the caching market. Novell Internet Caching System further extends our competitive advantage and represents a tremendous opportunity for our OEM partners to reach new markets with caching appliances and deliver the best solution to ISP and enterprise customers everywhere. Bottom line, placing Novell Internet Caching System at every Web server and major router segment allows more customers to come in to Web sites, resulting in more revenue opportunities."

"As content publishers, enterprises and ISPs implement increasingly complex and performance intensive Web sites, the need for caching as a performance foundation becomes even more critical," said Bill Raleigh, director of marketing, enterprise server group, Intel Corporation. "Integration of high-performance Intel server platforms"particularly Pentium"III Xeon processor-based servers"coupled with Novell's Internet Caching System further enhances productivity for companies doing business on the Web."

Novell Internet Caching System Features

Delivering unmatched scalability, flexibility and price/performance, Novell Internet Caching System can be quickly and easily implemented in less than 10 minutes within NetWare, UNIX, Cisco, or NT-based enterprise or ISP networks. In fact, the Novell Internet Caching System/OEM appliance is the only solution that delivers the ability and most importantly, affordability, to scale the entire network - from the branch office to the ISP. Novell Internet Caching System appliance architecture offers:

  • Performance/Scalability. Integration of a new high performance, scalable Cache Object Store with leading edge fault tolerance capabilities (Disk Cloning, Disk Mirroring, Cache Clustering) provides a solution that scales from small branch offices to the needs of global enterprises and ISPs. This allows companies to optimize bandwidth and accommodate new Internet-based applications.

  • Management. Novell Internet Caching System's true, plug-and-accelerate architecture can be installed in a Cisco, UNIX, NT or other switch and router environments in under 10 minutes. Novell Internet Caching System is easily administered from any location via standard management interfaces (Browser, Telnet, FTP and Serial Connection). Novell Internet Caching System also supoorts SNMP for easy integration into management consoles.

  • Price/Performance. Optimized for speed on Intel-based platforms, Novell Internet Caching System enables infrastructure managers, Web administrators and ISPs to deploy caching based on benefit, not price. Unlike competing solutions, Novell Internet Caching System can be deployed everywhere, from branch offices to network operation centers.

  • Value to mixed environments. Novell Internet Caching System provides a caching solution that drops into any environment, including Unix, Cisco, NT, NetWare and others. It provides an open standards Intel-based architecture that reduces overall bandwidth consumption, while leveraging the existing infrastructure. Advanced capabilities like native and Layer 4 switch transparent proxy will allow the Novell Internet Caching System to work at the edge of any network.

Additionally, Novell Internet Caching System includes support for URL filtering and blocking, and browser-based monitoring and logging of usage data and statistics. Novell Internet Caching System also contains the ability for over-the-wire upgrades, so as product feature enhancements are made they can be applied to the appliance directly over the network adapter.

Pricing and Availability

  • Novell's Internet Caching System is a licensable technology that will be sold exclusively through Novell's Intel architecture-based OEM partners. "Novell Internet Caching System presents a unique opportunity for our OEM partners," continued Mr. Heinz. "Not only will Novell Internet Caching System technology be delivered solely through the OEM channel, but Novell will also partner with these companies on a global basis in sales, demand creation and channel development activities." Individual Novell OEM licensees will announce specific pricing and availability for OEM Internet Caching Systems. For more information on Novell Internet Caching System, please visit

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