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Novell's DeveloperNet Program Delivers New Tools for NDS Developers

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01 Jul 1997

DeveloperNet, Novell's industry premiere developer program, recently announded new program offerings for directory services developers, including the NDS Developer Jumpstart CD and web site, the NDS developer web forum, and the NDS Developer Computer Based Training CD.

NDS Developer Jumpstart CD

Now available, the Novell Directory Services (NDS) Jumpstart CD allows developers to easily and quickly build network-directory applications for multiple platforms, providing more value-added solutions to their customers. The NDS Jumpstart CD contains:

  • NDS architecture and theory, technical articles, developer support information, and additional NDS developer documention.

  • NDS Developer components including Active X Controls, JavaBeans and others

  • NDS IntranetWare SDK C libraries

  • Over 70 NDS developer samples in C, Java, NetBasic and Active X

  • NDS Developer tools: NDS Diagnostic, NDS Rights and a beta of the new NDS Manager, which includes the new Schema Manager

NDS Developer Web Site

Now online is the NDS Developer Web site which includes the complete contents of the Jumpstart CD and is the place for NDS developers to receive the most current developer components, documentation and information regarding NDS development initiatives at Novell. Also available is the NDS developer web forum which is designed to share information between Novell and the development community. It can be found at

NDS Developer Computer Based Training CD

The self paced NDS module teaches developers step by step skills to build NDS functionality into an application. Upon completion, developers will be able to describe how to use NDS to empower applications to optimize network access, use the NetWare SDK to extend the NDS schema and write a snap-in for NWAdmin as well as use the NetWare SDK to write code which will enable a client to use NDS to access an optimal instance of a service on the network.


DeveloperNet offers many valuable tools and services to help developers create NDS-enabled applications. In addition to the services currently provided by DeveloperNet, these new components have been added specifically for NDS developers. Other new features for NDS developers include NDS developer white papers, NDS-specific developer support and regular communication and updates of NDS specific topics and co-marketing opportunities. For more information, or to subscribe to Novell's DeveloperNet program, please call 1-800-REDWORD, or visit

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