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Applications for NetWare 5, Part 2

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01 Mar 1999

This is the second in a series of articles which describes applications for NetWare 5. The company is listed in bold face, followed by the product name in italics, followed by a description of the product. Please refer to the first article in this series in the February 1999 issue of Novell Developer Notes.

Note: * = Yes, Tested and Approved.

Esco Institute
Ethosoft, Inc.
Force 5 Software, Inc.
Fuego Technology Corp.
Future Gate Software GmbH
Gecko mbH
GFI Fax and Voice
Globetrotter Software, Inc.
Great Plains
GreenSoft Management Systems Ltd.
Halcyon Software, Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Company
HiTecSoft Corp.
HOB Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
I.digm, Inc.
ICEsoft AS
ImaginOn, Inc.
Imperial Software Technology
Integrated Data Systems
International Software Solutions
JScape Corp.
KC Multimedia & Design Group, Inc.
KLOS Technologies, Inc.
KonaSoft, Inc.
Lansys Ltd.
Leuville Objects
Lexmark International, Inc.
Liberty Integration Software, Inc.
Mark Watson Associates
MASE, Inc.
Maysys Consulting
Meridian Data, Inc.
Merit Systems Private Limited
Micro Computer Systems, Inc.
Midnight Technologies, Inc.
MPI Technologies
Multima Corp.
NeoCore Techs
Netoria, Inc.
NetPro Computing, Inc.

Esco Institute

*ServAlert 2.0

ServAlert 2.0 is a utility written for all Novell Networks. The product is installed on a logged out workstation that has a modem and polls the server or multiple servers at intervals that are set by the administrator. Intervals are minute-long increments. If ServAlert detects that the server is not up and running, it dials those phone numbers specified in the program by the administrator, and pages those listed personnel with the unique identification number of the server that is down. Should the server come back online, the program will dial those listed personnel and notify them that it is back online. The program also keeps an activity log which can be printed, edited, or deleted.

Ethosoft, Inc.

*Neighborhood Watch for Windows 3.2

Neighborhood Watch is a standard Win95 screen saver that takes full advantage of NetWare features to provide security for unattended online computers. Administrators can enforce the use of NetWare passwords. Neighborhood Watch also supports additional user names, supervisor overrides, NetWare group names and full NDS compatibility. Typical features such as hot-key and mouse support are also available. The tabbed organization of its features enables administrators, using Win95 registry management, to deploy the screen saver as they see fit.

Force 5 Software, Inc.

*JCloak 2.4.0

JCloak is a Java class file obfuscator. Java bytecode is much more readable than traditional object code. JCloak processes the Java bytecode compacting it and rendering it as difficult to reverse engineer as traditional object code. JCloak is the only Java obfuscator certified 100% Pure Java by Javasoft. Using access control directives JCloak can obfuscate Applets, Applications and class libraries. JCloak supports JDK 1.1 including JavaBeans and Serialization.

Fuego Technology Corp.

*FuegoEngine 2.1

FuegoEngine is an enterprise application integration framework that provides a robust, open platform for deploying Java components alongside legacy applications. FuegoEngine provides a cross-platform, component-based framework for designing and automating business-process workflows and for managing integrated applications within business processes. By separating business-process logic from application code, FuegoEngine allows organizations to create flexible, integrated processes, and to gradually move to Java component technology.

Future Gate Software GmbH

*DeTroubler for NDS

DeTroubler for NDS is an object-oriented backup and restore for Novell Directory Services. It allows the user to restore single objects, portions of a tree and an entire tree without manual intervention. Object IDs, file trustee assignments, links between objects, partition/replication information and schema information are protected.

*DeTroubler for NDS 2.04

DeTroubler for NDS 2.04 is an object-oriented backup and restore product for Novell Directory Services. It allows the administrator to restore single objects, portions of the tree or the entire tree without manual intervention. Object links, file trustee assignments, partition/replication information, time sync configuration and schema extensions are protected. Supports Novell NetWare 4.10, intraNetWare 4.11 and NetWare 5.0.


*InforManager 2.0

InforManager is a combination of hardware and software specially designed for continuous monitoring, alerting, and management of server platforms. The system uses up to thirty-five (35) integrated sensors to monitor temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, power supply performance, and more. InforManager can warn you of potential server problems before they lead to costly downtime. Many systems also include ActiveCPR and Server Watchdog which provide server auto-recovery features.

Gecko mbH

ManageWise SYSLOG Daemon

ManageWise SYSLOG Daemon is an NLM which listens on the IP SYSLOG port 514 for incoming SYSLOG messages. All received SYSLOG messages are stored into a selectable logfile.

ManageWise TRAP Generator for Logfiles

MWLOGTRP watches selectable logfiles and will send SNMP traps if specified words or phrases occur.

GFI Fax and Voice

FAXmaker for SMTP

FAXmaker is a FAX gateway for Novell GroupWise, which allows users to send and receive faxes just like E-mail. The 32-bit fax server supports multi-line faxing, inbound fax routing and standard fax devices, and can reside on the mail server machine or on a separate NT/95 box.

Globetrotter Software, Inc.

