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Sun's New Java Tools Uphold Trailblazing Tradition

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01 May 1997

At JavaOne, Sun Microsystems announced new products and partnerships that put powerful, easy-to-use development andauthoring tools in the hands of programmers and working professionals charged with making Internet and intranet sites rich, compelling environments.

Sun took the wraps off Java Studio-the first authoring environment for quickly creating Java solutions without writing a single line of code.

Also on the docket were announcements of Java WorkShop 2.0, JavaWorkShop Professional, JavaPlan, JavaBeans components that will be bundled with the new development products, new guide books for using the new developer tools, and new courses being offered at Java Camps scheduled through August across the country.

"Sun software-as it should be-is at the forefront of putting Java to work," said Janpieter Scheerder, President, SunSoft Inc. "Today's announcements define a breakthrough in Java development languages: new power tools for the professional, a new class of incredibly intuitive and easy to use products for information workers of the network age, and new training courses and books that make the switch to Java a no-brainer."

Simplifying Interactive Content Development Sun recently introduced Java Studio, which was created for web designers, content creators and working professionals who regularly lend their expertise to making Internet and intranet sites rich, compelling environments. Written entirely in Java, Java Studio authoring environment allows for visual creation of Java applications with blocks of reusable software called JavaBeans components. Java Studio also incorporates an integrated What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) HTML editor, which also doubles as a browser. The editor enables the user to create or edit web page content directly from the Web page environment and see the changes exactly as they will appear.

"Now the knowledge worker or content creator can literally draw the power of Java into Web sites," said Evan Quinn, Research Director of Internet Software, International Data Corporation. "With Java Studio, we can now add 'by anyone" to the 'write once, run anywhere' maxim."

Java Studio software will be available to early access users in late June. Pricing will be announced at a later date.

For professional Java software developers, Sun announced the next-generation to the only true multiplatform Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on the market today. New to Java WorkShop 2.0 are the valuable performance and usability enhancements such as a built-in Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler in the Java Virtual Machine for increasing the performance of Java code, a fast Java compiler that enables the quick generation of byte code from Java applications, a plug-in architecture for third-party support, and profiler tools that help developers analyze application performance.

Java WorkShop 2.0 software, which supports the Java Developer Kit (JDK) 1.1 and the JavaBeans component architecture, is available to early access users now on the web, Pricing and upgrade will be announced at a later date.

RAD Capability Java WorkShop Professional, an integrated rapid application assembly and development (RAD+) tool, combines Java WorkShop 2.0 development environment with Java Studio authoring environment to enable fast, create-and-play testing of Java applets, applications, and JavaBeans components.

Java WorkShop Professional software is scheduled to be available to early access users in June on the web, Pricing will be announced at a later date.

Java Computing in the Enterprise: Where You Start JavaPlan is the industry's first enterprise development tool dedicated to the visual design and generation of sophisticated Java applications. JavaPlan provides the ideal starting place for enterprises who want to build large-scale custom applications and deploy them to Java.

JavaPlan on Solaris is available now at $3,995 per user. JavaPlan on Windows NT 4.0 is scheduled to ship later this month, pricing will be announced at a later date. For more information,

JavaBeans Components Included Sun also recently announced that it has licensed a "heap of" JavaBeans components from leading-edge technology partners, and that the licensed JavaBeans components will be bundled with the premier releases of Java Studio and Java WorkShop Professional this summer.

Partners include JScape, KL Group Inc., ObjectSpace, and Thought Inc. The partners' JavaBeans components can be used to create Java business applications on-the-fly that incorporates business logic tables, grids, charts and graphs, algorithms for storing and organizing Java objects, and automated super connections to enterprise-class databases that shield the user from having to know JDBC or SQL programming.

Guidebooks For Java Trailblazers In conjunction with the release of Java Studio, Sun Microsystems Press announced it will publish a new hands-on guide entitled "Java Studio By Example." Additionally, Sun is publishing a second edition of its popular "Inside Java WorkShop" that includes tips and tricks for getting the most out of the new Java Workshop 2.0 features and functions.

The new titles will be available in bookstores worldwide this summer. More information on Sun Microsystems Press is available at

Java Camps Finally, Sun announced it is expanding its Java Camps developer training courses to cover a host of new topics including Distributed Objects and Java; Programming with JavaBeans; Java Security; and Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.1-State of the Art Development.

Java Camps are offered through the Sun Catalyst Developer Program and run April through August in cities across the country. More information on Java Camps is available at

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