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Novell Issues Year 2000 Update Clarification for NetWare

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01 Jun 1998

Novell Issues Year 2000 Update Clarification for NetWare

Novell, Inc. issued the following Year 2000 update clarification for NetWare. On October 20, 1997, an article incorrectly reported that Novell currently does not provide customers a solution for automated distribution and administration of the Year 2000 client patch.

In fact, Novell has released an automatic client update solution for NetWare. Further, Novell has released beta patches that resolve Year 2000 related issues for NetWare ahead of its year end goal. These patches expedite customers' ability to test in their own environments.

Novell provides a NetWare client patch for Year 2000 affected clients, (Novell 32-bit clients for DOS/Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation), for beta testing with the server patches. These beta client and server patches will be followed up with final versions by year end.

Novell recommends customers use the Automatic Client Upgrade solutions provided with Novell clients to automate patch distribution for both testing purposes and final deployment. System administrators using this method of client administration will not be required to visit each workstation.

Today, customers save network and desktop administration costs by using the centralized Automatic Client Upgrade process for updating client workstations.

Novell's Project 2000 Web site ( includes a complete list of core products that it is testing for Year 2000 readiness. These beta patches are designed to help customers start their own Year 2000 testing, and should not be implemented in a production environment until formal release.

Both independent testing and Novell's laboratories confirm that the beta test patches correct known NetWare Year 2000 issues.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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