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Computer Associates and Novell Announce Global Agreement to Provide Unified Management

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01 Jul 1997

Computer Associates International, Inc. and Novell have announced a global agreement to provide unified management of IntranetWare/NetWare environments within the enterprise.

Under the agreement, Novell endorsed Unicenter TNG as its preferred enterprise management solution and CA has endorsed ManageWise as its preferred LAN management solution for IntranetWare and NetWare environments. Also under the agreement:

  • CA and Novell will work together to provide seamless management of Novell ManageWise from Unicenter TNG

  • CA will also resell ManageWise as an option to Unicenter TNG for the NetWare and IntranetWare environments.

  • CA will bundle a specialized version of ManageWise with select versions of Unicenter TNG for IntranetWare

  • Novell will bundle a specialized version of Unicenter TNG for IntranetWare, with select versions of IntranetWare and ManageWise. This bundle includes a specialized version of CA's ARCserve

"Novell's endorsement of Unicenter TNG for its NetWare/IntranetWare customer base provides another clear validation of our unique approach to enterprise management," said CA President and COO Sanjay Kumar. "Novell customers will find Unicenter TNG's value proposition even more compelling as we move forward with this strategic relationship."

"When you combine Unicenter TNG, the preferred management system for high-end environments, with ManageWise, the preferred management solution for the industry-leading LAN operating system, you have a winner," said Novell President and COO Joe Marengi. "The integrated pairing of Unicenter TNG and ManageWise will deliver exactly that. Further Unicenter TNG's open object model will enable integration of ManageWise data with unprecedented ease and speed."

Integration of Unicenter TNG and ManageWise will enable users to manage IPX/SPX TCP/IP, SNA and DECnet networks in an integrated manner. Integration will occur at all levels of Unicenter TNG's object- oriented architecture, including the event, repository, agent and GUI levels.

"This announcement is good news for the many businesses that have deployed NetWare and IntranetWare," said R. Paul Mason, director, software research, International Data Corp. "They will soon be able to integrate ManageWiseCone of the leading PC LAN management toolsets--with CA's enterprise-scale Unicenter TNG suite. This will permit them to apply enterprise policies and create business views that apply all the way down to the PC LAN."

"Tighter integration between ManageWise and UnicenterTNG will enable us to streamline operations and lower our cost of network ownership," said Patrick L. Burke, vice president of NPC, a leading provider of low-cost, high-volume transaction processing services. "It will also allow us to do a better job maintaining optimum performance, since we will be able to combine the intelligence and automation of Unicenter TNG with the highly granular monitoring and control features of ManageWise."

Unicenter TNG

Unicenter TNG provides comprehensive end-to-end enterprise management for TCP/IP, SNA, IPX/SPX and DECnet networks, and 40 platforms including desktops, Windows NT, UNIX, AS/400, NetWare and mainframe environments.

Unicenter TNG is the only fully integrated management solution covering network discovery, topology, performance, events and status, security, software distribution, storage, workload, help desk, change management and other functions for traditional distributed computing environments, as well as the Internet and Intranets. Unicenter TNG's intelligent manager/agent technology delivers highly scalable management of the entire computing environment.


ManageWise is an integrated set of management services that monitor and control network environments from end to end. ManageWise enables you to easily manage NetWare/IntranetWare servers, analyze network traffic, automate network inventory, remotely control and manage networks and workstations, administer network applications, and prevent virus infiltration-all from your workstation. By adding Novell's ManageWise Agent for Windows NT Server, you can also seamlessly manage your Windows NT servers.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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