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IntranetWare Programming Fundamentals CBT

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01 Jun 1997

Describes the Developer Information computer-based training course. The course is divided into two modules: IntranetWare programming basics and NDS programming.

This is a newly updated version of our first CBT that was introduced last year. This CBT now contains an extensive new module covering NDS programming.

Course Overview

The course consists of animated voice-narrated lectures, each followed by a self-test section that allows the students to verify their knowledge of the objectives before moving on to the next lecture or lab. In the hands-on labs students use the supplied NetWare SDK files to write the source code to complete each lab project. The NetWare SDK supports core network services development for IntranetWare.

The course is divided into two modules:

  1. IntranetWare Programming Basics: Teaches client connection and NLM construction concepts. In the hands-on labs students use the supplied NetWare SDK files to develop a simple IntranetWare network application referred to as API_Info. This takes approximately 12 hours to complete.

  2. Novell Directory Services (NDS) Programming: Explains the concepts of NDS programming. Although module 2 may be taken independently of module 1, it builds on the knowledge gained in module 1. In module 2 the students will add code to the API_Info application developed in module 1 to include extensive NDS functionality. In addition they will use the NetWare SDK to extend the NDS schema and to provide a snap-in for NetWare Administrator. This takes approximately 24 hours to complete.


This course is intended for C programmers who have little or no IntranetWare programming experience. However, we strongly recommend that students have a basic knowledge of IntranetWare and/or NetWare 4. This knowledge can be obtained by attending course 520, IntranetWare: NetWare 4.11 Administration.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course you should be able to:

Module 1:

  • Describe the components and processes involved in developing an efficient NetWare client-server application.

  • Use the NetWare SDK to write the client and NLM sides of a NetWare client-server application.

  • Use NCP Extension APIs to communicate between the client and server sides of the application.

Module 2:

  • Describe how to use NDS to empower your applications to optimize their network access.

  • Use the NetWare SDK to extend the NDS schema and to write a snap-in for NWAdmin.

  • Use the NetWare SDK to write code which will enable a client to use NDS to access an optimal instance of a service on the network.

The following is a screen shot of one of the course lectures.

Figure 1: Course lecture.

For additional course information and to view an on-line course demonstration, refer to the Web page

Ordering Information

A course of this length and quality would normally retail for around $2000. However, Novell feels it is important enough to get this course into as many developers' hands as possible, so we are making it available for a limited time at a cost of $25.00.

To place an order call 1-800-REDWORD (1-800-733-9673) or 1-801-861-5281.

Note: DeveloperNet subscribers will receive this course as part of their subscription.

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