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Oracle and Novell Announce Agreement to Bundle Oracle8 Data Server with NetWare

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01 May 1998

Oracle Corp. and Novell, Inc. recently announced a bundling agreement that will provide Novell's NetWare users with the world-leading Oracle8 data server.

A five-user version of Oracle8 will be bundled with versions of NetWare 4.11 and above, bringing together Oracle's award-winning data server and Novell's market-leading NetWare, the intelligent networking platform, to provide unparalleled scalability, reliability and flexibility to customers.

Out of the box, NetWare users will receive a powerful application platform for immediately developing and deploying network computing solutions including Java applications to streamline their business processes.

"This bundle creates an integrated application platform delivered in one box for developing and deploying cost-effective, database solutions," said Gary Bloom, senior vice president, Oracle Systems Products Division. "This is another way Oracle makes it easier for customers to leverage best-of-breed solutions with the additional scalability and reliability they require to run their businesses efficiently and reduce costs."

This announcement builds on the agreement signed in March 1997 for enhanced integration capabilities between NetWare, Novell Directory Services (NDS), Oracle data server and Oracle Application Server technology. These products are based on open industry standards, including Java, and when deployed together, unleash an enterprise-capable, cross-platform environment.

This bundle provides a network computing solution that can reduce system complexity, provide users with faster and more secure access to critical data and applications, improve management of network resources, and reduce total cost of ownership. Since the complete Oracle8 product is included in the bundle, NetWare users can seamlessly add more Oracle8 users in the future.

"Oracle has worked very closely with our engineering teams to drive and leverage NDS and many of our new services such as Novell Storage Services and the new multiprocessing kernel for the benefit of our customers," said Chris Stone, Novell senior vice president of strategy and corporate development. "Our customers look to us to provide networking solutions that help them manage and control the vast flow of information they encounter every day. This agreement helps us do just that."

Oracle and Novell have individually enabled Java in their respective technologies so that developers can easily build portable network computing applications. The companies have jointly made significant time and resource investments to ensure that the products in this bundle are optimized for Java development.

Novell and Oracle currently have thousands of third-party Java application developers, who now have the option to build applications in a multi-tier environment, and whose current applications will run seamlessly on this robust integrated platform. "SBT is very pleased with the opportunity presented by the Novell/Oracle bundle, and specifically with the options this cooperative agreement would bring to users of our SBT Executive Series client/server accounting software," said William Mills, president and chief operating officer, SBT Accounting Systems. "As a premier provider of modifiable mid-range accounting software, SBT looks forward to offering an enterprise accounting solution that delivers the combined power of SBT, Novell and Oracle technology."

Sample applications built by developers and independent software vendors will be included in the Oracle8/NetWare bundle. Customers will be able to see examples of the types of applications that can be built with this integrated application platform, while offering developers the opportunity to get their products in front of potential new customers.

This is in addition to the alignment of Oracle and Novell developer programs, which will provide the developer community with essential tools and expertise for building and deploying Oracle applications on NetWare.

Oracle and Novell Build on Long-Standing Relationship

Oracle and Novell have been delivering complementary solutions for their customers since beginning their alliance in 1989. In March 1997, the companies expanded the alliance to take advantage of new Internet technology that reduces overall cost of ownership for their customers. Recently, Oracle and Novell announced collaboration efforts to optimize Oracle data server and Oracle Application Server for Novell's NetWare 5 server operating environment.


The bundle will ship with NetWare 4.11 in June. Oracle8 will be bundled with NetWare 5 at the time of NetWare 5 general availability.

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