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Overview of NDS for NT 2.0

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01 May 1999

This article discusses how you can simplify the administration of Windows NT domain relationships and centralize management of your mixed NT and NetWare network with the power of NDS.


NDS for NT 2.0 is software you can use to administer mixed Windows NT and NetWare networks. With NDS for NT 2.0 you can deploy NT applications, increase network reliability and productivity, and manage your NT branch office.

Because NDS for NT 2.0 does not change the domain architecture, it is completely compatible with existing Windows NT applications, and you can still use familiar Windows NT tools to manage your NT domains. For example, you can move Windows NT domain information into Novell Directory Services (NDS) and manage NT domains as NDS objects. This eliminates the need to create and maintain separate Windows NT and NetWare user accounts. Users need to log in only once to access all the resources they need on both your NetWare and Windows NT servers.

NDS for NT 2.0 also eliminates the need to establish and maintain complicated trust relationships. You can add users to one or more domains without deleting and recreating them, and manage your entire mixed network using the NetWare Administrator (NWAdmin) utility.

NDS for NT 2.0 is Year 2000 Ready.


  • Decrease network ownership costs by simplifying administration

  • Deploy and manage NT applications

  • Manage your NT branch or department

  • Access all network resources with a single login

  • Integrate NT familiar utilities, such as User Manager, Server Manager, and File Sharing Wizard, with NWAdmin

  • Reduce WAN usage by using NDS replicas on NT servers in branch offices

  • Use with any size network

  • Provide dynamic changes while server is running

  • Ensure a seamless transition to the year 2000

Decrease Network Ownership Costs by Simplifying Administration

A recent Gartner Group study revealed that 73 percent of the cost of owning a network results from administrative costs. Because NDS for NT 2.0 greatly simplifies network administration, it also reduces the cost of network ownership. Gartner Group's local area network service, July 1998, states, "Through year-end 2000, NetWare 4 enterprises that use NDS for NT rather than creating a duplicative domain structure will save at least 40 percent in administration costs per year (.8 probability)."

You can create and modify any object in the NDS directory tree using the NWAdmin graphical user interface (GUI). With NWAdmin and NDS for NT 2.0 you can manage the entire NT and NetWare network from a single location. And with the NDS for NT global directory you can manage the network from your own workstation, instead of from individual server consoles.

Deploy and Manage NT Applications

With NDS for NT 2.0 you can easily deploy and manage NT applications throughout your mixed network. Once the application is on the network, you can use NDS for NT 2.0 to assign application rights by organization, user group, or individual user. With NDS for NT 2.0 you can deploy NT applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Terminal Server, Citrix WinFrame and MetaFrame, and Lotus.

Manage Your NT Branch

With NDS for NT 2.0 installed at your NT branch you can use NDS applications to manage your NT system. With you can manage your applications and user profiles, as well as detect and repair damaged or missing files automatically, without visiting each PC or server on the network.You can manage and monitor your NT server more efficiently with ManageWise. In addition, with BorderManager Authentication Services 3 you can provide secure remote network and Internet access, and with GroupWise you can provide E-mail and document management tools.

Reduce WAN Usage by Using NDS Replicas on NT Servers

You can place replicas of NDS partitions on NT servers at remote locations. With the NDS partition, user logins are made locally and NDS-enabled applications can access NDS data without requesting information across a wide area network (WAN) link to the central site. Accessing the data locally reduces traffic and speeds up networking operations at both ends.

Provide Dynamic Changes While Server is Running

NDS for NT 2.0 provides you with a reliable global directory that can remain running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Once NDS is running, any updates to the directory can be made without "bringing down" the server.

Ensure a Seamless Transition to the Year 2000

With NDS for NT 2.0 you can plan confidently for trouble-free operation as the year 2000 approaches. You will experience a smooth transition from the year 1999 to the year 2000 without any changes in your system's functionality, data content, or user interface. With NDS for NT 2.0 you can keep your productivity high throughout the transition to the new millennium. See more information.

Options 1.1

The Starter Pack that comes with NDS for NT 2.0 gives you the ability to deploy and manage applications based on user profiles stored in NDS. The Starter Pack also allows you to manage NT workstations and users through NDS.

The full 1.1 product gives you the additional capabilities of secure remote control management, resource inventorying, and other help-desk tools.

BorderManager Authentication Services 3

BorderManager Authentication Services 3 is a server-based interface that links remote dial-in users to your network through NDS and Remote Access Dial-in User Services (RADIUS). RADIUS is quickly becoming the industry standard for dial in network access. With BorderManager Authentication Services 3, network users who dial in from home or on the road can have the same network access and directory-based privileges that local users enjoy.

ManageWise 2.6

ManageWise 2.6 is a comprehensive management solution you can use to monitor and manage NetWare and Windows NT servers, analyze network traffic, perform virus protection and conduct network inventory and health reporting tasks all without leaving your desk.

ManageWise 2.6 decreases downtime by enabling network administrators to monitor events occurring within NDS. Its directory services support employs Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring to show you various NDS events and conditions. Using SNMP monitoring, ManageWise 2.6 can track 130 different events in NDS. Should specified event thresholds be exceeded, ManageWise can send alerts to the ManageWise console.


With NDS for NT 2.0 you can link your NT and NetWare network users with a single E-mail program. GroupWise is a fully integrated, easy-to-use messaging system that provides a wide range of powerful communication and collaboration capabilities. Along with E-mail, GroupWise features include document management capabilities, native Internet addressing, personal calendaring, group scheduling, imaging, automated workflow, task and document management, rules-based message management, and electronic discussions.

Hardware Requirements

  • 32MB RAM (64MB recommended)

  • Administrative rights to the NT Server and to all portions of the NDS tree that will contain domain-enabled User objects

  • Microsoft Exchange with Support Pack 1.0 or higher to run Mailbox Manager for Exchange

  • For NDS-to-domain password synchronization, the user must have the NetWare 5 client (included) running while changing the password


  • NetWare 5 server, or NetWare 4.1 or above server with Support Pack 4 or above

  • The NDS version of NetWare 4.1 or above servers must be 5.99a or above.

  • CD-ROM drive that can read ISO9660-formatted CD-ROM discs

  • Bootable CD-ROM drives must support the El Torito specification

  • NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 1, 3, or 4, or NT Server 3.51 with Service Pack 5

  • 90MB of available disk space on the NT server; add 150MB per 1,000 users in each replica that will be hosted


  • NetWare 5 client (included)

  • Novell Client for Windows NT or Novell Client for Windows 95/98

Ordering Information

You can order NDS for NT 2.0 from any Novell Authorized, Gold, or Platinum Partner. For more information, contact your local Novell office or call the Novell Customer Response Center at 1-801-228-4CRC (1-801-228-4272). In the United States and Canada call toll free 1-888-321-4CRC (1-888-321-4272).

You can download a trial version of NDS for NT 2.0 free of charge from Novell's World Wide Web site at

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