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Novell Announces Open Beta of Directory-Based Host Connectivity

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01 May 1999

New Version of NetWare for SAA Includes Support for NetWare 5, Pure IP and NDS Integration

Building on the positive momentum of NetWare 5, Novell, Inc. recently announced that NetWare for SAA 4 is now available to customers for open beta testing. NetWare for SAA 4, developed by IBM in conjunction with Novell, is the only directory-enabled host connectivity solution for securely and reliably integrating NetWare networks, corporate intranets and Internet applications with IBM mainframe computers and AS/400 systems. New features in NetWare for SAA 4 include support for NetWare 5, Novell's directory-enabled server platform based on pure Internet Protocol (IP), as well tighter integration with Novell Directory Services (NDS) for a single point of management and control of connectivity between IBM and Novell networks.

According to International Data Corporation, the Web-to-host connectivity market is predicted to grow to $1 billion by the year 2002. NetWare for SAA provides the best, most reliable and secure integration between NetWare and IBM Host Systems and is installed at a wide variety of enterprise organizations, including financial and insurance institutions as well as government organizations around the world.

"We have worked with version 1.3 through 3.0, and now the beta of 4.0. We found the 4.0 beta to be the most stable, easiest to configure, and most feature-rich version that we have ever used. NetWare for SAA allows Fiserv and our clients to focus on TCP/IP-based networks, while using development APIs designed for the SNA world," said Randy Woods, network services manager at Fiserv, the world's largest financial data processor. "Combining the IP support that has been in NetWare for SAA since version 2.0, with the pure IP capabilities of NetWare 5.0, allows us to roll out an extremely modern, highly capable network connectivity solution."

"Ensuring that our customers can exploit the strengths of NetWare 5 for host connectivity was our focus in developing this version of NetWare for SAA," said Dave Holbrook, director of marketing, Novell. "Delivering pure IP and tighter integration with NDS in NetWare for SAA 4 directly reduces administration costs, simplifies user access and lowers total cost of ownership for businesses needing to integrate the NetWare and IBM environments."

New Features in NetWare for SAA 4

NetWare for SAA 4 is built on NetWare 5, the number one network for Internet-enabled businesses. It is integrated with NetWare 5 security, directory, print and file services. NetWare for SAA 4 provides pure TCP/IP support, including client access, management utilities and NDS synchronization. Additional new features in NetWare for SAA 4 include:

  • Enhanced security for secure communication over the Internet and corporate intranets

  • Comprehensive TCP/IP support including value-added gateway services such as load balancing and rollover for AS/400 connectivity, providing more reliable host access and simplified network management

  • Support for High Performance Routing (HPR) over TCP/IP and other SNA networking enhancements, protecting investments in existing data networking facilities

  • Integration with IBM's Tivoli TME enterprise management system offering improved event reporting and management

Availability and Pricing

NetWare for SAA version 4 is currently available in open beta for customer testing. Pricing will be announced at when the product ships. The beta can be ordered on the World Wide Web at

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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