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Oracle and Novell Partner to Integrate Enterprise Directories, Improve User Access and Reduce Administration Costs

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01 May 1999

Oracle and Novell Cooperate to Bring Oracle8i Database Support to Novell Directory Services

Oracle Corp. and Novell Inc. recently announced they are teaming to provide integration of the Oracle8i database into Novell Directory Services (NDS) and interoperability between Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and NDS. OID is the first Oracle database-powered enterprise directory, enabling companies to better manage large global user populations for Oracle applications. Interoperability between the two directories will provide users a single login point for accessing network and information resources, as well as browser-based applications, lowering the cost of managing enterprise applications and networks.

Cooperation between the two companies includes:

  • Enabling NDS to use the Oracle8i database as its data store

  • Security integration, providing for Single Sign-On (SSO) across all Oracle and Novell enterprise solutions

  • Joint efforts to accelerate the development of LDUP and LDAP extensions, specifically working on replication, authentication and security extensions.

"Our objective is to integrate all major components of our customers' networks; and interoperability between their primary directories is critical," said Christopher Stone, Novell Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development. "Novell and Oracle are leading the way by delivering directory products designed to work together seamlessly for our existing and future customers."

For corporate IS managers, the abundance of disparate directories across the enterprise is a costly administrative headache. OID helps streamline directory administration of

Oracle applications by integrating user preferences, company and other information, such as human resources data and E-mail address books. Further, interoperability between Novell's and Oracle's LDAP-compliant directories will enable any Oracle application to access network resources registered with NDS (i.e. network switches, desktop applications, servers as well as users and profiles stored in NDS) through interfaces to OID.

"Oracle and Novell are working together to provide a complete directory solution for enterprise customers," said Jeremy Burton, Vice President of Server Marketing at Oracle Corporation. "With directory access through LDAP and common data storage through Oracle8i, the combination of OID and NDS represents the most open, scalable, reliable and secure directory solution in the industry."

Novell Directory Services (NDS) already integrates and manages most applications, users, devices, and data on the network. By tying all Oracle-based solutions into NDS, the network moves closer to the vision of seamless access and management. This effort combines Novell's leadership position in enterprise networking with Oracle's market leading database applications to create powerful new enterprise solutions, while also eliminating data and management redundancy, lowering costs and increasing productivity.

"Companies that begin their directory integration efforts now will be well-positioned to exploit technology like Oracle Internet Directory and NDS," said Jamie Lewis, president of The Burton Group. "By simplifying and integrating now, companies will be able to save on administrative costs and position themselves well for the long term."

Novell Positioning Statement for Oracle's Internet Directory Announcement

The announcement of the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and its integration with Novell Directory Services (NDS) is positive for Novell and enterprise customers for several reasons:

  • Today, Oracle's database has tight integration with NDS on NetWare. Due to their long history and large installed base, Oracle's database products also run on numerous legacy and new operating systems. Since NDS does not currently run on every platform that Oracle products do, integration needs to be accomplished through other methods. OID is Oracle specific. It does not manage the rest of the network like NDS. With OID, Oracle customers will receive single sign-on and single user account administration across all Oracle applications. By integrating NDS with OID, that single sign-on and single administration can be extended to all parts of the network. Because NDS integrates all of these network aspects, an Oracle and NDS network is more manageable than an Oracle-only network.

  • Novell's directory strategy is to logically integrate the network around a user's identity by breaking the dependencies of physical location and device. This strategy reduces complexity by eliminating redundancy and providing more seamless access and management of the network from any location or device. A necessary step in accomplishing this strategy is integration with the authentication and user account management portions of all major applications and services. Oracle, being the largest database provider, with a large installed base and wide breadth of applications is a logical choice for a partner.

  • NDS already integrates and manages several types of applications, devices and industry standards including: RADIUS dial-in, routers, switches, IP management, NT domains, Windows applications, software distribution, desktop management, Exchange, proxy, cache, firewalls, NetWare, Citrix servers, etc. With the addition of the entire Oracle product line, Novell moves the network closer to its vision of seamless access and management.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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