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Novell Licenses Visigenic's Leading Object Request Broker Technology

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01 Jul 1997

JULY 1997

Furthering the widespread adoption of CORBA and IIOP, Novell and Visigenic Software, Inc. have announced that Novell has licensed Visigenic's leading object request broker (ORB) technologies for use within the Novell IntranetWare server platform. By integrating Visigenic's VisiBroker for Java and C++ ORBs, Novell offers developers immediate support for CORBA and native IIOP and the ability to deploy robust distributed applications on IntranetWare.

The agreement bolsters Novell's commitment to network computing standards, objects and Java technology as it establishes IntranetWare as an open application object server platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, Novell will license and distribute VisiBroker for Java and VisiBroker for C++ with IntranetWare, its full-service intranet network server platform. The two companies have also jointly funded a technology lab for research and development of CORBA services and Java integration. Novell and Visigenic demonstrated the IntranetWare VisiBroker bundle at BrainShare-Novell's worldwide developer conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in March.

"Novell has strongly embraced Java and CORBA for IntranetWare and Novell's cross platform network services to provide a robst development environment for networked applications," said Alvin Tedjamulia, Novell vice president of engineering. "Visigenic's vision for it's widely-accepted VisiBroker technology is the corresponding strategy for network computing. Our decision to integrate their ORB, along with similar moves from companies like Oracle and Netscape, provides developers with truly open tools that are platform and language independent for building distributed applications on their networks."

"We're thrilled Novell has committed to integrating and distributing VisiBroker with its IntranetWare platform," said Mark Hanson, president and COO of Visigenic. "Novell's tens of millions of developers will realize immediate value with the robust, scaleable, transaction-oriented nature of CORBA and IIOP and our ORB technology."

This announcement strengthens the industry adoption of CORBA, the Object Management Group's Common Object Request Broker Architecture specification, and its ORB interoperability protocol, the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP), for distributed object computing. Novell joins an impressive list of premier companies that have embraced Visigenic's CORBA and IIOP implementations including Netscape, Oracle, Borland and others.

The common objective driving this show of force is the vision that standard languages and protocols will be used to build and deploy mission-critical applications in legacy, enterprise and networked environments.

"The widespread integration of CORBA- and IIOP-compliant ORB technology by companies like Novell, Oracle and Netscape are virtually guaranteeing interoperability of distributed objects," said Chris Stone, chairman of the Object Management Group. "Novell and Visigenic have been active members of the OMG for quite some time and we're pleased to see the two companies partnering in this way."

Visigenic's object request broker technology is designed to facilitate the development and deployment of distributed object-based applications that are scaleable, flexible and easily maintainable.

VisiBroker for Java and VisiBroker for C++ implement the CORBA 2.0 and IIOP standards developed by the Object Management Group, and can interoperate with other CORBA 2.0-compliant ORBs in a distributed object computing environment. Visigenic was the first company to release a Java ORB, and the first to support IIOP in its ORB products.

Visigenic (NASDAQ: VSGN) is playing a key role in creating the foundation on which mission-critical applications of tomorrow will be written-the open, distributed, object-based architecture for the new global enterprise. Visigenic data access products include VisiChannel for ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), VisiODBC Drivers, the VisiODBC Software Development Kit, and the upcoming VisiChannel for JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).

Visigenic distributed object products include VisiBroker for Java and VisiBroker for C++, both of which are based on the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), and utilize the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP). Additional information about Visigenic may be obtained via the Web at

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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