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Novell Extends Commitment to Java by Licensing Sun's Jini Technology

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01 Apr 1999

Novell has recently announced a licensing agreement that allows Sun and Novell to explore the possibilities of Java and Jini-enabled devices on networks that support Novell Directory Services (NDS). The agreement allows the two companies to examine leveraging the intelligence of NDS and its user and resource data to manage Jini-enabled devices, including consumer and hand-held electronic devices. Jini technology is new Java-based technology from Sun which allows devices to find and use each other on a network. As more and more Jini-enabled devices plug in to networks and form communities of information, organizing and managing these networked devices and information is a challenge that Novell is uniquely poised to address. Novell's directory technology, NDS, recently licensed by Lucent and Nortel Networks is the world's leading directory service with over 40 million users. NDS is a unifying cross-platform infrastructure for managing, securing, accessing and developing to all the major components of a network.

"Jini is about expanding the boundaries of intelligent networking into places never before thought possible," commented Bill Joy, Chief Scientist, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Clearly what Novell offers with NDS is an opportunity to harness the power of Jini-enabled device communities."

"As Java-enabled devices connect to networks and begin to relate with each other, forming communities of information via Jini, organizing and managing these devices and the information they provide becomes a challenge for customers," stated Christopher Stone, Novell senior vice president of strategy and corporate development. "The potential of Jini and NDS equals continued growth without disruption for businesses as they realize the promise of networked devices."

Sun's Jini Technology

Sun's Jini technology is a system architecture that supports a flexible, networked environment made up of computing, storage, display, entertainment, and communication devices. Jini technology provides the capability to quickly and easily form an impromptu community of computers and devices that can communicate with one another and with the network.

About Novell Directory Services

Novell's directory technology, NDS, is the world's leading directory service. It is the unifying, cross-platform infrastructure for managing, securing, accessing and developing to all the major components of a network. NDS supports more APIs, tools, standards and protocols than any other directory service. The advanced functionality in NDS offers a strong development foundation for delivering secure, manageable network applications. The market-proven and powerful structure of NDS streamlines administrative tasks to minimize management time and expense.

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