*FLEXlm License Manager v6.0

FLEXlm, the FLEXible license manager, provides a mechanism for software development companies to control the number of concurrent users of UNIX, Java, Windows, and Windows NT applications in a client/server environment. Designed to be integrated into a developer's product as an anti-piracy safeguard, FLEXlm allows developers to price their software products on a per copy basis while providing functions such as "try-before-you-buy" evaluations and concurrent licensing. FLEXlm is the de facto standard in license management and is a critical component in successful electronic software distribution.

Great Plains

*Dynamics 4.0

Great Plains' Windows NT-based client/server product, Dynamics, is designed to meet the broad spectrum of business application software needs of midmarket businesses, varying from small organizations to multinational corporations. Available in eight languages, the Dynamics family of solutions is designed for businesses that are seeking either an accounting solution or a fully integrated enterprise-wide solution that delivers unparalleled access to decision-driving information and seamless Internet and electronic commerce integration.

The Dynamics family of products includes financial, distribution, consolidations and budgeting, manufacturing, payroll, human resources, and service management solutions. The products provide rapid implementation, ease of use and customization; and are backed by industry-leading local and corporate-based support services.

GreenSoft Management Systems Ltd.


WinMenu 2.0 is a software product that helps organizations of any size manage their IT assets and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their PC network. WinMenu combines powerful inventory of hardware and software, software usage auditing and metering, and intelligent policy management into a powerful tool that is easy to use and very fast to deploy.


ContactLink for ACT!

ContactLink expands the functionality of ACT! 3.x/4.x and GroupWise 5.x by allowing seamless communication between these two outstanding products. ContactLink directly E-mails ACT! contacts, seamlessly passes contact information from an ACT! session to a GroupWise E-mail message, and automatically schedules activities with ACT! contacts on the GroupWise calendar. These ContactLink features allow the easy transfer of client information between co-workers.

ContactLink provides ability to send a GroupWise E-mail directly from ACT! A user initiates ContactLink by clicking the ContactLink button on the ACT! tool bar. GroupWise is then opened up with the ContactLink view. The E-mail (or scheduling) information of the selected ACT! contact has already been placed in the address field of the message (by ContactLink) and the user fills out any additional E-mail information to be included. The ContactLink message/event is then sent directly to the ACT! contact (or scheduled) via GroupWise.

ContactLink for Goldmine

ContactLink expands the functionality of GoldMine 3.x / 4.x and GroupWise 5.x by allowing seamless communication between these two outstanding products. ContactLink directly E-mails Goldmine contacts, seamlessly passes contact information from a Goldmine session to a GroupWise E-mail message, and automatically schedules activities with Goldmine contacts on the GroupWise calendar. These ContactLink features allow the easy transfer of client information between co-workers.

ContactLink provides the ability to send a GroupWise E-mail directly from Goldmine. The user initiates ContactLink by clicking the ContactLink button on the Goldmine tool bar. GroupWise is then opened up with the ContactLink view. The E-mail (or scheduling) information of the selected Goldmine contact has already been placed in the address field of the message (by ContactLink) and the user fills out any additional E-mail information to be included. The ContactLink message/event is then sent directly to the Goldmine contact (or is scheduled) via GroupWise.

A version of ContactLink is also available for integrating GroupWise with ACT! (and Maximizer/Sidekick in the future).


Benefits of ContactWise include:

  • "Shared" address book(s) for GroupWise v5.x:
  • Outstanding contact management and personal information management.
  • Tight tie to powerful GroupWise calendar.
  • Unlimited custom fields with filtering.
  • Group common contacts/projects together.
  • Priorities and task/appointment management:
  • Task/appointment synchronization.
  • Calendar management.
  • Task/appointment sorting by subject, type, priority or date.
  • Call back management.
  • Further application integration (separate modules):
  • TSAPI Interface with compatible PBX systems—allows you to automatically dial phone numbers from your computer screen.
  • OLE, Palm Pilot, etc.

ContactWise also helps you track business activity based on specific projects. With ContactWise you can track all the activity of each internal or external contact involved with that project (phone calls, E-mails, faxes* and other correspondence) to companies or contacts relative to a given project. (*Use fax software that integrates with GroupWise.)

ContactWise was also developed to streamline office workflow around contact management information, and to allow other workflow modules (some "off-the-shelf" modules, some "custom") to plug into the basic contact management module.

Custom Integration

GroupLink's business expertise is to design, develop, and implement:

  • GroupWare and workflow solutions
  • E-Mail-based applications
  • Internet-/Intranet-based applications

GroupLink is also one of Novell Corporation's most experienced GroupWare Solutions providers, having developed many GroupWare applications interacting with NDS and Novell GroupWise:

  • GroupWise integration
  • NDS integration
  • Custom GroupWise integration/development
  • C3PO development
  • Palm pilot integration
  • Consultation

GroupLink's custom integration with GroupWise includes applications such as: Purchase Requisition/Order Management, Human Resource Management, Contact Management, Regulatory Compliance Management, Attendance Management, Work Order Requests, Schedule/Project Management, Time Cards, Document Management, Image/Account Management, Phone Messaging & CHAT (and other Futurus upgrades), Health Care Incident Tracking, etc. GroupLink has developed custom applications for industries such as: Distribution/Transportation, Health Care, Insurance, Banking, Legal, Entertainment, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Government.

GroupLink Forms (GLForms) for GroupWise

GroupLink has developed "packaged" and "custom" forms for easy, enterprise-wide use with GroupWise.

