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Novell Endorses ODMG Database Storage Specification for Java, and Selects POET Object Server as Key Vendor

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01 Jul 1998

Novell Endorses ODMG Database Storage Specification for Java, and Selects POET Object Server as Key Vendor

Novell, Inc. recently announced that it has endorsed the ODMG Binding for Java, a database storage API specification for Java that is written and published by the Object Database Management Group, an independent standards body. In addition, Novell selected POET as their key provider of ODMG-compliant database products on the NetWare platform. By endorsing the ODMG API, and offering an ODMG-compliant solution on NetWare, Novell reinforces their commitment to make NetWare the best platform for server side Java.

The ODMG Binding for Java specification provides developers with a simple and efficient means for building cross-platform Java applications that automatically store Java objects in databases. The complex programming task of connecting applications to various databases is greatly simplified with the ODMG's API. Through this mechanism, the Java objects are stored natively, avoiding the complex and error-prone process of mapping these objects to relational tables. By combining this with the POET Object Server on NetWare, developers now have a complete solution for server-side Java.

"The ODMG API provides Java developers with the industry-endorsed open standard for native Java persistence," said Chris Stone, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Novell. "POET's high- performance object database technology on NetWare in combination with Novell's Open Solutions Architecture (OSA) is a great foundation for Java developers tasked with creating demanding new business applications. We are excited to have POET working with Novell in our commitment to deliver the ideal server platform for Java solutions."

"As an active member of the ODMG, POET was heavily involved in defining the ODMG Standard. We are especially proud of being selected by Novell as the preferred solution for server-side Java on NetWare. This provides us with tremendous opportunity to demonstrate POET's value to Novell's ISV and corporate developer communities," added Dirk Bartels, President and CEO of POET Software.

The ODMG Binding for Java is part of ODMG 2.0 specification, a recently published specification that defines a standard ways for applications written in Java, C++ and SmallTalk to interact with various databases. An overview of the specification and the news release announcing its availability can be found on the Web at

In addition to Novell, companies like POET, Sun Microsystems, Ardent Software, Computer Associates, Objectivity and Versant are supporting the ODMG binding for Java.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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