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Novell Announces BorderManager-New Product to Extend Corporate Networks to the Internet

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01 Jul 1997

Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel Announce Support for BorderManager

At a customer event held at New York City's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Novell, Inc. recently unveiled Novell BorderManager, a new product formerly code-named Border Services. To be available in the third quarter of 1997, BorderManager will enable businesses to extend their corporate networks and intranets to the Internet and to leverage the resources of the Internet while preserving the security, manageability and performance required for mission-critical operations.

At the event, Novell demonstrated several of its intranet solutions including Novell Replication Service, which will be available this month via the World Wide Web. In addition, industry partners Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Intel announced support for BorderManager.

"BorderManager represents a significant and strategic step for Novell as it continues to help customers extend the power of the Internet and their intranets as business tools," said Dr. Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO of Novell. "Most importantly, this product brings together the public and the private worlds of networking and reconciles the differences between the two in security, management, performance and other network services."

"For us, the key is providing users with secure and seamless access to the Internet," said Phil Easter, technology strategist, Greyhound Lines, Inc. "The integration of BorderManager and Novell Directory Services will allow us to easily manage Internet access to the individual user. For users, that means fast, easy access to the Internet and all of its resources. For me, BorderManager means minimizing costs and trouble and maximizing security."

At the recent customer briefing, entitled "The Internet and Beyond: Novell Rocks the Net," Schmidt, chief scientist Drew Major, and executive vice president Denice Gibson outlined Novell's intranet/Internet strategy and demonstrated product advances for business executives attending the event.

As the venue for the event, the Guggenheim Museum also provides a working example of the power of Novell's solutions with a recently installed Novell intranet and a closed beta version of Novell BorderManager. (See related article, "Guggenheim Museum Selects Novell's Internet and Intranet Solutions to Expand Global Presence".)

The name BorderManager conveys many of the benefits to be associated with Novell's new product. BorderManager provides infrastructure at the junction or the border between the Internet and the corporate network to reconcile the disparities in security, management and performance that exist between the two environments. It also serves to provide security at the boundaries or borders within a corporate network.

For example, BorderManager could be used to secure employee payroll records from all internal and external users except the finance department while allowing authorized users convenient access to those records via the company intranet.

BorderManager includes advanced firewall security, proxy/cache, circuit gateways, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), routing and remote access capabilities and a runtime version of IntranetWare as the server operating system.

Vendors Support BorderManager

Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Intel have each recognized the potential benefits BorderManager provides for maximizing customer investments in both hardware and software. Novell's technology demonstrations at the event were conducted on hardware from each of the five supporting vendors.

"Today's announcement of BorderManager mirrors IBM's continuing commitment to the Internet," said William F. Colton, general manager of IBM PC Server. "There is a growing trend among small, medium and large-size businesses to conduct commerce through the Internet, and IBM's broad suite of systems will help them take advantage of Novell's BorderManager and other technologies."

"We're excited to see Novell developing technologies that will extend our customers' investments in their PowerEdge network servers," said Lary Evans, vice president, Dell Server Group. "We see BorderManager as a technology that will greatly improve customers' ability to leverage the power of the Internet in a secure and manageable fashion."

"As Compaq continues to provide ever more powerful enterprise solutions for our customers, we see network computing via the Internet as the most promising connectivity technology of the future," said Ronnie Ward, vice president System Software Division, Compaq Computer Corporation.

"Compaq has worked closely with Novell to develop, test and support this new product. Novell BorderManager on a Compaq ProLiant server offers businesses the lower cost of ownership and enhanced productivity of the Internet and intranet connectivity, while simultaneously delivering new levels of performance and security."

"BorderManager, most dramatically the proxy server, delivers very high performance on Intel Pentium Pro processor-based servers," said Sally Fundakowski, director Business Commerce Developer Group, Intel Corporation. "It has been optimized by Novell to deliver even higher performance on servers that use Intel's new Pentium II processor."

"HP is a leading provider of Internet server systems," said Duncan Campbell, worldwide marketing manager of HP's Network Server Division. "Security must be maximized and performance enhanced for businesses to use the Internet as a viable business tool. Now, with Novell's BorderManager and HP NetServer systems, our customers will have that security and performance wrapped in a reliable and manageable solution."


Novell BorderManager will be available to customers in the third quarter of this year. Pricing details are not yet available.

Novell Replication Services will be available to customers later this month.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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