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Novell Developer Kit Q&A

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01 Oct 1998

Novell Developer Kit Q&A

Q. What is the Novell Developer Kit?

A. The Novell Developer Kit is every developer's entree to Novell's Open Solutions Architecture. It is the source for Novell's range of developer kits, tools and resources.

Novell is dedicated to bettering the processes and deliverables the company provides to its thousands of developer partners. divisions, and programs. As a cornerstone effort for better serving Novell development efforts worldwide, we will soon ship a comprehensive developer kit, that for the first time contains all of the company's numerous Software Developer Kits (SDKs), Hardware Developer Kits (HDKs), Developer Tools Kits, Compatibility Test Kits, and Partner Product Kits. We are designing the Novell Developer Kit to be easy to use, with a single interface to Novell and third-party products and technologies; including sample code, Java interfaces and tools, certification tests and procedures, applications, and tools.

We will continue to provide the DeveloperNet Essentials SDK and information at We will also continue to provide the software and hardware kit resources and tools you'll need to assist you in your development and in Yes compatibility testing at

Q. When will the new Novell Developer Kit be shipped?

A. The first Web release of the product took place in July, 1998. The first worldwide CD delivery for all eligible DeveloperNet subscribers is scheduled for October, 1998. The Web release is updated monthly in the last week of each month.

Due to the number of kits being pulled together, we will not have all our kits under one interface for the initial product delivery. Please monitor our Web Site at to obtain the monthly updates and see the latest additions to our interface.

Q. What is Novell's Open Solutions Architecture?

A. Novell Open Solutions Architecture (OSA) is Novell's developer strategy around building directory-enabled applications for the Internet. Central to Novell's strategy to "Directory-enable the Network," applications and solutions must also be directory-enabled to make them easier to install, manage, deploy, license, meter, and use across the network. OSA uses Internet standards and open interfaces to give developers the easiest tools, widest range of APIs, and richest networking services to build network-aware, Internet-ready, and manageable solutions.

Focused on the manageability of applications and solutions, OSA delivers a set of developer APIs, frameworks, and infrastructure necessary to build server-side applications. OSA is available through Novell's Developer Kit and Novell's DeveloperNet subscription program. OSA addresses the fundamental question in software development and costs of ownership as it relates in bringing more valuable solutions into your business network, "So you have built it, now what are you going to do with it?"

Developers have the freedom of choice to build server-based solutions in C (NLMs), Java (Java Class Libraries, JavaBeans, and Enterprise JavaBeans), and Scripting (JavaScript, Perl, and NetBasic). Client interfaces (Novell Controls for ActiveX, C-APIs, etc.) are also available for building client/server applications.

Q. How will the new developer kit make my developing life easier?

A. For developers, the clear benefit of the Novell Developer Kit is the integration and standardization of the Novell Developer Kit interface, documentation, production, sample code, and so forth. In addition, the Novell Developer Kit CD deliverable will be an image of the Web site,, allowing our customers direct access to information, without the download time.

Q. How will the NDK address the needs of Novell's various developer audiences?

A. Everything in Novell's new end-to-end developer's kit will be grouped into five major divisions:

  1. The Software Developer Kit will contain all of our current SDKs, tools, Java interfaces, Novell Controls for ActiveX, C APIs, and sample code you need to develop for Novell's products, including NetWare 5 and NDS.

  2. The Hardware Development Kit will contain the tools needed to interface hardware to Novell software.

  3. The Developer Tool Kit will contain current Novell and third-party development tools.

  4. The Compatibility Test Kit will provide all of the test suites and compatibility tests needed to meet Novell's Yes certification requirements.

  5. A Partner Product Kit is being added to the Novell Developer Kit as well. This section will provide "try and buy" and "proof of concept" partner applications and links to our new Partner Product Search.

Q. What can I do with this new developer kit?

A. The new Novell Developer Kit universal interface allows application and device driver programmers, Webmasters, testing and certification programmers, Windows NT and UNIX developers, and others to easily find what they need to complete their jobs better and faster. Network administrators, for example, might set up lab servers for testing purposes; for Webmasters, the NDK offers easy access to the various scripting languages supported by Novell. Hardware developers will also find it easier than ever to locate the testing and certification resources they need.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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