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Java Challenges Definition of a Computer

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01 Jun 1997

Java Platform for the Enterprise

At JavaOne, its annual worldwide developers conference, Sun Microsystems, Inc. solidified a comprehensive strategy for making Java available on devices that go beyond desktop computers-in products as big as supercomputers and as small as "art" credit cards. This opens up new frontiers for Java applications and creates new opportunities for Java developers. Java is a software platform that software developers can use to build programs that can operate anywhere.

Sun will take Java into corporate data centers with the Java Platform for the Enterprise. This is a suite of technologies and products surrounding the new Enterprise JavaBeans initiative, a way to design all program elements that can easily combine to build powerful corporate applications.

Sun also announced PersonalJava and EmbeddedJava, illustrating that Java performs equally well in all devices such as PDAs, copiers and even art cards. PersonalJava extends Java to devices with displays but no keyboards, such as TVs and copiers. EmbeddedJava extends Java to devices with embedded microprocessors and limited memory, such as pagers and cell phones. And JavaCard brings Java to art cards, wallet-size cards that contain microprocessors. These, combined with the full Java Development Kit, offer a wide range of Java implementations that are redefining what a computer is.

"There has never been a software platform with the power and flexibility of Java," said Alan Baratz, president of JavaSoft, a business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "We've defined a new software industry and are opening the door for developers to a new opportunity of unprecedented proportions."

In addition, Sun laid out a roadmap for the Java platform going forward, detailing a more flexible Java security model, dramatically improved performance, and the new comprehensive Java Foundation Classes, which help developers select the look and feel of their applications.

The 100% Pure Javatm initiative, sponsored by Sun and industry leaders Apple, IBM, Netscape, Novell, and Oracle was launched today. Designed to ensure that applications are written once and will run on any Java compatible system, the 100% Pure Java initiative provides education, testing, certification and marketing programs for ISVs who write to the 100% Pure Java specification.

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