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Novell Extends Internet Caching Leadership with Delivery of BorderManager FastCache

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01 Feb 1998

Demonstrating its Internet/intranet leadership, Novell recently announced availability of BorderManager FastCache, the industry's fastest and most scalable Internet caching solution for Web-enabled businesses and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Configured at the border of any NT, UNIX, Macintosh or NetWare network, BorderManager FastCache speeds user access to popular Web information, reduces network bandwidth requirements, and accelerates any web site. This results in more productive employees, lower bandwidth expenses and a cost-effective alternative to upgrading overburdened web servers.

As reported by the independent testing authority Mindcraft, Inc., ( BorderManager FastCache processes 4,055 hits per second or 350 million hits per day.

Unlike other proxy caches that require expensive hardware platforms and cache farms to scale the Internet, BorderManager FastCache delivers this phenomenal performance on a single Intel Pentium II processor.

BorderManager FastCache increases the responsiveness and capacity of any NT, NetWare or Unix Web server. In fact, according to Mindcraft, BorderManager FastCache scales a Sun Unix Web server more than 700 percent.

"BorderManager FastCache is the most compelling solution available for ISPs and Web content providers struggling to improve services while lowering bandwidth and Web server costs," said Michelle Arden, vice president of Novell's Border Services Group. "All the other vendors claim their products have unbeaten scalability and performance. However, when BorderManager FastCache is up to 10 times more scalable than all the rest, it clearly demonstrates that FastCache is the cache to beat."

"We're extremely pleased with the superior caching performance that BorderManager FastCache delivers to our users, making our T1 line to the Internet look like a T3," said John S. Brown, Network Engineer, Optical Coating Lab, Inc. "It has really been a pleasure to use. Being able to install BorderManager FastCache and see it improve performance on a standard Intel server really makes sense as a cost-effective solution to improve Internet access speeds for our users."

A Complete Solution for Caching the Net

Installed in less than 15 minutes, BorderManager FastCache is an easily administered caching solution that includes proxy caching, hierarchical network caching and Web server acceleration services.

BorderManager FastCache also includes the Novell IP gateway to connect IPX users to the Internet, Netscape Navigator and a runtime version of IntranetWare, the leading Internet/intranet platform.

  • Configured as a proxy cache, BorderManager FastCache creates a shared network cache to speed access to Web content and improve end-user productivity. By bringing Web information closer to intranet users, FastCache reduces the traffic on expensive intranet Wide Area Network links and Internet connections by eliminating redundant requests.

  • Configured within a cache hierarchy, BorderManager FastCache works in concert with other BorderManager caches to move shared content closer to users. In this scenario, an unlimited number of BorderManager caches and users can cooperate using the industry-standard Internet Cache Protocol (ICP) to speed access to shared content and eliminate redundant Web-server requests within an intranet and on the Internet.

  • Configured as a Web server accelerator, BorderManager FastCache dramatically improves the performance of a Web site by caching the Web server's content and responding to requests directly out of its shared cache.

Pricing and Availability

BorderManager FastCache "Try Before You Buy" is now available for download at BorderManager FastCache is priced at U.S.$995 per server with unlimited user licenses.

BorderManager FastCache will be available to order from Novell Authorized Resellers on December 15th.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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