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Navigating the DeveloperNet Web Site

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01 Apr 1998

Navigating the DeveloperNet Web Site

Describes the wealth of software development hits, driver development information, certification hits, sample code, downloads, patches, and other technical data available at the DeveloperNet Web site. Such technologies as OSA, NDS, Java, ActiveX, C/C++, scripting, ORBs, and Delphi are included. Also gives details on where DeveloperNet subscribers can find such publications as AppNotes, DeveloperNotes, Novell and Developer press releases, and product white papers.

DeveloperNet is an excellent source of information from the latest issue of Developer Notes to software developer's kits, sample code and support files. Because of the large amount of information available, it's easy to get frustrated when you can't find what you need. In order to help you locate the valuable resources available on DeveloperNet Web site, this article is equipped with graphics and outlines which illustrate how DeveloperNet's information is organized. The DeveloperNet home page is divided into three sections:

  1. General Novell information across the top

  2. DeveloperNet links on the left side

  3. General text, which also includes a number of links.

Figure 1: The DeveloperNet home page (

The Novell section located at the top of the page has five links that connect you to general Novell information, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Links that connect you to Novell information.

  • Novell: This link takes you to the front door of the Novell Web page, where general company information is listed.

  • What's New: If you are looking for the latest announcements and press releases from Novell this link's information will bring you up to date.

  • How to Buy: This link has information on sales offices, partners, and catalogs. This is a great place to purchase Novell products.

  • Search: This is a database of the Novell marketing information. You may search by keywords or phrases.

  • Site Map: If you are interested in the different Web sites provided by Novell this site shows what is available and how they are linked together.

The Status Bar located under all these links gives you a short description of each link when you rest your mouse over it.

Figure 3: DeveloperNet Links.

  1. What's New provides weekly DeveloperNet information such as:

    1. DeveloperNet Update: new beta releases, contest information, and discounts for DeveloperNet members

    2. Product Update: information regarding products

    3. Events: calendar of upcoming DeveloperNet events and conferences

    4. In the News: press releases involving information of interest to developers

  2. SDKs and Downloads is your source for software developer's kits, sample code and support files, as shown in Figure 4.

    Figure 4: SDKs and Downloads (

  3. Publications provide links to the Novell Research page, Novell's technical journals, weekly newsletter, online manuals, along with other pertinent information as shown in Figure 5.

    Figure 5: DeveloperNet publications (

    Novell Research takes you directly to the Novell Research home page, as shown in Figure 6.

    Figure 6: Novell Research home page (

    This page has the Novell banner across the top and the following links on the left.

    Figure 7: Links from the Novell Research home page.

    1. AppNotes

    2. Developer Notes

    3. How to Order


    5. Search Search for key words and phrases in Novell marketing information.

      Knowledgebase: Use the Support Connection Knowledgebase to find technical information.

      File Finder: Use the Support Connection File Finder to search for, locate, and download patches.

      Novell Partners: Search for Novell Partners: support, developer, education, consulting, resellers, distributors, OEMs and more.

      Novell Products: Search Novell products and programs from A-Z.

    6. About Novell Research Publications

    7. FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

    Going back to the links on the DeveloperNet home page

  4. Education and Events provides information concerning upcoming workshops, training and other events.

    1. Events Calendar

    2. DeveloperNet Program Information

    3. DeveloperNet Workshops

    4. Java Developer Education

  5. Engineering and Developer Support & Services is your source for software and hardware documentation along with tools to assist you in your development and Yes certifications as shown in Figure 8.

