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Novell Leads Cross-Platform Directory Market with Delivery of NDS for Solaris

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01 Apr 1999

Further advancing its directory leadership, Novell is announcing the delivery of its directory solution for yet another widely used network platform Sun Microsystems' Solaris version 2.6. On the heels of the recent release of NDS for NT 2.0, Novell is expanding the benefits of Novell Directory Services (NDS) to Sun's leading UNIX operating environment. NDS for Solaris gives Novell and Sun enterprise customers a unified directory service from which to manage users and their access to mission-critical applications.

By extending its directory expertise to Solaris, Novell makes networks more manageable and accessible. NDS for Solaris eases network access by allowing users to log into NetWare, Windows NT and Solaris SPARC servers with the same password and user name. In addition, it maximizes IT efficiency by enabling network administrators to manage users, groups, and access to multiple network applications from any location and across multiple platforms.

"Novell is focused on making the directory the proactive solution that links the entire network together, making management of all the hardware, users and applications easier and more cost-effective," said Ed McGarr, Novell's vice president of product marketing. "With each additional platform and network resource that NDS integrates, the directory becomes exponentially more valuable. The availability of NDS on yet another platform demonstrates that Novell is years ahead of its competition and continues to lead the network software market."

Customer Benefits

IT Efficiency NDS for Solaris reduces complexity and lowers the cost of network management by eliminating redundant administrative activities across multiple platforms.

Reliability and Productivity NDS is renowned for its ability to prevent network downtime by allowing network information to be stored on multiple systems. This model provides guaranteed login to mission-critical Solaris applications using a single password and allows IT managers to perform administrative tasks from anywhere on the network, anytime.

Uninterrupted Growth NDS is suitable for companies of all sizes and easily accommodates changes to business structure such as company mergers and acquisitions. NDS does this by providing consistency in disparate networks, quickly integrating new and existing technologies from multiple vendors without disruption.

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