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Sun Announces Key Consumer Technology to Bring the Power of the Java Platform to Auto, TV, and Phone Markets

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01 May 1998

Sun Microsystems Inc. announced three new technologies that will extend the functionality of the PersonalJava platform for key consumer markets. Specifications for the JavaTV API, AutoJava API and JavaPhone API, blueprints to help developers build Java applications to run in automobiles, televisions and telephones, will be available in the third quarter 1998.

"The PersonalJava platform is becoming a standard application environment for consumer electronics so much so that specific industries want to build dedicated Java technology solutions," said Alan Baratz, president of Sun Microsystems JavaSoft division. "Sun will deliver the TV, Auto and Phone APIs to ensure that we bring consistent, industry wide APIs to these key markets as we work with them to lay the foundation for the networked future."

Each of the specifications will be created with working groups from each industry. Sun's proven and thorough review process for every specification will be utilized for these APIs. After creation under stringent review by each respective industry, the specifications will be posted for public review and comment. Implementations will be available shortly thereafter.


The JavaTV API will address the needs of manufacturers, developers and content providers as they seek standards to deliver interactive content to consumers via cable set top boxes, satellite receivers, digital televisions, and the new high definition televisions (HDTV).

The JavaTV API will provide an independent software platform to access the hardware features that are unique to televisions, such as the controls for channel changing and on screen graphics, while maintaining portability across operating systems and microprocessors.

The JavaTV API will also address other functions such as audio/video streaming, e-commerce, conditional access and smart card support. A set-top box utilizing the JavaTV API could allow you to select a movie, pay for it with your smart card and download the movie you have selected from the Internet.

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