GroupLink's custom integration with GroupWise includes applications such as:

  • Help Desk
  • Purchase Requisition/Order Management
  • Resource Management
  • Contact Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Work Order Requests
  • Schedule/Project Management
  • Time Cards
  • Document Management
  • Image/Account Management
  • Phone Messaging & CHAT (and other Futurus upgrades)
  • Health Care Incident Tracking, etc.

GroupLink has developed custom applications for industries such as: Distribution/Transportation, Health Care, Insurance, Banking, Legal, Entertainment, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Government.

GroupLink's business expertise is to design, develop, and implement:

  • GroupWare and Workflow Solutions
  • E-Mail Based Applications
  • Internet/Intranet Based Applications

Intranet Workflow

GroupLink develops Intranet-based applications that integrate with Novell's GroupWise, NetWare (or IntranetWare), and NDS, allowing customers to benefit from Novell components on the Intranet. A premier example of this GroupLink/Novell solution is an Intranet-based purchase requisition/order management solution.

The Purchase Requisition/Order Management (PROM) solution automates the preparation of internal capital (purchase) requisitions and automates the routing and approvals of requisitions. PROMS allows only authorized users for editing/approval. The form routes through the stipulated approval channels for electronic signatures. Information is accessible by other capable applications and is exportable.

Benefits include:

  • Elimination of redundant data entry
  • Maximize accuracy of data entry
  • Streamlined routing and responsibility
  • Reliable accountability and security
  • Ability to manage timeliness of results

The major features include:

  • Security through NDS
  • GroupWise-based workflow notification
  • Enterprise-wide user interaction via Intranet browser
  • Instantaneous status checking ability
  • Full audit trail history and reporting capability


Those that like the look and feel of the Palm Pilot or managing tasks/appointments by categories will love TaskWise. TaskWise has captured the palm pilot style and made it better by integrating it with GroupWise v5.x tasks/appointments.

Benefits of TaskWise (a GroupWise 5.x calendar—enhancing application):

  • Custom categories and sub-categories.
  • All tasks/appointments can be seen at once and sorted by subject, type, priority, start date or due date.
  • Expanding trees in either category, date, or priority view.
  • Within a project category, tasks/appointments can also be sorted by date(s), subject or priority.
  • Tasks/appointments can be sorted by type. Personal tasks, call backs, notes and other types are displayed separately.
  • View tasks/appointments in a separate window and manage it like a GroupWise task/appointment, or click on the display viewer pane to quickly scan task/appointment descriptions.
  • Call backs link into ContactWise records containing contact or project information.
  • History of a task/appointment is recorded within ContactWise project or contact record.
  • Synchronization between GroupWise tasks/appointments and TaskWise.
  • Tight integration with the GroupWise calendar.
  • Drag and drop categories or subcategories, or tasks/appointments.

Halcyon Software, Inc.

*Instant Basic for Java 1.2.6

Instant Basic for Java (IB4J) is a 4GL development tool similar to Microsoft Visual Basic. IB4J enables developers to rapidly create Java solutions without learning yet another Java development tool or the Java language. The entire Instant Basic product line is 100% Pure Java certified, making IB4J one of the first Java certified development tools in the market.

IB4J enables applications to be developed visually, through an easy-to-use rapid development environment. Furthermore, IB4J supports VB functions, controls, project and form files, and the VB language syntax. Aside from simplifying Java development, IB4J provides an easy path for porting and migrating existing VB applications, thus extending the "Write Once, Run Anywhere" promise of Java to legacy code. This allows developers to write fully portable, highly functional Java applications for their Novell servers using the simplest language on the planet—BASIC. IB4J also features full support for Novell's JavaBeans and NetWare Client DLLs. Consequently, developers can also write client applications and applets such as remote system administration, user tracking, and more.

IB4J includes a 100% Pure Java compiler that compiles VB source code directly to Java bytecode as either applets, stand-alone applications/packages or JavaBeans. Other powerful tools incorporated into IB4J include: an event-based Code Editor, a Form Painter, a Menu Editor for quickly placing and activating menus, a Project Browser for easy navigation through all components, JDBC-based Data Control, DAO/RDO support, and much more.

All supported Visual Basic controls are implemented as JavaBeans components. IB4J has full support for JavaBeans and external Java classes, thus providing maximum flexibility and extensibility. Bundled with IB4J (professional) is Instant Installer (II), which allows developers to deploy a single installation file for all Java platforms. II is entirely visual and uses wizard-like interfaces.

*Instant_Installer 1.3

Instant Installer is a lightweight yet full-featured 100% Pure Java certified installer that allows a quick and simple way to prepare 100% Pure Java installations. Developers can create single-step installation files that can be executed on all Java-enabled platforms. Supports multiple installation configurations via project files. A full visual interface and graphical installation wizard make it easy for the developer to prepare an installation. You save the time and expense of building an installation for each platform, because the package created by Instant Installer identifies the platform on which it is operating and customizes its installation to the target system.

Hewlett-Packard Company

*HP JetAdmin Utility 02.53.00

Hewlett Packard JetAdmin and Utilities make management of Hewlett Packard Network Printer/Print Servers simple to manage. It runs on Windows platforms that use NetWare, UNIX, NetBIOS/NetBEUI, and AppleTalk. JetAdmin provides installation of new network printer/print servers, modifies their configurations, upgrades options and monitors the printer status and information.

