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Novell Bolsters its BorderManager Security Offering with Content Filtering for the Internet

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01 Jul 1997

Cyber Patrol for BorderManager

Novell has announced that it will offer enhanced Internet filtering capabilities in its BorderManager product, through a subscription to Microsystems Software's Cyber Patrol. BorderManager and Cyber Patrol will allow businesses, government agencies, schools and other organizations to effectively manage access to the Internet by user, group of users, time of day, and categories that describe Web site content. Shipping in the third quarter of this year, Novell's BorderManager provides advanced firewall security, proxy caching, Virtual Private Networking, routing and remote access capabilities that enable customers to transform their intranets and the Internet into serious business tools.

"As a school district, we have 9,000 students we are obligated to protect from inappropriate content they might otherwise access with school equipment," said Marty Becton, Tipton County Schools. "Since all of our student computer access is managed through NDS, the integration of Cyber Patrol and BorderManager with NDS will make managing Internet access a breeze."

A 45-day trial subscription to a specially Novell Directory Services (NDS) integrated version of Cyber Patrol will be included with Novell's BorderManager when it ships later this year. Customers can then choose to subscribe to the Cyber Patrol service and receive updated lists on a continuing basis or can continue to use the list provided with BorderManager.

"With BorderManager, Novell is working to provide customers with the most powerful and manageable security possible for their Internet connections," said Coleman Barney, vice president of marketing. "BorderManager and Cyber Patrol leverage NDS's uniquely rich set of capabilities to provide businesses with simple, convenient and effective management of IT resources, including the Internet."

"Together, Cyber Patrol and BorderManager will allow organizations to focus Internet access for productive use and profitable return," said Nigel R. Spicer, President of the privately-held Microsystems Software. "Cyber Patrol's complete integration with BorderManager will provide the highest level of efficiency and ease for Novell users."

BorderManager's Internet Filtering

Novell's Border Service will enable businesses to extend their private corporate networks across the public Internet while retaining the security, manageability and performance of their current network. The product is fully integrated with NDS to allow businesses to efficiently manage user access to corporate and Internet resources from a single point.

Through its proxy capabilities, BorderManager enables customers to filter Internet access down to the user level by identifying the technical characteristics of specific Internet sites such as:

  • Universal Resource Locator (URL)

  • IP address or range of addresses

  • subnet address or range of addresses

  • protocol (such as FTP, Telnet and POP3.)

BorderManager's integration with Cyber Patrol allows customers to filter Internet access according to categories that identify web site subject matter. Businesses can also customize filters according to organizational standards by adding or blocking specific sites.

Cyber Patrol Enhances BorderManager Filtering

Microsystems' Cyber Patrol, in conjunction with BorderManager , will give organizations the ability to better manage user access to the World Wide Web. The Cyber Patrol for BorderManager comes loaded with a listing of researched Internet sites containing content that may be inappropriate for the workplace, including sexually explicit, violent or hateful material, as well as sports and entertainment material that, in some cases, may create unproductive time in the workplace. For example, an employer may choose to block employees from accessing Sports and Entertainment sites except after business hours or during the lunch hour.

Built-in controls both through NDS and within Cyber Patrol prevent users from disabling the filter and allow companies to specify appropriate management rights.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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