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Novell's GroupWise 5.5 Offers Organizations Increased Productivity, Immediate Value, and Ease of Use

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01 Oct 1998

Recently Novell announced that GroupWise 5.5, the premier collaboration product for corporate networks and intranets, was shipping after completing Novell's rigorous product testing and customer satisfaction process. GroupWise 5.5 provides a stable, high-performance, Internet-ready collaboration solution that enables businesses to gather, access and communicate information easily from a single interface. Working in concert with other Novell products such as Novell Directory Services (NDS) and NetWare 5, GroupWise 5.5 provides the most scalable, reliable and powerful collaboration solution available today.

"We have worked closely with customers throughout the development of GroupWise 5.5 to ensure it would incorporate the new features they require, such as enhanced document management, Internet support and integrated Web publishing," said John Gailey, director, Novell Collaboration Services. "In addition, GroupWise 5.5 has successfully met all of Novell's stringent exit criteria, guaranteeing that customers will benefit from a stable product that is ready to meet the demands of business."

GroupWise 5.5

GroupWise 5.5, Novell's premier application for NetWare and NDS, allows users to leverage the power of the Internet through enhanced industry-standard Internet security and improved Internet standards support, as well as integrated Web publishing capabilities. GroupWise 5.5 gives network users immediate value by offering full functionality right out of the box and improved tools that help users gather, access and communicate information with expanded document manageability capabilities. GroupWise has nearly 13 million users worldwide and, according to International Data Corporation, holds a solid second place position in the integrated collaboration environment market.

GroupWise remains one of the most scalable collaboration solutions in the market, powerful enough to effortlessly meet large-scale enterprise needs, yet easy enough for small businesses to use and maintain. GroupWise further enables

collaboration by supporting connectivity to telephones, PDAs, palmtops, pagers, and other E-mail and collaboration systems. Continuing to address network users' concerns, GroupWise 5.5 has been thoroughly tested and meets all Novell Year 2000-readiness specifications.

Platform Support

To make certain the testing environment emulated Novell customers' heterogenous networks, GroupWise 5.5 was tested in mixed NetWare/Microsoft NT platforms serving both Macintosh and PC clients. On the client, GroupWise 5.5 supports Windows 95, 98 and NT, Windows 16 and Macintosh. On the server, GroupWise 5.5 supports NetWare 3.X, 4.X and 5.X and Windows NT. Support for UNIX will be added on the client and server at a later date.

Foreign Language Support

The GroupWise 5.5 client is now available in English, with multi-lingual products in Novell's core market languages (Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish) shipping in mid-November. Novell also plans to add additional approved and corporately sponsored languages for GroupWise 5.5 at a later date.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and license structures are identical to those of GroupWise 5.2, which range from $718 SRP for a 5-user license to $32,625 SRP for a 250-user license. Each GroupWise license package includes the GroupWise desktop and remote clients; GroupWise WebAccess; GroupWise WebPublisher; NWAdmin; async gateway; Message Transfer Agents; GroupWise Internet Agent (SMTP/MIME, POP3, IMAP4 and LDAP); GroupWise Monitor; GroupWise Imaging and GroupWise Workflow. Qualifying customers may receive additional discounts through one of Novell's licensing programs. More information on licensing programs, including qualifications, discounts and pricing can be found at

Novell currently offers a 60% discount off the suggested retail price of GroupWise 5.2 for customers migrating from competitive products. The migration package includes GroupWise 5.2 or 5.5 software, the GroupWise WebAccess client and the SMTP/MIME gateway. A 25-user license is now priced at $1,392, reduced from $3,480. Additional information about GroupWise can be accessed on the World Wide Web at through any Novell sales office. Novell Education has created authorized courses for GroupWise. Information can be found at

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