*HP JetAdmin Utility 03.02.00

Hewlett Packard JetAdmin and Utilities make management of Hewlett Packard Network Printer/Print Servers simple to manage.

It runs on Windows platforms that use NetWare, UNIX, NetBIOS/NetBEUI, and AppleTalk. JetAdmin provides installation of new network printer/print servers, modifies their configurations, upgrades options, and monitors the printer status and information.

*HP NDPS Gateway 2.00h

The Hewlett-Packard NDPS Gateway offers quick and easy NDPS configuration of Hewlett-Packard printers that are using JetDirect devices. NDPS replaces legacy queue-based printing with greater print control, more end-user ease of use and integration with NDS.

HiTecSoft Corp.

*WebConsole 2.12 and 3.0

WebConsole is a Web-based, enterprise network management solution. It allows network administrators to securely access severs, manage a heterogeneous LAN/WAN, configure, troubleshoot, monitor, generate security reports and provides alerting features for NetWare file servers through a Web browser interface. In addition, when using WebConsole, help desk personnel may administer passwords, set time restrictions, create incident reports, add and delete users, reset user accounts, and give printer access. All that is required is a Web browser, access rights and a connection to the Internet or intranet.

HOB Electronic GmbH & Co. KG

*HOBLink 3270 Terminal Emulator 4.2

HOBLink 3270 is the 3270 Emulator from HOB with which you can use all function of a 3270 terminal. HOBLink 3270 offers PC-Host Connectivity complying with the ultimate standards. Its universal use—also in heterogeneous environments—is ensured by support of all current connection types and network protocols.

*HOBLink J-DRDA 1.1

HOBLink J-DRDA is a type 4 JDBC driver. It enables Java applications and applets to connect to a DB2 database over DRDA (Distributed Relational Database Architecture) protocol based on TCP/IP. It supports direct access to DB2 Sever for OS/390, DB2 UDB, DB2 for MVS, DB2/400 for OS/400, and DB2/6000 for AIX, DB2/2 for OS/2, DB2 for Windows NT. DB2 for VSE&VM, VSAM, IMS/DB and DL/1 are supported with optional HOB software.

*HOBLink J-Term 1.1

HOBLink J-Term is a terminal emulator supporting 3270, 5250 and VT525 data streams in 100% Pure Java.

*HOBLink X11 4.5

HOBLink X11 is used to access UNIX from a PC.

I.digm, Inc.

*Cubic Mail for Java 1.0

Cubic Mail is an Internet mail client written in Java. Cubic Mail supports the following protocols: SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), POP3 (Post Office Protocol--Version 3), IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol--Version 4), and MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions).

ICEsoft AS

*ICE Browser 4.0 and ICE Browser Lite 1.0

The ICE Browser is a Java component for embedding HTML browsing into applications. It is a highly customizable and extensible HTML browser with full support for the HTML language (HTML 3.2). It can be used for HTML-based help systems embedded in Java applications, it can also be easily extended so that it can function as a full-fledged Web browser and be incorporated into existing applications as a "browser in a window." ICE Browser can be incorporated into other JavaBean compliant applications, and can also import other JavaBeans in a transparent manner. ICE Browser is lightweight and is designed for embedding in existing or new applications. The jar file for the ICE Browser bean is a mere 120 kilobytes. All of the HTML 3.2 standard is implemented. Applets can be loaded at run-time using the normal <APPLET> tag, and normal Applet security is implemented. Caching of documents is carried out in memory, but no local disk cache is maintained. Remember, the ICE Browser is lightweight and the assumption is that most help files and documentation will be located on the local file system anyway.

ImaginOn, Inc.

*WebZinger 1.03

WebZinger from ImaginOn, Inc. is a search tool that finds Web sites and plays them back in a ready-to-view slide show. WebZinger consists of two programs: WebZinger Recorder (which is a Java Application) and WebZinger Player (which is a Java Applet). WebZinger visits and analyzes sites, then downloads a picture and one paragraph of text. Click instantly from WebZinger's slideshow to live Web sites.

WebZinger lets you search while you send E-mail or write a report. Search multiple topics simultaneously. Reduce redundancy up to 100%. Find many different sites, instead of numerous pages from a single site. Playback a WebZinger slideshow while you record it.

Imperial Software Technology

*Visaj 2.0

Visaj 2 from Imperial Software Technology is a rapid visual application builder for Java written completely in Java. It fully supports JavaBeans, JDK 1.1 and JFC 1.1 (Swing). Visaj enhances developers' productivity by providing a point-and-click environment and advanced layout editors for rapidly building pure Java applications.

Visaj can work with all the leading Java IDEs (integrated development environment) and allows developers to reuse third-party or in-house components. The rapidity and flexibility inherent in the builder shortens development times significantly. Its many features, which include an image editor, resource bundle constructor and live event wiring, means even the most sophisticated of designs can be put together with ease.

Its full support for Swing brings the power of Sun's rich Java Foundation Classes to all Java developers. Visaj and applications built with it are fully compliant with the Sun Microsystems Java Developer's Kit v. 1.1 and JavaBeans, and will run on ANY Java platform.

Information Management Systems, Inc.

