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Novell Announces Support for Oracle8 on IntranetWare

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01 Aug 1997

In June, Novell announced support for Oracle8 on IntranetWare, Novell's complete intranet and Internet access platform that enables the connected enterprise. Novell and Oracle are working together to simplify and accelerate the move to network computing for their millions of joint users, matching the industry-leading Oracle8 database with the industry's most robust server operating environment and network services.

The combined power of LDAP-enabled Novell Directory Services (NDS) and Oracle's advanced database technology offers customers faster access and simplified administration and management of data within Oracle8. These improvements in database performance and network management can result in lower costs of ownership for global, enterprise networks.

Oracle8, the Database for Network Computing, manages large amounts of information securely, reliably and economically over computer networks. Oracle8 is a versatile information platform that enables high-speed transactions, better business decisions, and sophisticated object-relational applications.

Built on a foundation of proven technology, Oracle8 is designed to lower an organization's computing costs, manage all types of data, and deliver faster information access to all kinds of users.

"Oracle and Novell have a very strong strategic relationship and shared vision that is carrying our customers forward to the next generation of network computing," said Dr. Eric Schmidt, Novell chairman and CEO. "Our customers can implement Oracle8 and NDS within an open environment supporting Java development and other emerging technologies. IntranetWare plays a central role as a middle-tier platform, providing secure, manageable database connectivity."

Enhanced Database Access and Management

Oracle8 running on IntranetWare will provide enterprise customers with improved database performance and scalability, as well as reduced costs of ownership through improved network administration and management.

Novell and Oracle provide integrated IntranetWare/Oracle security in Oracle8.

For the first time, a single login can authenticate the user to both the network and their Oracle database, whether it runs on IntranetWare, NT, or UNIX servers. Additionally, Novell and Oracle's commitment to Java will expand IntranetWare as an application platform within Oracle's Network Computing Architecture.

This will create an advanced development environment that can take advantage of Oracle8 on IntranetWare, providing an extensible platform for customers or third parties to provide a variety of application cartridges.

Novell has fully embraced Java as the premier development technology for the IntranetWare platform. With Novell and Oracle fully implementing the Oracle Web Application Server on IntranetWare, developers can now easily build Java-based applications or cartridges that access Oracle8 databases across the network.

With Oracle8, developers can manipulate multiple types of data found in enterprise-objects, relational, spatial, text, image video, and audio. This flexibility satisfies the increasing customer demand for a universal data server and further strengthens IntranetWare as a middle-tier database connectivity platform.

"With Oracle8 being released on IntranetWare, Unix and NT, Oracle is building on its reputation as the leading database vendor across all platforms," said Gary Bloom, Oracle senior vice president, Worldwide Alliances and Technology Division. "While increasing its position as the database of choice for IntranetWare users, Oracle8 is expected to allow IntranetWare users to scale much further than they could with any other database-up to tens of terabytes and tens of thousands of concurrent users."

Oracle8, the second major Oracle release to support NDS and IntranetWare, is an important component of the expanded strategic alliance between Oracle and Novell first announced in March at Novell's BrainShare conference.

The two companies have worked together to establish Oracle's Novell Products Division, which is moving forward to integrate the Oracle and Novell products and spearhead joint marketing, sales, and education programs.

The companies are also porting Oracle's Web Application Server to IntranetWare and expect to make it available by January, 1998.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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