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Novell Offers Limited-Time Discount on Enterprise Networking Solution for NT

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01 Feb 1998

Novell, Inc. recently announced that NDS for NT, its enterprise directory software for reducing the costs and complexity of managing Microsoft NT Servers which began shipping last month, is now available at 25 percent off of its regular price. The promotion is effective from now through April 30, 1998 worldwide.

"NDS for NT brings our customers the power of enterprise level networking for NT Server. Along with that comes the freedom to build your network to match your businesses rather than the other way around," said John Slitz, senior vice president of marketing. "And the promotion we're offering will make getting started with NDS for NT even easier."

"The single network directory that NDS for NT provides not only gives the Centers for Disease Control users a single login, it also simplifies our network administration model," said Lisa Haygood, Network Specialist at the Centers for Disease Control. "With NDS for NT, we've cut our administration overhead considerably."

NDS for NT

Novell's NDS for NT reduces the costs and complexity of deploying and managing NT servers and applications by providing a single point of administration for mixed NetWare and NT environments and a single log-in interface for users.

NDS for NT also reduces the time and effort necessary to maintain networks by eliminating the need to manage trust relationships and by making NT Domains manageable objects within NDS. It provides seamless integration with Windows NT Server and will be updated to manage Windows NT 5.0 and Active Directory users, groups and applications when available.

"Novell's NDS for NT delivers such an elegant and cost-effective way to simplify the management of NTdomains and trust relationships that our customers are anxious to get their hands on it," said Len Smith, chief technology officer, Inacom. "As a result, Inacom is fully prepared to help clients implement NDS for NT."

Pricing and Availability

NDS for NT is currently shipping and is being offered at a special promotional price. Pricing (MSRP) and the applicable timeframe follows:

25% off throughApril 30, 1998


$69.00 per user

$51.75 per user


$68.00 per user

$51.00 per user


$67.00 per user

$50.25 per user


$66.00 per user

$49.50 per user


$65.00 per user

$48.75 per user


$65.00 per user

$48.75 per user

Significant discounts are also available for Novell Corporate License Agreement (CLA), Volume License Agreement (VLA) and Master License Agreement (MLA) accounts. Customers may contact their local resellers or Novell sales office or call Novell at 1-800-NETWARE for more information.

Users may download and evaluation copy of NDS for NT at For more information about NDS for NT, users may visit the product web site at

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