*NetSync 1.0

NetSync is a cost-effective way to maintain time synchronization. It calls the free (but not toll-free) time service of the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) to get the current time (according to the atomic clock maintained by the NIST in Boulder, Colorado). It then sets the internal clock on both the workstation and the NetWare server.

infoware GmbH


ODARS2web imports MS-ACCESS, ORACLE, and any other SQL database (as well as raw data input), indexes and compiles them according to your needs, and publishes them on the intranet/Internet to be accessed and searched using any standard browser.

After installation the whole process of Web database publishing is done in minutes (depending on data volume). Web databases thus installed/published may be updated by automatic schedule.

Searching this database is fast and convenient because all possible search terms and keywords are stored in accessible index lists to pick from (no queries "into the blue") with full Boolean and wildcard search capability for complex queries.

All resulting HTML pages of the Web database application (Index, document profile, and full document view) are created "on the fly." There is absolutely no HTML/Perl/CGI programming required.

Innovation Data Processing


FDR/UPSTREAM backs up Novell file servers and workstations to MVS mainframes. UPSTREAM operates from a Windows NT, 95, 98, or OS/2 workstation as well as directly from the Novell server. The UPSTREAM solution integrates unattended backup, archive, hierarchical storage management, file transfer, and disaster recovery vaulting with centrally administered profile policy management to ensure data integrity. Designed for automated unattended lights out backup, and to help users recovery quickly from the loss of critical data, UPSTREAM provides high performance network restore and auto-recall, as well as disaster recovery for downed servers.

Innovative Business Technology

WinNet Manager

IBT's WinNet Manager is a productivity tool for using Windows OS and Windows-based applications in a network environment. It increases system stability and security and eliminates many of the usual causes of network down time. It integrates with and enhances Novell's NAL and ZENworks.

It is not a shrink wrapped, boxed product. Rather it is a methodology which consists of the establishment and thorough documentation of network standards and the development of customized administrative tools which allow troubleshooting of workstation hardware and applications software, configuration of network control files, and single-point network administration.

Unlike netPC networks, WinNet Manager networks: function in multi-vendor environments; can run any applications your organization requires (no matter how customized); leverage your existing investments in equipment, training, and network operating systems; allow single-point network administration; and are fully customized to your unique business requirements.

Inovie Software, Inc.

*TeamCenter 1.2

Inovie Software's TeamCenter is a 100% Pure Java collaborative project management system designed to help project teams succeed. It brings multi-discipline project teams together over the intranet and Web, allowing them to coordinate activities efficiently and interactively--all in real-time.

With TeamCenter, project teams have timely access to accurate information, keeping projects under control and helping to ensure organizational success. TeamCenter is an out-of-the-box solution that requires no custom programming and can be up and running in minutes. There are four main components to TeamCenter: 1) TeamCenter JDOT Server Software (Utilizes a standard SQL database for data storage. An embedded SQL database ships with the Workgroup Edition JDOT Server); 2) TeamCenter Server Administrator; 3) TeamCenter Client Software; and 4) TeamCenter QuickLook Client Software.

Integrated Data Systems

*NetClock 1.05

NetClock is a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) that will enable you to synchronize and maintain a consistent date and time across multiple NetWare File Servers. The server hosting the NLM must be running NetWare v 3.1 or higher.

International Software Solutions


Nomad is a security reporting and tracking system developed by International Software Solutions, Inc. It provides the ability for security officers to store their job activity logs and reports in a centralized or distributed Oracle database system. This approach allows for greater flexibility in storing, retrieving, and manipulating the data stored in databases. It allows the department administrator to retrieve analyses and performance data.


PASS-Port is designed to support answering services of all types. This fully 32bit Oracle based application allows operators to keep full, up to the minute schedules of the clients they are providing service for as well as facilitate full communications with these individuals through the use of alpha-numeric paging, E-mail, faxing, regular paper trails, and telephone.

SPOC Single Point of Contact

SPOC is a dynamic application that allows users to quickly identify problems and automatically implement problem resolution by locating and communicating problems to the correct personnel.


*ANSI Terminal 3.2

ANSI Terminal is a telnet applet/application that allows connecting to Telnet Servers (UNIX shells) and Talker Servers (JOOT, OOT, etc.) from the Web. It also runs as an application (provided you have a Java Virtual Machine).

JScape Corp.

*JScape Form 1.51

JScape Form is a ready-to-use form complete with dockable tool bars, status bars, a busy indicator, layout manager, and window management. Simply set up your status bar, wire the tool bar buttons to your components and you have a sophisticated application framework.

*JScape MailWidgets 1.0

JScape MailWidgets is the complete solution for adding Internet E-mail to your Java applets and applications. MailWidgets is a suite of JavaBeans components written entirely in Java. MailWidgets substantially reduces development time for applications which require E-mail connectivity or automation.

*JScape PlannerWidgets 1.0

JScape PlannerWidgets is a complete set of powerful date, time and task management components. This library includes all the components found in a powerful personal information manager or planner. It includes the following components: day view, week view, month view, year view, multi-month view, month drop-down, data entry dialogs and scheduler. All components interface with a data repository based on the model/view architecture.

*JScape PowerPanel 1.0

JScape PowerPanel is a highly configurable, multiple-page user interface component. PowerPanel can be easily configured as a traditional single-sided tabbed panel or as a two sided notebook. With PowerPanel, a sophisticated interface is just a few clicks away.

