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Novell and IBM Deliver Enhanced SNA Gateway for AS/400 Connectivity

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01 Oct 1997

Novell and IBM recently announced IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2, the latest version of the market-leading SNA gateway solution. The software reduces administrative costs, expands end user connectivity options and helps organizations with AS/400 servers rapidly adopt Internet and intranet technologies.

Running on IntranetWare, Novell's complete intranet and Internet access platform, the enhanced gateway increases access to AS/400 applications and data, supporting user connectivity from virtually all desktop clients, whether local, remote, or across the Internet.

IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2 allows businesses to centrally and efficiently manage user access to the network and client software configuration through Novell Directory Services (NDS).

"This is a win-win solution for our customers," said James Neiser, vice president of marketing, IBM Networking Software Division. "The enhanced product enables customers to get the most out of their IntranetWare technology investment, simplifies management and allows customers to build an enterprise- class solution that integrates into their AS/400 environment."

The NetWare for SAA product family is an important component in the Novell and IBM alliance to make enterprise networks, intranets, and the Internet into more powerful business tools for customers.

"The AS/400 Edition gateway product marked the first offering of the Novell/IBM alliance," said Denice Gibson, senior vice president of Novell's Internet Access Division. "IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2 demonstrates that Novell and IBM are furthering this relationship to incorporate Internet and intranet capabilities into this product. We are meeting the needs of customers for directory-enabled solutions that make the Net work."

IP Connectivity Opens the Door to Intranet Technology

IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2 allows customers to evolve their local area network to an Internet- or intranet-based system, providing new TCP/IP technologies and a reliable way to access AS/400 resources from the Internet or corporate intranets.

The new product expands users' connectivity options, enabling access to AS/400 resources over IP networks, through industry standard TN5250 server support and TN5250 emulators.

The enhanced SNA gateway includes IBM's new Files On-Demand technology, a Java applet that allows seamless browser-based access to AS/400 files. With Files On-Demand, Web developers can now link AS/400 files with their Web pages.

IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2, which includes a complete two-user version of IntranetWare, allows customers to build a full intranet solution that integrates into their AS/400 environment.

NDS Integration Simplifies Administration

IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2 lowers the cost of managing a network by allowing administrators to define AS/400 access rights from a single location. In addition, as new users are added, the network can grow without increasing the total cost of user administration.

IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2 also saves time by eliminating the need to individually configure each desktop, as client emulator configurations can now be stored in the directory.

"Since we have such a diverse and demanding customer set, it is important for our staff consultants to have simple, dependable and efficient access to our two AS/400 systems," said Jim Headrick, vice president for Total Data Systems, Inc. and a beta user of the new product.

"With IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2, our staff can connect through the Internet or internal network at least 20 percent faster than with previous versions. This, combined with the additional benefits of dynamic load sharing and a simplified client configuration environment, will make this product a strong force in the market."

Enhanced Gateway Expands User Access to AS/400 Resources

IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2 now supports up to 1000 concurrent users, allowing five times more users to reach AS/400 data than previous versions. Through enhanced 32-bit API support, the new product provides universal connectivity, allowing AS/400 connections from all popular desktop clients, including DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, Macintosh and UNIX.

Network as well as remote users can now access applications using the APPC protocol and data stored on AS/400 servers. Improved connectivity support enables users to configure peer and AS/400 connections with FDDI and Frame Relay.

Availability and Licensing

IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2 will continue to be offered with concurrent user-based licensing. Stratifications for the standard product are available in 5-,10-, 25-, and 100-user packages, with corresponding prices of $995, $1495, $2495 and $7695, respectively. Upgrades are also available.

IntranetWare for SAA: AS/400 Edition 2 can be purchased immediately on CD-ROM in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish. The product can be ordered by calling an authorized Novell reseller or by dialing 1-800 NETWARE.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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