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Novell, Netscape, and Novonyx: What Does it Mean to Customers?

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01 Jul 1997

What Does it Mean to Customers?

Novell and Netscape are at the forefront of an information technology (IT) revolution driven by open, standards-based networking. Novell, Netscape, and Novonyx are developing advanced, open Internet solutions that meet customer needs. The result is greater freedom of choice for customers. Organizations can choose the best mix of platforms, tools, and applications to solve their business problems.

Even as IT vendors offered improved performance and capabilities, users realized that speed and more features weren't helping them build connected enterprises. To gain the full benefits of a networked enterprise, customers need seamless interoperability that ties internal systems together and links them to the rest of the world.

Novell and Netscape share a vision of providing intranetworking software for the broadest possible range of customers and solutions. Open, standards-based networking is the best way to turn vision into reality.

Novell's flagship networking platform, IntranetWare is an integrated combination of advanced technologies. IntranetWare continues the evolution of NetWare-the world's most widely installed networking operating system (NOS) with 60 million users. What was once a NOS is now a full-service intranet, delivering an integrated Internet access system.

The partnership between Novell and Netscape represents a logical extension of the IntranetWare platform. IntranetWare integrates TCP/IP into the NetWare installation; provides a faster, easier-to-use directory; and provides better client support. On top of that, IntranetWare includes Novell Web Server (integrated with NDS); Internet access that includes a multiprotocol router; WAN connectivity, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and an IPX/IP gateway. Rounding out the IntranetWare platform is Netscape's Navigator browser software.

The Novell-Netscape partnership will bring SuiteSpot onto the world's most popular networking platform, IntranetWare. The SuiteSpot "mix and match" approach means customers can choose the Netscape server offerings that best complement the extensive intranet services available in IntranetWare and Novell's other products. Because Netscape actively supports open standards (as opposed to paying them lip service, as some vendors do), the SuiteSpot offerings will integrate with IntranetWare and other key Novell software offerings.

For example, Novell's GroupWise is comprehensive software that integrates calendaring/scheduling, task management, shared folders, threaded conferencing, workflow, remote access, and Internet access. GroupWise supports industry-standard communications protocols including NetBEUI, NetBIOS, POP3, SMTP, TCP/IP, and X.400. Because both GroupWise and SuiteSpot support industry standards and protocols, interoperability between them is assured. The entire purpose of this endeavor is to ensure our customers have the widest possible choice of open, standards-based solutions.

Because IntranetWare allows organizations to build open, full-service intranets-without "ripping and replacing" their existing IT infrastructure-customers can reap the benefits of the best services from Novell, Netscape, and other vendors. These services include the integrated security, performance, and virtual private network technologies in Novell's border services. With the Novell-Netscape partnership, customers can integrate individual SuiteSpot servers to meet their specific requirements.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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