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DeveloperNet: The Source of Opportunity

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01 Mar 1998

DeveloperNet: The Source of Opportunity

Open Solutions Architecture is not just about Java; it extends broad support to C/C++ and scripting developers writing network-aware applications and solutions. Developer interfaces to network services will be delivered through class libraries, JavaBeans, scripting languages (Visual Basic, JavaScript, Perl), and C/C++ APIs to enable the widest range of developer participation and opportunity.

Because it is being defined by Novell and many of the company's third-party partners, Open Solutions Architecture brings the power of diversity to a consistent whole, providing the unifying element developers need to expand and broaden Java services and solutions on the server. Just as Novell has strengths in networking platforms and services, other vendors, such as Oracle and Netscape, IBM and others, contribute their strengths in database connectivity, services and developer tools. For more information, visit

Although Novell has offered TCP/IP solutions for many years, NetWare 5 is Novell's first "Pure IP" network pure in the sense that it doesn't retain an IPX-based encapsulation (or, in the case of NT Server, a NetBIOS encapsulation). It is the network that offers direct, unimpeded access to other IP-based networks, including popular UNIX platforms and the Internet.

The new kernel in NetWare 5 combines the performance of a uniprocessor kernel with the superior scalability of a multiprocessor kernel. And NetWare 5 will support up to 32 processors. In addition to the new kernel, NetWare 5 offers Memory Protection for added fault tolerance, as well as Virtual Memory, for additional memory resources without adding memory to a system. An integrated debugger provides improved development support.

Novell Storage Services (NSS) greatly expands the performance of the platform, providing you with the ability to store large objects (files as large as eight terabytes), and large numbers of objects, without degrading system performance. In addition, NetWare 5 supports the Winsock 2 API, SSL v.3 security protocol and LDAP, and includes ActiveX and JavaBeans components for accessing network services from 32-bit Windows clients.

Additionally, Novell is developing partnerships with both hardware and software vendors to create cluster-enabled solutions for NetWare 5 and other network platforms. For example, the first product derived from Novell's Wolf Mountain clustering technology, code-named Orion, enables up to 16 multiprocessor servers to work together as a single system for easier network management and faster resource access.

NDS: The Developer's Directory. LDAP-compliant NDS is the core services engine of Open Solutions Architecture, and offers everything you need to build robust and manageable applications that are directory-enabled and platform-independent. Access the features of NDS that make it the advanced global, distributed, replicated and partitioned directory service for over 24 million users worldwide.

Use NDS to integrate your applications with every widely used platform, directory access protocol (such as LDAP, ADSI, JNDI, DNS), back-end name resolution or directory service. And DeveloperNet resources and support will make it easy to add network services to your applications for millions of users of intraNetWare and NetWare along with those who use Windows NT Server, IBM RS/6000 and S/390 systems, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, SCO UnixWare and others. For more information, see

Novell BorderManager. BorderManager, Novell's newest Internet product, is the industry's first integrated family of directory-based network services that manages, secures and accelerates user access to information at every network border. Through tight integration with NDS, BorderManager decreases the cost of managing intranets while safely extending business networks out to the Internet.

BorderManager FastCache is the latest offering in the Novell BorderManager product line. As reported by the independent testing authority Mindcraft, Inc., BorderManager FastCache processes 4,055 hits per second or 350 million hits per day on a single Intel Pentium II processor. BorderManager FastCache increases the responsiveness and capacity of any NT, NetWare or UNIX Web server. In fact, BorderManager FastCache, according to Mindcraft, scales a Sun UNIX Web server more than 700 percent. For more information, see

Along with NDS and NetWare 5, the BorderManager family of products further demonstrates that Novell is squarely focused on IP and the Internet, offering object-oriented network services that can be integrated using Open Solutions Architecture. For more information, see

GroupWise Collaboration Tools. The GroupWise 5 SDK enables you to extend the capabilities of GroupWise and develop your own message-enabled applications. The SDK includes sample source code for standard GroupWise components and objects via the OLE-automated GroupWise Object API. The GroupWise SDK also delivers an Administration API which gives vendors and administrators the ability to perform specific GroupWise administrative actions within an OLE Automated/ActiveX application environment.

GroupWise 5 APIs provide both client and server access via a wide range of development tools opening high-end workgroup computing interfaces and access methods for all developers. You can access these components and services through a number of standard tools and access methods including COM, OLE Automation, DDE, OCX/ActiveX, C/C++, Java and CGI.

