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Novell Replication Services (NRS) for IntranetWare Available on World Wide Web

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01 Aug 1997

NRS Improves Network Performance, Speeds Users' Access to Network and Internet Information


Novell Replication Services is now available on the World Wide Web. NRS improves user access to information and optimizes network performance by moving information closer to end users through automated replication and synchronization of data across geographically dispersed servers.

"With over 500 sites, keeping all of our network files up-to-date for our users is a time-consuming job," said Scott Sattler, senior network analyst at Cargill, Inc., a privately held merchandiser, processor and distributor of agricultural and other commodities. ""NRS should save at least 40 man-hours per week by allowing me to update network files automatically, from a central location. I can literally set it up and forget it; NRS does all the work."

Novell Replication Services provides users with immediate access to the most current network data, software applications and Web content, helping businesses to implement more cost-effective corporate intranets. In addition, Novell Replication Services offers:

  • Timely access to information-NRS speeds access to data by moving information closer to the end user through automated distribution of data to local servers.

  • Optimized WAN bandwidth-NRS increases bandwidth for critical operations and applications by reducing the need for users to cross WAN links to access data and allowing administrators to schedule replication and synchronization of files during off-peak hours.

  • Reduced cost of network ownership-NRS optimizes utilization of existing WAN equipment and saves man-hours by automating the replication process.

"Novell Replication Services enables networks to replicate data globally," said Denice Gibson, senior vice president of Internet Products at Novell. "By leveraging the strengths of Novell Directory Services (NDS) and IntranetWare, NRS gives customers a way to share information across their enterprise networks and corporate intranets worldwide, while saving time and money on implementation and administration."

Novell Replication Services allows network administrators to selectively replicate entire volumes or parts of volumes from one server to any number of other servers in the same NDS tree. NRS enables branch offices from locations all over the world to share files and information securely and consistently. Types of data that can be replicated include documents, applications, graphic images, audio and video clips and Web server content.

NRS runs on each IntranetWare server from which or to which files and directories are replicated. Administration is provided by a "snap-in" to Novell's standard administration utility, NWAdmin, so that replication and synchronization can be managed from any network client.

Pricing and Availability

Novell Replication Services beta software is available now. A final, fully supported version will be downloadable for evaluation later this month, at no charge, and will expire 12/31/97. Both versions are available from the Novell World Wide Web site at

NRS is scheduled to ship through Novell distribution channels this summer; pricing will be announced at that time. For additional information, customers can contact Novell at 1-888-321-4272, or download information from the World Wide Web at

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