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Geneva Software and Novell Announce Java and Web Access to ManageWise

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01 May 1997

With help from Geneva Software and Novell, network administrators will save time managing their networks because they can now access ManageWise anytime and anywhere through a standard web browser. Geneva Software and Novell build on their successful development partnership by jointly announcing AlertPage Enterprise at Java One. Working closely with Novell, Geneva developed this Java-based access to ManageWise alarms via AlertPage Enterprise, Geneva's cross-platform network monitoring tool.

"We are very excited to announce our support of Novell's Java initiative for management and administration tools with AlertPage Enterprise. As a testament to our partnership with Novell, Geneva is pleased to announce that existing ManageWise customers can today access ManageWise alarms from a Web browser, or Java Client, using AlertPage," states Kirk Fallbacher, president of Geneva Software. "We now provide a solution that both allows existing ManageWise users the ability to leverage their intranet investment for network management purposes and lays the ground work for the future Houston direction."

In conjunction with Novell's announcement at Java One of the new management-by-Java strategy, called Houston, Geneva will be demonstrating AlertPage's Java access to ManageWise. In addition, AlertPage Enterprise is now shipping, allowing Network Managers a way to start taking advantage of the Houston strategy immediately.

"AlertPage is an ideal snap-in for our existing ManageWise customers who require Internet access today, and with Geneva's cross-platform strategy, AlertPage is an important component of our future Java-based management strategy," says Marc Epstein, vice president and general manager of Novell's Management Products Division. "Geneva Software and Novell are working closely to ensure that AlertPage's capabilities will keep pace with the future direction of ManageWise."

AlertPage works well as a comprehensive, stand-alone network-monitoring tool, in addition to complementing existing Enterprise Management systems. AlertPage provides cross-platform event management, service availability monitoring and network performance tracking for NetWare, ManageWise, NT, Web, UNIX and applications.

"Integrating AlertPage into our established enterprise information system was painless," says Michael Knutson of Hewitt Associates. "We are very impressed with the superb suite of HTML-based automated management reports. Using a web browser, we can track the availability of critical resources and generate up-to-the-minute reports, at summary level or in detail via drill down. AlertPage Enterprise has paid for itself many times over."

AlertPage provides constant, unattended surveillance of all network servers, intranet devices and workstations. AlertPage continues to monitor the network and notify managers of new alarms, even when servers, routers and hubs are down. All error messages are intelligently filtered and prioritized, before they are routed to the appropriate recipients via pager or email. Network managers can use AlertPage as a proactive measurement tool, identifying trends and tracking reoccurring problems. In addition, AlertPage now provides network managers with the ability to quickly view the overall network status from an HTML page.

Network managers can view, in real-time, the status of any network device, from either the AlertPage GUI (on the AlertPage console), or from a standard Internet browser (from any machine on the network). Designed to be non-intrusive, AlertPage monitors the network without requiring NetWare NLMs, NT Services or additional device management agents.

Pricing and Availability For sites with less than 500 users, AlertPage is $399 per service device. Service Device bundle discounts are available. For sites with more than 500 users, AlertPage is priced per user allowing Managers to monitor an unlimited number of Service Devices. Price per user is determined by the total number of users on devices that will be monitored by AlertPage.

Current users can upgrade to AlertPage Enterprise 4.0 for $195 per Service Device. This offer includes free upgrades to any AlertPage releases within 6 months of the upgrade.

For more information on pricing, visit the Geneva Software web site or contact Geneva at 847-562-0012 outside the US or 800-315-0952 inside the US, by fax at 847-562-0013, or by email at

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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