*JScape PowerSearch 1.10

JScape PowerSearch is a pattern matching and search engine written entirely in Java. PowerSearch searches strings of tests to find patterns, optionally saving, replacing or returning positional information. PowerSearch provides full support of the PERL 5 regular expression syntax.

*JScape PowerTools 1.0

JScape PowerTools is a collection of systems level and GUI components that are essential for the development of sophisticated Java applets and applications.

*JScape Widgets 1.51

JScape Widgets is a library of sophisticated, pre-built components for assembling commercial quality Java applications. The product is written entirely in Java and the look, feel and behavior is the same on all Java enabled environments including Windows, Mac, and UNIX.

*JScape WidgetsPro 1.51

WidgetsPro is a library of sophisticated, pre-built GUI components for assembling commercial quality Java applications. WidgetsPro includes Widgets and provides additional components.

KC Multimedia & Design Group, Inc.

*DigitalMessenger 1.52

Digital Messenger lets you notify friends and colleagues (who are also using Digital Messenger software) when you are online. With Digital Messenger you'll also be able to send and reply to "instant" messages, create public or private chat-style conference rooms and invite your friends for group discussions.

*DigitalMessenger 1.54

DigitalMessenger lets you notify friends and colleagues (who are also using DigitalMessenger software) when you are on line. DigitalMessenger also allows you to send and receive "instant" messages and create public or private chat-style conference rooms.

*DigitalMessenger Server 1.54

DigitalMessenger Server is the server software for DigitalMessenger. It is actually two separate Java 1.1 applications. The primary application is the Messaging server. The secondary application is the chat server. The Messaging server automatically invokes the chat server when it is started.

*JDSS 1.0

JDSS is a stand-alone Java application that permits the creation of digital signatures that can be attached to paperless documents of any type.

*JDSS 1.2

JDSS is a standalone Java application that permits creating digital signatures that can be attached to paperless documents of any type. With JDSS, you can digitally sign your work, verify JDSS signatures attached to documents that you receive, and manage a database of public/private keypairs for both signers and correspondents.

*JRPN 1.1

JRPN is a pop-up, 35-function virtual scientific calculator that uses the Reverse Polish Notation method for data entry. JRPN also features continuous (file-based) "memory" and ten persistent storage registers.

*JSNTP 1.03

JSNTP is a standalone Java application that lets you synchronize your computer's clock with any one of the dozens of NTP servers operating on the Internet.

KLOS Technologies, Inc.


PacketView is a DOS based LAN protocol analyzer supporting ethernet, token-ring, ARCNET and FDDI. PacketView can be used with packet driver and ODI drivers to capture packets from the LAN. PacketView decodes TCP/UDP/IP, SNMP, IPX/SPX/NCP, and more.


SerialView is a DOS-based async WAN protocol analyzer supporting SLIP and PPP. SerialView decodes LCP, PAP, SPAP, CHAP, IPCP, IPXCP, NBFCP, etc., as well as TCP/UDP/IP, SNMP, IPX/SPX/NCP, and more.

KonaSoft, Inc.

*KonaSoft JDBC 1.2

The KonaSoft JDBC driver is used to access any database through the KonaSoft Enterprise Server.

The KonaSoft JDBC driver is only 90K in size. It provides support for complete traffic encryption and optimized network protocol.

The KonaSoft JDBC driver automatically provides HTTP tunneling to run through firewalls.

*Proclet API, Proclet Runtime 1.1

Proclet Runtime is 100% Pure Java certified compact implementation of Proclet technology that can be embedded into client and server Java applications. Proclet Runtime allows you to run Proclet applications even when Enterprise Server environment is not available. Can be coupled with Enterprise Client for JDBC to host client-side proclets for Enterprise Server-based applications.

Proclet technology is used to develop multi-tier JDBC applications. Proclet is a server-side component conceptually similar to database stored procedures. With Proclet Runtime, proclets can run in any Java-enabled application including clients, middleware servers, KonaSoft Enterprise Server, database servers, etc.

Lansys Ltd.

MultiCall CallFlow Application Suite

The CallFlow Suite is a comprehensive set of applications and tools for developing complete call centers solutions for 5 to 200 agent call centers. CallFlow is a standards-based solution that is fully scalable, value priced and easy to administer. With CallFlow, users can easily configure complete inbound and outbound call center applications for any type of call configuration.

Leuville Objects

*Borneo 2.0

Borneo is a set of 100% Pure Java real-time charting JavaBeans for building dynamic graphical views for factory automation, industrial control or network management applications. Borneo includes heavyweight and lightweight double-buffered components such as its BarGraph, Trend, MultiTrend, PieChart, HistoGraph, Meter, and TableChart.

The 100% Pure Java certification assures customers that Borneo relies only on the documented and specified Java platform, so that it will run on any computer hosting a Java 1.1 Compatible application environment.

Lexmark International, Inc.

*Lexmark MarkVision and Utilities

Lexmark MarkVision and Utilities makes management of LexMark Network Printer/Print Servers simple to manage. It runs on Windows platforms that use NetWare or UNIX, NetBIOS/NetBEUI, and AppleTalk. MarkVision provides installation of new network printer/print servers, modifies their configurations, upgrades options, and monitors the printer status and information.

