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NetVision: Using NDS as a Metadirectory to Synchronize Different Directories

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Nancy McLain

01 Jun 1998

Fourth Place

Novell is pleased to announce that NetVision won fourth place in the "Get Off Your Apps" contest that ended 27 March 1998.

NetVision's family of Synchronicity products uses NDS as a metadirectory to synchronize Microsoft Windows NT, Exchange, NetWare 3, and Lotus Notes.

NetVision's Synchronicity products define NDS users and groups for the different directories and simplify heterogenous network management by allowing the administrator to use an NWAdmin snap-in module.

NetVision simplifies the management of heterogeneous directories by replicating the creation/modification/deletion of user and group objects within NDS to other directories.

Synchronicity is also configurable allowing network administrators to control how replication occurs. Synchronicity also provides remote administration of different directories via NWAdmin snap-ins, giving administrators a single point of administration.

Because Synchronicity is a family of products, each of which must use NDS's features differently, this article is not able to give NetVision's implementations of NDS the deserved detail. NetVision has posted white papers and extremely informative descriptions of how they implemented NDS within each of their products. I recommend that you visit their Web site at for their white papers.

Congratulations NetVision on simplifying heterogeneous network management, and congratulations on your fourth place win!

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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