    Figure 8: Engineering Support (

    1. Software Engineering Support (WebAction), Sample, and TID's

    2. NLM & Software Application Certification Information

    3. DeveloperNet Labs EMEA

    4. SuperLab Services Downloads

    5. Download the latest Certification Brochure

    6. Download the latest Certification Contracts File

    7. Download the NetWare connect software to connect to Prv- Novell_Labs access server Hardware & Driver Development certification

    8. Device driver development

    9. Storage Device Driver Development

    10. LAN Driver Development

    11. PBX Driver Development

    12. WAN Driver Development

    13. File Servers and Workstations Certification Information

    14. Peripherals - Printers (Legacy & NDPS), faxes, scanners, NEST devices

    15. NDPS Print Certification, Development, SDK, and Training Information

  6. Yes Bulletins Certification Information provides information on every Novell Yes tested and approved product. You can find information detailing product configuration, date of certification, special network configuration information and other related information important to the products interoperablility in the network environment.

    1. What are Novell Certified Product Bulletins?

    2. Novell Certified Product Bulletins

    3. Search Bulletins

    4. DeveloperNet Program Information

    5. Developer Product Certification Program Information

  7. Subscribe Now gives you the option to select your specific subscription level (Enterprise, Professional and Electronic).

The third section of the DeveloperNet home page consists of links contained in the general text, as shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9: DeveloperNet home page text.

The following are the links and downloads available:

Figure 10: DeveloperNet home page text links.

  1. NetWare 5 This link provides information regarding the Developer Beta Partner Project and more, as shown in Figure 11.

    1. Join the Netware 5 Developer Beta Partner Project

    2. Answers the Frequently Asked Questions about the Netware 5 Developer Beta Project

    3. What's new Brainshare developer jacket giveaway

    4. Get your company and Product name on Novell's web page

    5. ConsoleOne NetWare 5 GUI administration tool BrainShare featured classes:

    6. Teaching the NetWare 5 Curriculum

    7. OSA: Management Console Snap-In Interface

    8. Developing for ManageWise IT

    9. GroupWise 5 Third-Party Solutions

    10. More Developer Research Articles - March 1998

    11. The NetWare Strikes Back NetWare 5 in the New:

    12. NetWare 5.0 merges IPX with IP

    13. NetWare 5 Beta 2 ships

    14. NetWare 5: A higher level of Interoperability

    Figure 11: The NetWare 5 page (

  2. Open Solutions Architecture This link provides information on Novell's focus to deliver platforms, services and products that address cost of ownership manageability.

    1. Strategy Brief

    2. Presentation (to the OSA home page)

  3. Novell Directory Services (NDS) This link provides a detailed look into the world of directory enabled network applications, as shown in Figure 12.

    Figure 12: NDS Development and Solutions (

  4. Java This link provides a collection of resources and information in the world of building "Write Once, Run Anywhere" network-ready applications.

    1. Join Novell's DeveloperNet Program

    2. Novell Products for Java

    3. View a list of Java 3rd-party Resources

    4. Provide feedback to Novell's Java Product Team

    5. View DeveloperNet Partner Success Stories

    6. Check out Eric Schmidt's Keynote from Java Internet Business Expo.

    7. White Papers, SDKs, Tools and Solutions

  5. RAD (ActiveX...) This link briefly describes how using Novell's network services can help you build successful network-ready applications and utilities using Visual Basic, Delphi, PowerBuilder or Sun's Project Studio.

  6. C/C++ This link discusses how Novell Directory access Protocol provides a complete set of NDS server APIs using C-level coding.

  7. Scripting This link provides information about how developers and network administrators taking advantage of NDS can quickly and easily create directory-enabled applications and administrative utilities using popular Basic and Basic-style scripting languages.

  8. ORBs This link discusses how Novell's integration with Visigenic's ORB technology provides Novell developers with open tools and interfaces which are platform- and language-independent for building distributed business applications.

  9. Print Services assists developers in providing high quality of networked products, as shown in Figure 13.

    Figure 13: Software and Peripheral Support - Print (Legacy &NDPS) and NEST (

  10. Hardware Driver Development and Certification This link provides you with the hardware and software documentation resources and tools you need for your development and Yes certification, as shown in Figure 14.

    Figure 14: Engineering Support (

  11. Development Partners provides you with the following links:

    1. Novell Yes Tested and Approved Certification

    2. ManageWise

    3. Novell Directory Services

    4. GroupWise

    5. intraNetWare

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