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Novell Announces 100 Percent Java-Based Management Console for Clients and NetWare Servers

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01 Jun 1998

ConsoleOne Brings New Power,and Flexibility to Development of Network Management Systems

Novell Inc. recently announced Novell ConsoleOne, the foundation for the next generation of Graphical User Interface (GUI) utilities for Novell and third-party management and administration products.

Code-named "Houston" during development, ConsoleOne brings 100 percent Java-based GUI management to the NetWare server console and client desktop.

This common framework is Internet-standards based (Java, JNDI, IP, LDAP, SSL) and integrates Java applets and snap-ins allowing developers to build network management solutions with a common look and feel.

By leveraging Novell Directory Services (NDS), ConsoleOne provides administrators with a flexible and dynamic management solution that supports "role-based" administration customized for individual network administrators and network management tasks.

ConsoleOne reflects Novell's strategy to deliver the leading server platform for intelligent network solutions, including a powerful and flexible new class of network management solutions enabled by NDS.

Java plays a key role in Novell's strategy by speeding the development and deployment of network solutions that can be distributed and accessed across all platforms on business networks, intranets, and the Internet.

"With ConsoleOne, we've delivered on our commitment to make Novell products and networks the easiest to use and manage in the industry," said Michael Simpson, product marketing director, Novell, Inc. "By leveraging NDS and being standards-based, ConsoleOne is a remarkably flexible and feature- rich framework for our development partners."

Easing Network Administration

By utilizing NDS, ConsoleOne enables IT managers to create customized views for each administrator, depending upon their job responsibilities.

Single sign-on, granular administration capabilities and role-based task delegation ensure that administrators get the right tool for the right job.

For instance, NDS rights can be assigned to administrators dedicated to managing passwords, user administration, server management, printer management, or some combination of these tasks. In addition, administrators can be assigned a view of the network that includes all of these objects, but is restricted by the context.

ConsoleOne enables organizations to maintain the highest levels of security in their network management solutions, while deploying flexible and adaptable solutions that meet the needs of administrators and users on even the largest networks.

Developing Management Solutions

Novell ConsoleOne is the administration and management framework for Novell's Open Solution Architecture (OSA). Novell's OSA defines open interfaces and frameworks that allow developers to build network-aware, directory-enabled, Internet-ready, manageable solutions.

ConsoleOne defines an extensible architecture that supports multiple levels of integration for developers, from Java applet hosting to snap-in development through ConsoleOne APIs. Developing to ConsoleOne APIs gives developers an opportunity to use a single framework which accelerates development time.

Third-party ConsoleOne snap-ins will have the same look and feel as Novell's management products, leveraging the knowledge base of trained network administrators.


Novell ConsoleOne will first ship as part of NetWare 5 and later with ManageWise, BorderManager, GroupWise, NDS for NT and ZENworks. It will also be available for download from the World Wide Web. The ConsoleOne shell and snap-in APIs shipped as part of the OSA SDK which is updated on a quarterly basis.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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