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Novell Ships IntranetWare for Small Business

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01 Jun 1997

Novell recently announced that IntranetWare for Small Business is available worldwide through its global reseller channel. IntranetWare for Small Business provides businesses with 25 or fewer users a complete network solution, easily maintained without requiring a full-time technical network manager. It also provides new user-based pricing so customers buy just the licenses they need and add additional users to the network as their businesses grow.

"Small businesses will really appreciate how easy IntranetWare for Small Business is to install. With its Installation Quick Start program, my nine-year-old-son installed and set up the network on his own," said Leon McCaskill, president of Infinet, Inc., a Novell reseller. "In addition, the remote management capabilities of the product provide an ongoing service opportunity for resellers. With the ability to implement ManageWise remotely, we can provide remote network management support to small businesses who do not have the time or money to administrate their networks."

"Small businesses usually do not employ a full-time network administrator. For this reason, we have created the simplest network solution available today," said Jim Greene, senior manager of product marketing at Novell. "IntranetWare for Small Business is also priced so our customers can pay as they grow, making the benefits of networking accessible and affordable for even the smallest of organizations."

IntranetWare for Small Business enables easy communication, collaboration and management by including:

  • Novell Easy Administration Tool (NEAT), which provides a simple interface for network management such as creating, deleting and modifying users, groups, applications and printers on the network

  • A single-site directory, integrated with NEAT, to provide customers with all the information management and access capabilities of the industry standard, Novell Directory Services (NDS)

  • NetWare Connect for remote network access from any location through the Internet, and modem pooling for significant cost savings by sharing modem hardware and phone lines

  • Management tools based on Novell ManageWise to provide easy remote network management for customers who prefer to outsource network management

  • GroupWise 5 support so customers can add Novell's client/server messaging system that integrates e-mail, calendaring/scheduling and task management with document management and workflow into a single Universal Mail Box

"The introduction of IntranetWare for Small Business will mean great things for small businesses everywhere," said Dennis Erdle, Dynamics general manager at Great Plains Software. "Novell has done an excellent job of developing a solution for growing small businesses who do not have a dedicated network administrator. IntranetWare for Small Business' powerful networking capabilities will provide smaller businesses with a great platform for operating mission-critical business applications without the high price tag."

Worldwide Availability The Novell global channel of 30,000 value-added resellers worldwide now offer IntranetWare for Small Business in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Users can locate the nearest Novell Authorized Reseller by calling 1-800-NETWARE (1-800-638-9273).

Pricing Novell IntranetWare for Small Business has a suggested list price of $895 for a server plus a five- user license. The list price for a one-user add-on license is $65. Novell is also offering special upgrade pricing for users of both Novell and non-Novell operating systems. Suggested retail pricing for upgrades is $495 for a server plus a five-user upgrade and $795 for a ten-user upgrade. Purchase price may vary depending upon reseller discounts. Additional information about Novell's small business support can be accessed on the World Wide Web at

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