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KPMG is First To Install Newly Developed Novell Replication Services

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01 Aug 1997

KPMG, the world's largest accounting consultancy firm, is the first organization to have installed Novell's newly developed replication software-Novell Replication Services. Novell Replication Services is the first network management tool to arrive in the market place that will allow the replication of files and distribution and synchronization of data across a network. Information covering the whole bandwidth range can be replicated.

Paddy Falls, Engineering Manager and Architect for Novell Replication Services commented on the product: "It has been designed to help improve consistency and data availability across WANS and Intranet web servers, and also to provide immediate access to the most up-to-date information posted on the network. It will be able to provide KPMG with all these advantages."

KPMG had been experiencing problems with the reliable and timely transfer of data and specific applications to servers across its WAN. It was decided to install Novell Replication Services to help overcome these problems.

To date, four Novell Replication Services servers (the open beta version 5) have been installed-a master server and 3 replicas located across the UK-and they will shortly be upgraded to a master server and 7 replicas. In addition, the desktop environment is currently being replicated, and when fully deployed, will support 6000 clients, and the 10,000 PCS across the KPMG network, using Novell Replication Services as staging servers. Desktops will be installed on client PCS at remote sites directly from the replica servers.

KPMG is also evaluating the use of the product for two way document sharing, remote a nu office back-up and web replication.

The test lab at KPMG comprises various Compaq server hardware platforms, Novell NetWare 4.11, Windows 95 on the desktop, and various network topologies including FDDI, 64K lease lines and 448K SMDS lines.

Stephen Pierleoni, LAN Manager at KPMG, discussed how Novell Replication Services could help him solve current networking patterns at KPMG. A Novell Replication Services promises to resolve a number of replication issues, including provision of a reliable replication method across various network topologies.

"The product promises to reduce the need for manually copying files from one server to another, instead an automated bi-directional replication method can be adopted. It can also be scheduled to automatically replicate at different times therefore reducing LAN/WAN traffic during working hours."

Steve Pierleoni continued "We see the potential for Novell Replication Services being a valuable replication tool, welcomed by network administrators and managers. It promises to provide a reliable method for replicating data whilst reducing the amount of human intervention. We also like the concept of using reliable synchronization algorithms with features such as full reporting and scheduling."

The beta version of the product is available free at

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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