The GroupWise 5 SDK HTTP (through GroupWise WebAccess), MAPI, ODMA, DDE and ActiveX controls. You can also create a Custom 3rd-Party Object (C3PO) to extend GroupWise 5.2 functions. You can use the SDK to enhance an application's handling of GroupWise 5.2 events, such as application startup and shutdown, and delivery of messages. Novell has added Java functionality to GroupWise WebAccess that allows the Internet or intranets to become extensions of your customer's messaging system and includes support for Java applications at both the client and server level. For more information, see

ManageWise Solutions. ManageWise lets customers successfully manage and control their entire network, including servers, network traffic, desktops, users and applications. ManageWise enables easy management of NetWare and Windows NT servers; analysis of network traffic; network inventory; software distribution; remote administration of desktops (including Windows NT Workstation); protection against viruses; and network health reports all from a single point of administration.

ManageWise 2.5 provides detailed reports on critical network and server statistics by combining inventory and topology databases with data from NDS to create a unified database that can be viewed, modified, and queried from the ManageWise console. ManageWise consolidates the tracking of network assets using NDS, and through autodiscovery capabilities that build topology maps and inventory hardware and software on the network.

The next release of ManageWise will incorporate Java to allow network managers to access information through ManageWise on any standard web browser. Using Open Solutions Architecture, you can build Java applets for ManageWise to increase administrative flexibility and reduce network cost of ownership for your customers. For more information, see

Novell Software Evaluation Library (NSEL). The Novell Software Connection Library provides paid DeveloperNet subscribers with all of Novell's major software on a single set of CDs. It includes shipping products, such as BorderManager, intraNetWare, GroupWise and ManageWise, plus Early Access Release and beta products, such as NDS for NT, NetWare 5 and many others.

DeveloperNet Essentials CD. Professional and above subscribers receive DeveloperNet Essentials CDs an important resource that provides you with the latest SDKs, along with programming resources, white papers, technical information documents and useable sample code from DeveloperNet engineers.

DeveloperNet Labs SDKs and DDKs. Hardware developers integrating their products into today's distributed networks look to Novell to provide their solutions with the highest performance and availability. You will receive hardware development and certification SDK and DDK CDs important resources for integrating hardware and verifying its compatibility. The kits include hardware driver sample code and the industry's most robust testing software from DeveloperNet engineers.

Developer Information and Training. All DeveloperNet subscriptions include up-to-date Novell resources, such as DeveloperNet Connections, the online newsletter for late-breaking information about Novell's products, programs, directions and initiatives. Developer Notes, Novell's technical journal, is available either online or by CD, depending on your subscription. Included for all subscribers either electronically or by printed version, Novell AppNotes is Novell's monthly technical journal for network design, implementation, administration and integration.

In addition, there are DeveloperNet-sponsored training workshops in your area on NDS and Java, as well as other Novell products. These intensive, useful workshops are free or offered at nominal cost, depending on your subscription level.

Co-Marketing Opportunities with Novell. Yes certification is the baseline for co-marketing products with Novell. Novell's strategy of offering customers the integrated solutions they need means a large installed base for developer partners whose Yes, Tested and Approved solutions make the grade. That's a ready-made, growing market of over 4 million servers and more than 77 million users in 90 countries, at last count. For more information, see regarding co-marketing opportunities with Novell, see

DeveloperNet Labs and Yes, Tested and Approved Certification. DeveloperNet Labs is Novell's first line of interoperability assurance for Novell customers. Certifying your product through DeveloperNet Labs for delivery as a Novell Yes, Tested and Approved product will make it even more visible and valuable to your customers. Certification programs are available for the entire range of software (applications or drivers), hardware devices and complete computer systems.

DeveloperNet Supports You. For quick answers, over half of all support questions can be answered by searching DeveloperNet's Technical Information Documents (TIDs) on the World Wide Web. And when you need timely, specific responses to your development issues, simply use DeveloperNet electronic forms to file incident reports with the appropriate group of DeveloperNet engineers by fax or E-mail. And options for additional live support (see Features at a Glance p.95) let you tailor your need for assistance in the way that's best for your business.

DeveloperNet News Forums. Discover an extensive set of forums on topics, such as NetWare 3.x, Java, C/C++, ActiveX* and many others. Our engineers monitor and respond to inquiries on supported forums. You might even find DeveloperNet engineers on peer-supported forums that hold interest for them personally. Even in forums without direct Novell participation, posting questions and responses for other developers can help you gauge interest in a particular topic and assist you in determining technical and market directions.

Novell Support Connection. This valuable CD contains downloadable files, updates, patches and drivers to help resolve technical support issues, as well as TIDs with the most current support information from Novell support engineers. You'll find DeveloperNet Labs' certification bulletins, providing details of products tested and certified by Novell. Stay current with Novell AppNotes, a series of technical articles on Novell products and The GroupWare Professional's Guide, which focuses specifically on groupware.

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* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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