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Novell, Digi and IBM Announce Integrated Caching Solution

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01 Jul 1998

The new caching solution is designed to meet the requirements of any company that extends their business to the Internet, intranets and the World Wide Web. Customers can configure the solution at the border of any UNIX, NT, Macintosh or NetWare network. By accelerating Internet performance, the solution can help make business employees more productive, enhance Internet-based education in schools, lower bandwidth costs, and provide a cost-effective alternative to upgrading overburdened Web servers.

"This bundle makes it easy and affordable to take advantage of multimedia Internet resources, like Internet audio, video conferencing and real-time video," said Jerry Dusa, president and CEO of Digi International. "Moreover, customers receive all the benefits inherent in a best-of-breed, server-based approach, including reliable performance and flexibility. It's an innovative answer to the need for fast Internet access."

"We believe IBM Netfinity server systems provide the optimal platform for this integrated offering, said Bob Miller, Alliance Manager, Netfinity Servers, IBM. "IBM Netfinity reflects IBM's commitment to businesses who must be lean and nimble at work, around the clock and whose systems must respond in kind."

"This solution presents a significantly new business opportunity for our channel partners," commented David Trotter, vice president of channel sales, Novell Inc. "This solution is compelling because it delivers a fully configured, cost effective, high performance, plug and play integrated package to small and medium ISPs who are looking to deliver reliable Internet acceleration solutions to their customers."

Industry leading Proxy Cache Performance

BorderManager FastCache is an easily administered caching solution that includes proxy caching, hierarchical network caching and Web server acceleration services. As reported by the independent testing authority Mindcraft, Inc., ( BorderManager FastCache processes 4,055 hits per second or 350 million hits per day. Unlike other proxy caches that require expensive hardware platforms and cache farms to scale the Internet, BorderManager FastCache delivers this phenomenal performance on a single Intel Pentium II processor. BorderManager FastCache increases the responsiveness and capacity of any NT, NetWare or Unix Web server. In fact, according to Mindcraft, BorderManager FastCache scales a Sun Unix Web server more than 700 percent.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing has not yet been determined but is expected to fall below $6000.00. The bundle will be available on June 1st. Details on distribution partners are still to be determined and information will be provided when it becomes available.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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