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Oracle and Novell Deliver Integrated Application Platform for Network Computing

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01 Feb 1998

At Internet World, Oracle Corp. and Novell, Inc. announced delivery of Oracle Application Server and Oracle8, optimized for Novell's NetWare server operating environment. The Oracle and Novell products combine to provide customers with an integrated application platform for building and deploying network computing applications on Intel Architecture-based hardware, delivering on the expanded alliance between the two companies announced in March.

Now, developers and end-users can immediately leverage the power and flexibility of Oracle's Internet and data server technology and Novell Directory Services (NDS) to develop and deploy Java compliant, Web-based applications within existing Novell networks.

This announcement will enable millions of Novell customers to achieve dramatic cost-savings by leveraging their investments in NetWare with Oracle data server and application server technology.

Together, Oracle and Novell provide a network computing solution that can reduce system complexity, provide users with faster and more secure access to critical data and applications, improve management of network resources, and reduce total cost of ownership by providing them with a faster and more economical migration to the Network Computing Architecture (NCA) as defined by Oracle.

"The delivery of this integrated application platform further confirms our commitment to open standards and Java," said Gary Bloom, senior vice president, System Products Division, Oracle. "It is the goal of both Oracle and Novell to provide options for our customers and developers. Both can now extend their investments in Novell software, develop new and powerful network computing applications, and boost their productivity with award-winning and trusted Oracle technology."

Based on Open Standards and Java

These Oracle and Novell products are based completely on open industry standards and when deployed together, unleash Java as an enterprise-capable, cross-platform environment. Oracle Web Application Server 3.0, for example, allows developers to easily write new application cartridges in Java, then deploy them across any Intel Architecture-based HTTP server platform or operating system, including NetWare, Novell's 100% pure Java server platform.

"Oracle's integration with NetWare provides our customers with powerful database connectivity and Web application development," said Chris Stone, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Novell. "Our relationship with Oracle is focused on embracing open standards centered around Java. With our Open Solutions Architecture, we support Oracle's NCA as an easier way to build and deliver full-featured and robust solutions that are manageable, secure and distributed using Novell's rich networking services."

Novell's Open Solution Architecture is centered on the manageability of solutions across the network, and how these solutions are registered, managed, distributed, licensed and accessed. These attributes are embodied within the powerful control of a robust directory service that can manage the complexity. Novell's NDS offers open protocol access through LDAP and Java interfaces which will allow the integrated application platform to deliver easy cartridge management and security.

Unified Support For Developer Community

Oracle and Novell are also building a unified developer strategy to provide developers with the essential tools and expertise they need for building and deploying Web applications on NetWare. This partnership of Oracle and Novell's developer programs will result in a one-stop comprehensive resource for the developer community.

Oracle and Novell will jointly deliver additional material through SDKs and workshops that allow developers to build network computing solutions, based on the integrated application platform.

"Oracle and Novell provide a best-of-class technology foundation for our Logician software, an electronic medical record solution for the healthcare industry that improves patient care and lowers healthcare costs," said Rick Samco, vice president, Product Development at Medicalogic, the leader in electronic medical records software.

"By providing solutions such as the integrated application platform and unified support for developers, the ongoing alliance between Oracle and Novell enables us to make this paradigm shift in technology from client/server to network computing, helping us to continue to arm hospitals with solutions that reduce total cost of ownership, simplify system administration, and allow doctors to spend more time with their patients."

Oracle's Novell Products DiVision Delivers Leading Technology

This important milestone is the first to result from Oracle's recently created Novell Products Division. Established in March, the Novell Products Division is a dedicated business unit within Oracle focused on the integration of Novell network operating systems and Oracle data server and Internet products into network computing solutions. This division spearheads technology integration and also joint sales, marketing, education and support activities with Novell.

Oracle Web Application Server 3.0, voted best new product at Spring Internet World, is an open, scalable, transactional application server for the Internet and intranet, which also serves as a robust development environment for building Internet-based applications.

Oracle8 continues to lead the market in database performance, scalability, reliability and ease-of-use on all platforms. Oracle Web Application Server 3.0 and Oracle8 will be available to NetWare customers within 45 days.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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