Liberty Integration Software, Inc.

*Liberty Driver, JDBC Edition 1.0

Liberty JDBC is a level three driver for multivalued (PICK) databases including uniVerse, Unidata, Advanced PICK, D3, mvBase and others. Requires Liberty Server components installed on the server.


*LiveG-Billboard 1.0

LiveG-Billboard 1.0 is a user friendly Java applet used in PageMover. This with other applets allow for Web page creation and ease in editing in a real-time environment with your Web browser.

*LiveG-Ticker 1.5

LiveG-Ticker is a user friendly Java applet used in PageCharmer. This with other applets allows for Web page creation and ease in editing in a real-time environment with your Web browser.

*LiveGA-Billboard 1.0

Live GA-Billboard 1.0 is a user-friendly Java applet used in PageMover. This with other applets allow for Web page creation and ease in editing in a real-time environment with your Web browser.

*LiveT-Marquee 1.5

LiveT-Marquee: A text message marquee with millions of possible configurations! Enter as many different text messages as you like, then set the text style, color display effect, and speed of each message. The marquee's size and frame are also user selectable with a click of the mouse. Special effects can be introduced with animated frames. Plus, a user-defined message can be displayed at the bottom of most browser windows.

*LiveT-Ticker 1.5

Live-T Ticker is a user friendly Java applet used in PageCharmer. This with other applets allow for Web page creation and ease in editing in a real-time environment with your Web browser.

Mark Watson Associates

*NLBean 2.0

NLBean provides a GUI for converting natural language database queries to SQL. It is written in 100% Pure Java for use by database users on any platform.

*PicWeb 2.0

PicWeb builder generates thumbnail GIF files and HTML documents from a directory of image files (sub-directories are processed recursively).

MASE, Inc.

*MatTrac Materials Handling System 1.0

MatTrac is a RF wireless manufacturing and warehouse automation solution designed especially for the small-to medium-sized enterprise, and upgradeable to meet the needs of larger and more complex organizations. WMS modules: PO, Receiving, SO, Pick, Pack, and Ship. MFG modules: Quote, Job, WO, Shop Floor, and Scheduling. Production monitor and cost-control.

Maysys Consulting

Steel Manager

Custom developed application to manage steel service centers.

Meridian Data, Inc.

CDNet for NetWare

Meridian Data CD NetWare software provides robust enhanced native-NetWare compact disc read-only memory (CD ROM) services to Novell file servers. The product includes Novell-certified NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) for the file server and Windows-based remote configuration and application management tools. The software integrates CD-ROMs into both Bindery and NDS under NetWare.

*CDNet for NetWare 2.11

Meridian Data CD Net for NetWare Software provides robust enhanced native-NetWare compact disc read-only memory (CD ROM) services to Novell-based networks. The product includes Novell-certified NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) for the file server and Windows-based remote configuration and application management tools.

Merit Systems Private Limited


uucpGIFT integrates GroupWise with Internet mail using UUCP protocol. uucpGIFT can work over direct dialup lines or over Internet, including (dialup) TCP/IP. uucpGIFT supports unattended operations, uuencode and MIME attachments and many more features. Multiple GroupWise locations using dial-up and UUCP feeds can be backboned across the Internet using ucpGIFT.

Micro Computer Systems, Inc.

*Calypso Auto Link 1.1

Calypso Auto Link is a background program that provides Internet communication services for unattended operations. Calypso Auto Link can automatically send volumes of Internet E-mail or use File Transfer Protocols (FTP) to send and receive data files.

Midnight Technologies

*Fix Corrupt Compressed File 2.0

FixCFile is a utility for recovering data from corrupt compressed NetWare files. FixCFile can recover the data up to the point of corruption in the file and repair the internal file structures so that NetWare will decompress the file without error. FixCFile has an automatic and manual file recovery keeps track of all changes in a log file.

*NoAlert 2.0

NoAlert.NLM 2.0 for NetWare filters any unwanted console alert. Critical for servers with error logs bulging with less than important messages.

*PageUp 2.0

PageUp enables the PageUp, PageDown, and Arrow keys within NetWare text screens. PageUp can be loaded in the Startup.NCF and allows scrolling of screens. This allows an administrator to review the information that has just scrolled off the top of text screens. This product automatically ignores NSWNUT screens and runs on NetWare 4.x and 5.x., Inc.


IntraSmart is an "Instant Intranet" built in Server-Side Java and integrated with Netware 5 and NDS via its LDAP interface.

The applications included with IntraSmart are Company/Department Announcements, Bulletin Boards, Group Calendar, Conference Room Management and Scheduling, Employee Directory, Organization Chart, Chat, Address Book, Book and Software Library, Document Library, Company Links, Time Sheets, and Expense Reports.

All applications are accessible via a Web browser. This suite of applications can be set up and configured within hours.



NLMAlert! for Novell NetWare converts system console events into SNMP traps. These traps are received by industry-leading network management consoles. This allows a network manager to view exact errors and events occurring on a NetWare server. Easy configuration allows monitoring of service status (start/stop), memory events, connection status, directory structure changes, and file system rights changes. While sending the above mentioned traps, NLMAlert! also creates a viewable NLMAlert! log file and .INI file. Novell console messages can be remapped as unique traps. NLM list tracking will monitor all list NLM's that are loaded. The above features plus many common NetWare console error messages are available in an industry-standard HP OpenView compatible trap definition (TDF) file.

