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Novell Announces World's Fastest Web Server

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01 Jun 1998

Novell Announces World's Fastest Web Server

Following the unveiling of the world's fastest Java Virtual Machine, Novell, Inc. announced a similar breakthrough in Web Server performance by smashing the speed record for single-processor Web servers measured by the industry- standard SPECweb96 benchmark.

Results of the benchmark demonstrate that Novell network server platforms for hosting Web sites and running business intranets have emerged as industry leaders in both raw performance and price-performance value, enabling business customers and Internet Services Providers (ISPs) to serve more users more quickly and efficiently than significantly more expensive solutions based on UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT.

The record-breaking solution includes Novell's intraNetWare 4.11 operating system, BorderManager with the FastCache Web server accelerator, and Netscape Enterprise Server for NetWare running on a Compaq ProLiant 3000 with a single 300 MHz Intel Pentium II processor.

Novell's Intel processor-based SPECweb96 result of 1639 operations per second topped the performance of all single-processor Web servers submitted to date for SPECweb96 benchmarking, including leading UNIX and NT solutions based on the DEC Alpha, Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC, IBM PowerPC, SGI MIPS R10000, and Sun UltraSPARC architectures.

"Novell has moved squarely into the Internet and intranet space, where speed delivering Web pages and applications to clients is a critical factor," said Christopher Stone, Novell senior vice president for strategy and business development. "The new SPECweb96 numbers tell the story: the speed and scalability that have always been hallmarks of the NetWare platform are now part of the infrastructure of the Internet. Working with partners like Compaq, Intel, and Netscape, Novell enables our customers to deploy faster, more reliable Web sites and intranets at a fraction of the cost."

The single-processor Novell solution offers customers exceptional price-performance value. For example, the record-breaking Novell solution's street price is approximately $19,000, while a slower dual-processor Sun Ultra Enterprise 450 system sells for approximately $44,000.

"This breakthrough in Web server performance clearly demonstrates Compaq's and Novell's commitment to addressing customer bandwidth problems," said Mike Mata, director, Internet Solutions, Compaq Computer Corporation. "This further builds on Compaq's leadership in the Internet by delivering unsurpassed price-performance. Solutions like Novell BorderManager FastCache on Compaq ProLiant servers enable our customers to take full advantage of the Internet while providing solid investment protection for the future."

"Novell's networking expertise pays off in Web server solutions that help demonstrate Intel architecture performance," said Eli Lamb, general manager for Server Software Technology at Intel Corporation. "Novell customers can combine leading Web server performance with all the compatibility, stability and price-performance advantages of Intel processor-based solutions."

"The tight integration between Netscape Enterprise Server for NetWare and the NetWare platform, not only enables customers to leverage their NetWare investment, but also provides them with a high performance solution for deploying intranets and extranets," said John Paul, senior vice president and general manager of the Server Products Division at Netscape Communications Corporation.

Novell last week announced a partnership with Pinacor, formerly known as MicroAge Distribution, to deliver an industry leading turnkey web acceleration solution that combines the Compaq ProLiant family of servers with Novell's BorderManager FastCache, the Web acceleration component used in the record-breaking SPECweb96 benchmark.

Configured at the border of any UNIX, NT, Macintosh or NetWare network, this joint solution of Compaq ProLiant servers with BorderManager FastCache speeds user access to popular Web information, reduces network bandwidth requirements, and accelerates any Web site.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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