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Applications for NetWare 5, Part 4

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01 May 1999

This is the fourth in a series of articles which describes applications for NetWare 5. The company is listed in bold face, followed by the product name in italics, followed by a description of the product. Please refer to the February, March, and April 1999 issues of Novell Developer Notes for other articles in this series.

Note: * = Yes Tested and Approved

W3Apps, Inc.

*Jeevan 1.0

Jeevan is the object oriented database for Java. It allows users to create a database to store and retrieve Java objects. The database can also store audio, video or image objects.

Objects can be retrieved from the database by using simple yet powerful queries. For fast object retrieval, the database can be indexed using object attributes as keys. Indexes can also be created on attributes of the embedded objects which allow users to retrieve complex objects with minimal programming.

Jeevan is truly an extensible system that is capable of handling very large databases which makes it ideal for desktop systems. And with its small footprint, Jeevan is also ideal for embedded applications.

Jeevan is written in 100% Pure Java and is therefore platform independent.

*Jeevan 1.2

Jeevan is the industry's first object database for Java platforms designed for building the next generation of Internet based applications. Jeevan is built in 100% Java and exploits the rich object oriented features of the Java language, making it the ideal database for developing Java applications on any platform.

Key features of Jeevan are:

  • Extensive networkability

  • 100% Java certified

  • B-tee indexing

  • RMI support

  • Ideal for embedded applications (150KB)

  • No middleware required

Wall Data

*Rumba Office 95-NT 5.1

Rumba Office 95/NT offers a complete connectivity path to the following systems: IBM mainframe, AS/400, UNIX, DEC, and VAX from a single Windows interface. Rumba Office 95/NT supports SNA/APPC via TCP/IP while maintaining SNA/APPC functionality.

WebLogic, Inc.

*Tengah 3.0.5

WebLogic Tengah is one of the most advanced Java-based application servers on the market today. Tengah is a premier server for developing, integrating, deploying, and managing large-scale network, internet, and database applications. With comprehensive support for the Java enterprise standards, such as EJB, RMI, JDBC, JNDI and IDE, Tengah protects user investment and makes it possible to build portable, interoperable and scalable applications. Tengah is written entirely in Java.

Tengah extends the power of Java with the comprehensive services needed to meet the challenges of enterprise network computing:

  • Fast and easy assembly of I'net (Internet, intranet, extranet) applications

  • Multi-tier application development

  • Robust, excellent programming tools

  • Off-the-shelf components

  • Seamless integration of existing systems with the I'net

  • Enterprise data

  • Legacy systems

  • Enterprise directories

  • Robust, large-scale network deployment

  • Scalability and fault tolerance

  • Security and firewall support

  • Dynamic application partitioning

  • Built-in Web support

  • Low-cost, flexible management

  • Graphical management console

  • Zero administration clients

  • Accountability

Weitlandt. Kommunikation

MAX! Message Server

MAX! is a TCP/IP-based message server for the NLM platform. Beside many features, it acts as POP3 gateway for GroupWise 4/5.

*MAX! Message Server 3.20

MAX! Message Server is a NLM-based universal mail solution for small and mid-size Novell networks. Its special "POP Retriever" feature allows the user to empty up to twenty (20) different remote POP hosts and exchanges internet mail with Groupwise 4.x/5.x and other local mail clients like TCP/IP-based systems (PMail, Netscape, Eudora, MS Outlook). MAX! is a POP3 Gateway to Groupwise, using a cheap internet account without ESMTP. MAX! uses a relay host at the ISP to send outbound mail, or can address the target system directly by resolving the MX records. With its low resource consumption, MAX! can be the mail exchanger on a single-server system (with Groupwise and MPR on the same machine).

*MAX! Message Server 3.22

MAX! Message Server is an NLM-based universal mail solution for small and mid-size Novell networks. Its special "POP Retriever" feature allows it to empty up to twenty (20) different remote POP hosts and exchange internet mail with Groupwise 4.x/5.x and other local mail clients. MAX! uses a relay host at the ISP to send outbound mail, or can address the target system directly by resolving the MX records. With its low resource consumption, MAX! is an excellent mail exchanger on a single-server system (with GroupWise and MPR on the same machine).

Xerox Corp.

*CentreWare DP 1.5.11

Xerox CentreWare DP is the easy-to-use printer management software for Xerox Docuprint line network laser printers. Thanks to the ease of point-and-click navigation, administrators will be able to install, connect, and configure Xerox printers on a network immediately and quickly. Designed specifically for the network administrator, setup procedures have been simplified and the management of networked Xerox printers is virtually effortless. CentreWare DP has Electronic Help available at all times by simply pressing F1 or clicking the Help button.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Setup Wizard: Step-by-step guide to get your printer up on the network quickly.

  • Advanced Setup: Want to service multiple fileservers and queues? This will become your tool of choice.

  • Instant Status: While CentreWare DP is running, select a printer from the Printers List to see what that printer is doing right now!

  • Remote Configuration and Management: Don't go to your printer! Most configuration and monitoring tasks can be done from your workstation.

  • Diagnostics: Troubleshoot from your desk.

  • Printer Upgrades: If your printer is equipped with Flash ROM, you can upgrade right from CentreWare DP.Xerox Corporation

*PrinterMap 1.1

Xerox PrinterMap will manage all your SNMP-based network printers with a pro-active, single view topology map. Xerox PrinterMap represents the next level in network printer management. Now, you can track printer usage and manage multiple vendors' printers across the enterprise. Save time and effort with a pro-active, alert-driven architecture. Also performing like a "universal remote control" for office printers, PrinterMap can launch vendor specific management applications for setting up individual printers.

*Xerox Gateway for Novell Distributed Print Services 5.0

Xerox Gateway for Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) was developed in partnership with Novell to deliver a new architecture for enriched printer management and network printing capabilities in NetWare environments. Through this partnership, Xerox has extended the ease-of-use, manageability, and time-saving features of NDPS to Xerox DocuPrint network printers. Key features and benefits of Xerox NDPS client software and gateway are: 1) Seamless installation; 2) Automatic driver download; 3) Centralized administration; 4) Real-time printer and job status; and 5) Complete control over printing processes.

ZeroPoint Engineering


FREE Web Server for Intranet/Internet use. Supports SSI and is designed to be easy to use and administer. For more details check our Web site at

ZeroPoint Software

*ZPTServer v1.20b

High performance Java HTTP Web Server for NetWare 5. Check our Web site for more details.

ZIE Computer Services

Doc Browser

Plug-in and standalone enhancement to SoftSolutions for compiling cross-dataset searches into a single search results list, publishing to HTML, printing user-defined reports, doing mass changes, exporting to other systems, printing labels, and much more.

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