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Novell Announces New Web-to-Host Connectivity Solution for Mainframe Access via the Internet

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01 Jul 1997

Novell IntranetWare HostPublisher Enters Beta

Novell has announced a beta version of IntranetWare HostPublisher, a connectivity solution that lets users access applications and data on IBM mainframes via the Internet. The new product enables organizations to publish critical mainframe information on their corporate intranet, expanding access to anyone with a Web browser.

Running on IntranetWare, Novell's intranet and Internet access platform, IntranetWare HostPublisher is tightly integrated with Novell Directory Services (NDS), ensuring secure access to information and enabling centralized user administration for network managers.

The IntranetWare HostPublisher helps customers leverage existing intranet investments by utilizing Novell Web Server 3.0, NetWare for SAA 2.2 and industry standard browsers. Acting as a bridge between NetWare for SAA 2.2 and the Novell Web Server 3.0., IntranetWare HostPublisher translates 3270 mainframe data streams into HTML pages.

"As a long-time NetWare for SAA customer, we are excited to be a part of the beta" said Steve Glick, manager of networking and distributed computing for the Dallas County Community College District. "Providing secure, browser-based connectivity to IBM mainframe data from our intranet will help us reduce costs and deliver better access capabilities to our students and faculty."

Browser-Based Access Addresses Market Need

Corporations are rapidly deploying intranets and browser technology to provide end users with access to more information at a lower cost. However, according to a December 1996 PC Week article, International Data Corporation stated nearly 75 percent of all corporate data is still stored on mainframe computers rather than local area networks. IntranetWare HostPublisher provides a secure, manageable way to integrate the two environments and saves significant software acquisition costs by reducing the need for terminal emulation software on each desktop.

"By providing technologies such as the IntranetWare HostPublisher, we are enabling a more robust intranet solution for customers," said Coleman Barney, vice president of marketing for Novell. "Novell's Web-to- Host solution demonstrates our commitment to provide more ways to access mission-critical information anywhere on the network, as well as to expand the role of corporate intranets."

NDS Combines With Additional Security to Protect Corporate Information

IntranetWare HostPublisher includes extensive security to protect critical mainframe information. As users access applications and data on the host, the following technologies offer customers unparalleled data protection:

  • Novell Directory Services (NDS) allows administrators to control access with user/password authentication. Access privileges are defined through a single point of administration, simplifying management and lowering overall administrative costs;

  • Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL 3.0), a technology included in Novell Web Server 3.0 encrypts data between the Web server and browsers using digital certificates (also known as public or private keys). Such certificates ensure that data is not intercepted during the transmission;

  • IP address checking ensures session integrity, guaranteeing that only authorized users view information during a mainframe session.

Customization Features Bring Web Look and Feel to Host Data

IntranetWare HostPublisher includes extensive customization facilities, allowing the display and input of host data to be tailored for individual or departmental requirements. Java Script support enables customized client front-ends to be automatically downloaded from the Web server at the time of execution. These front-ends provide a user-friendly Web interface, shielding end-users from traditional text-oriented screens and allowing automation of repetitive tasks such as user log-ons. Additionally, the integrated HLLAPI support provides a programmable interface directly to 3270 data stream, offering more sophisticated customization. All tailored features are centrally administered, simplifying management and reducing administrative costs.

Product Availability

The IntranetWare HostPublisher will be generally available by the end of the third quarter. Pricing information has not been determined.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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