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Novell Delivers ManageWise 2.5 with Strong Industry Support

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01 Feb 1998

Novell has moved further ahead as the leader in network services by shipping ManageWise 2.5, the next release of the industry-leading network management solution. ManageWise 2.5 offers an advanced management platform through expanded support for snap-in applications from third-party solution providers.

Hardware and software vendors such as AVM, Computer Associates, GECKO, Geneva Software, HiTecSoft, Intrusion Detection, NetPro, Seagate, Tobit, and Vinca are taking advantage of ManageWise's open platform architecture by integrating their products with ManageWise.

"Our 1997 survey shows ManageWise is the dominant management solution in medium to small businesses, where it is used in 25% of organizations, and it is also being used in 18% of Fortune 1000 companies and 14% of European companies. Because of this large installed base and its development team's good ideas for adding features, ManageWise has great potential in the area of server management and networked PC management," said Paul Strauss, senior research analyst for The Sentry Group.

"Nobody knows networks like Novell, so it's natural for IS managers to choose ManageWise as their management platform," said Robin McKinnon, marketing manager of the ManageWise Group at Novell. "We focus our energy on what we do best, manage the heterogeneous network. However, there are a lot of great specialized management products out there that focus on other areas and its our goal to help our customers take advantage of those other products by making ManageWise an open platform."

ManageWise is a comprehensive solution that lets IS professionals successfully manage and control their entire network through a single integrated interface. ManageWise 2.5 adds NT desktop management, InocuLAN virus protection, software distribution, and additional reporting capabilities to ManageWise's already proven management services.

With ManageWise, customers easily manage IntranetWare, NetWare, and Windows NT servers, analyze network traffic, conduct network inventory, remotely control desktops, perform software distribution, and prevent virus infiltrations. ManageWise supports SNMP and RMON standards, and its cooperative management platform allows integrations with a broad range of snap-in management tools.

Pricing and Availability

ManageWise 2.5 is now shipping to customers through authorized Novell resellers. ManageWise pricing has changed from a server-based model to a simpler node-based model. Customers purchase ManageWise licenses based on the total number of nodes to be managed in their network environment.

ManageWise 2.5 pricing ranges from $795 for a five node license to $36,595 for a one thousand node license. These licenses include the full functionality of ManageWise, NetWare/IntranetWare server management, workstation management, virus protection, network analysis, and software management.

Unlike other management solutions on the market, customers do not have to purchase additional software or hardware products for underlying database functionality or to implement virus protection or software distribution in their management system.

The ManageWise Agent for Windows NT Server is available as a snap-in to ManageWise for $595 per server. All customers who have purchased ManageWise 2.1 on or after September 1, 1997 will receive a free ManageWise 2.5 upgrade.

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