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Sun to Deliver New Products for Java Application Development

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01 May 1998

Sun Microsystems, Inc. has announced an open suite of tools and the JavaServer Engine products that enable enterprise developers and ISVs to easily build and deploy business-critical, network-enabled applications.

The suite of tools, which melds easily with the industry's popular integrated development environments (IDEs), will initially include:

  • JavaBlend, to automate the integration of Java applications with information in relational databases;

  • Java Modeler, to provide an extensible canvas for application modeling, design, code generation and extraction of object designs from existing code; and

  • JavaSafe, a network-enabled versioning and revision control system for source code and web content.

With these tools, Sun is continuing to provide developers with what they need to meet the demanding project requirements of today's business environment.

"This initial suite of tools is what enterprise developers need to build industrial-strength applications that leverage all of the architectural benefits of the Java platform - on desktops and servers," said Jon Kannegaard, vice president of software products for JavaSoft, a business unit of Sun Microsystems. "Because these tools easily integrate with the market leading IDEs, developers can capitalize on them immediately."

The new suite of tools will include:

  • Java Blend - can represent a relational database as Java objects, which enables developers to both store and transparently use structured data without the mechanics of SQL calls. With the Java Blend tool, developers can build new applications to run with relational databases already deployed in the enterprise. The beta version of Java Blend is now available for trial. Information on Java Blend can be found at Java Blend will ship in Q4 1998.

  • Java Modeler - a multi-user analysis and design tool that can automate and extract object designs from existing Java source code. Based on an industry standard graphical methodology (the Unified Modeling Language), the Java Modeler tool provides an open environment for brainstorming and application design, along with a documented application programming interface (API) to allow the application to drive and be driven by third party tools and applications. The beta version of Java Modeler will be available this summer for trial. Java Modeler will ship in Q4 1998.

  • JavaSafe - a multi-user, network-enabled versioning and revision control system that enables developers in different places to access any type of source code, web content, and file based information. With its powerful and simple graphical interface, the JavaSafe control system makes it possible to create powerful, custom version control environments that work the way developers want, not the way tools dictate. JavaSafe will ship in Q4 1998.

JavaServer Engine

In addition to the new open suite of tools, Sun will also deliver a powerful reusable component for network-based application development and deployment. The JavaServer Engine provides developers with a pre-built foundation for simplifying the deployment of network-enabled applications.

The JavaServer Engine enables developers to quickly develop and deploy custom applications using industry standard as well as application specific protocols and data formats.

By using the JavaServer Engine, developers can focus on application functionality, while reducing time-to-market and increasing the quality of the network-enabled applications. The JavaServer Engine will be released this summer. More information can be found at

JavaServer Pages

JavaServer Pages, a feature of Java Web Server, allows developers to seamlessly embed Java code within the static HTML pages, trading often complicated scripting language for the security, portability and object-oriented functionality of the Java platform.

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