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ActiveX Controls Batch II (Beta) Availability

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01 Jul 1998

The Java Technology Group at Novell, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the second batch of the Net2000 ActiveX Controls in Beta form.

The Net2000 ActiveX Controls provide easy-to-use access to all of Novell's services for developers and solution providers using Windows-based Rapid Application Development tools. VisualBasic, Delphi, PowerBuilder users can quickly and easily incorporate networking services and network administration into their own applications.

In addition, the controls can be used within Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and also in the Active Server Pages (ASP) programming metaphor for Internet Information Server Web server.

The new controls include:

Internet Directory Control: Provides access to NDS from anywhere over an IP connection via the new LDAP provider built into NetWare 5. Will also work with any other LDAP-compatible directory on the Internet today.

Volume Admin Control: Improved to allow programmers to set up trustees and rights for NDS users on directories and files in the file system.

App Admin Control: Windows applications registered in the NAL can now be programmatically given to any user of NDS.

Socket Controls: The easiest way to build a client-server VB program using either a TCP/IP or IPX/SPX connection.

Server Admin Control: Improved to support remote procedure call to NetBasic 6 scripts on a NetWare server.

Print Server Admin Control: Complements our Print Queue Admin control to offer full control over traditional NetWare printing services. NDPS support will be in Batch 3.

Both the Batch I and Batch II controls are available for free download to DeveloperNet subscribers at

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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