MPI Technologies

The Blue Server for NetWare

Using either TCP/IP or NetWare for SAA, the Blue Server is a fully configurable host to LAN Print server. It supports IBM SCS and AFP/IPDS data streams and is compatible with any LAN printing environment. Common host printer resources are stored on the server.

Multima Corp.

NetKeeper Express

NetKeeper Express is an automatic LAN inventory program for hardware, software and configuration files. The program is not a TSR and is installed on the server, leaving no footprints on workstations. The program also tests for Y2K compliance of computer hardware by testing the internal clocks.

NetKeeper Help Desk Captain

NetKeeper Help Desk Captain is suited to the small to medium size organization and offers a complete help desk solution for both external and internal support. There are no extras to buy. This all in one solution includes E-mail, paging, inventory, and end user LAN access.

NetKeeper Help Desk Captain makes it easy to control and track calls, solutions, training schedules, purchase orders, assets, customer satisfaction, and customer profiles.

NetKeeper Help Desk Internet

NetKeeper Internet turns the help desk into a self help service center. NetKeeper cuts the number of calls and support time to the help desk and lets end users help themselves to top level technical support using SolutionsKeeper--the database of help desk solutions and information. NetKeeper can automatically assign calls and page or E-mail techs! Fully integrated add-on for NetKeeper Help Desk Captain.

NetKeeper Help Desk Pro

NetKeeper Help Desk Pro is a multi-site distributed help desk solution targeted at larger installations.

The program is the appropriate solution for help desks or service centers that support one or many departments within an organization or many sites around the country or around the world. Support centers can provide service from any site to any location around the globe. NetKeeper Help Desk Pro will "Follow the Sun".

NetKeeper Help Desk Pro is a modular system. The base program is sold by the seat. There are many modules that can be added to the help desk such as User Entry Module for the LAN or for the Internet.


*FTPD NLM 1.62

This NLM is an FTP Server for Novell NetWare. It supports all FTP protocol options including RESTart. The NLM includes advanced security features, logging, dynamic HTML generation, virtual users and proxy mode transfers. The NLM works with all FTP clients on all known operating systems. It is also compatible with Internet Explorer, and Netscape browsers. This NLM runs on 3.x, 4.x, and NetWare 5.0

*TConsole NLM 2.00

This NLM is a telnet daemon for Novell NetWare file servers. It allows users to remotely control the file server console using any VT100 or ANSI capable telnet or login client. It also includes a Java Ansi Telnet client that allows Java capable Web browsers to control the file server console. This NLM runs on 3.x, 4.x and NetWare 5.0


SNTPCLNT NTP Time Client for Servers

SNTPCLNT lets your server synchronize its clock with other timeservers on the Internet using the (S)NTP protocol.

NeoCore Techs

*Domain 1.0

Domain is an object data management API that supports abstract relationships and query, undo logging, and large databases. Domain can access databases on local file systems or via URL over the Web without a back-end database server or CGI. Domain runs in an applet or application and features primary key and class field indexing, referential integrity, and a high degree of user transparency using serialized object wrappers, dynamic schema modification, and Java reflection. The user does not have to re-factor class hierarchies to derive them from special superclasses. Database query is performed with Java methods and operators, abbreviating the need for SQL.

*Domain 3.0

Domain is a highly object oriented embedded database management system which combines features of the semantic, relational, and object oriented models. The system supports a referential integrity enforcing relational object and features transaction control, large database support, and is Web enabled. A great degree of user transparency is provided by serializing object wrappers and extensive use is made of Java object serialization and reflection to provide a compact component-based system.

Netoria, Inc.

*SFLOCK 32 2.00

SFLOCK is an Novell Directory Services (NDS) integrated workstation security system for Windows 95 and Windows NT. With SFLOCK, System administrators can set system wide policies in NDS for workstation security. For instance, you can specify the saver to run and set default timeouts. Other administrative features include:

  • Administrator override
  • Remote unlock
  • Remote messaging
  • Intruder detection
  • Workstation shutdown
  • Easy network based installation
  • Registry protection to prevent SFLOCK removal
  • Ability to force workstations to load SFLOCK, even if the workstation components have been deliberately removed by users

Provides bouncing bitmap screen saver module. Supports standard Windows Screen Savers. Supports `Lock Now' hot spots. Allows network administrators to set up usage policies and apply to users. A sixty-day evaluation version can be downloaded from

*SFLOGIN 32 2.1

SFLOGIN provides a series of enhancements to the NDS login process including contextless login, security enhancements, customizable user help, single sign-on, graphical login screens, and network news. SFLOGIN snaps into the Novell Client, and is fully compatible with Z.E.N. Works.

NetPro Computing, Inc.

DS Expert

DS Expert is the only proactive NDS monitoring and troubleshooting solution available. DS Expert monitors critical components of NDS and delivers early warning of error conditions, enabling consistent user access to business-critical services. DS Expert keeps NDS healthy and users productive.

*DS Expert 2.7

DS Expert is a proactive NDS monitoring and troubleshooting solution. DS Expert monitors critical components of NDS and delivers early warning of error conditions, enabling consistent user access to business-critical services. DS Expert keeps NDS healthy and users productive.

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