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Novell Ties Databases Together with SQL Integrator for NetWare

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01 Apr 1999

Novell's SQL Integrator Simplifies Universal Data Access and Application Development

Novell recently released Novell SQL Integrator, a database application solution that provides transparent access to and integration of data, regardless of the data location, database type or platform. Novell SQL Integrator leverages NetWare, Novell's server operating system that relies on the most powerful enterprise directory in the industry, Novell Directory Services (NDS), for efficient network management, Internet integration and security. The combination of NetWare and Novell SQL Integrator allows customers to optimize NetWare as an application server platform for developing, managing and deploying database applications. The solution enables users to be more productive by giving them quick access to information and the tools they need for developing database applications.

As more large organizations implement and rely on enterprise-wide intranets and extranets, databases that track a wide range of information are becoming more important," said Jason Werner, Novell product marketing manager, Novell SQL Integrator. The increase in available data is useless without an effective way to access and synthesize vast amounts of information in heterogenous environments. This product gives customers the tools they need to work more efficiently and effectively."

The ability to share data across multiple platforms allows customers to use data more productively, thus saving time and money. Novell's SQL Integrator allows us to transparently access information in diverse databases from Microsoft, Oracle and Sybase," said James Gao, system engineer, Fairfax Printers Pty. Ltd. We have users at various manufacturing locations and the SQL Integrator enables them to obtain a large amount of data from a single interface. We now have greater flexibility in cross-referencing information and it has resulted in better use of our production resources."

Enhanced Access to Information

Novell SQL Integrator accelerates database application development and enables high-performance data access via Java and Web applications. The solution provides the following benefits across multiple platforms:

  • Simplified and accelerated application development

  • Novell SQL Integrator talks natively to every major database application, so developers need only to develop to one source

  • Joins data from several sources for more productive applications that allow users to manipulate data from all sources at once

  • Writes to standard SQL languages; Novell SQL Integrator overcomes incompatibilities between databases to provide users with the information they need

  • Supports Java, Java Beans, Novell Script, ODBC/JDBC and Perl Script

  • Universal data access regardless of platform or database

  • Integrates information from NetWare, NT and Unix environments

  • Allows access to data from Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server, DB2, Microsoft Access and non-relational data (ISAM, RMS) through a single interface

Pricing and Availability

Novell SQL Integrator is available worldwide through Novell distributor and reseller partners as well as through licensing agreements. The Novell SQL Integrator Server Pack is $6,495 and includes a five-user license and two database connections (selected by the user). Additional database connections are priced and licensed according to the platform on which the database runs. Licensing of users is concurrent. For more information, visit Novell's Web site at

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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