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Novell and Sun To Deliver Java Enterprise Solutions

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01 May 1997

Novell and Sun Microsystems have announced the expansion of their strategic partnership to deliver platform-independent solutions for the Internet and corporate intranets. The companies will continue bringing together Novell's industry-leading networking software and Sun's "Write Once, Run Anywhere" Java technology to allow developers to easily create and deploy Java applications that can be securely accessed, managed, and distributed across the enterprise.

This partnership allows companies to streamline their development cycles, simplify network management, and reduce the total cost of network ownership by encouraging development of platform-independent, network applications tied together by Novell's network services.

Through combined development and marketing efforts with Sun, Novell will continue to deliver Java application programming interfaces (APIs) for Novell IntranetWare and Novell Directory Services (NDS). These open APIs will further advance NDS and IntranetWare's network services into key enabling technologies for adding structure to Java applications intranets and the Internet.

Novell and JavaSoft began working together in March 1996. Since then, Novell has announced and delivered a series of Java products and technologies:

  • Novell's Java based management and administration project, code-named Houston, will provide customers comprehensive and flexible network management by integrating all Novell and third-party management and administration products into a common platform. Houston will be 100% Pure Java compliant and will run anywhere, regardless of vendor-specific directory or platform.

  • GroupWise Web Access: Novell has added Java functionality to GroupWise Web Access that allows the Internet or private intranets to become extensions of the messaging system and includes support for Java applications and applets at both the server and client level.

  • IntranetWare SDK for Java: a software development kit (SDK) that enables Novell developers to build Java applications on IntranetWare and NetWare 4.1x platforms, and on all other platforms supporting the Java Virtual Machine. The IntranetWare SDK for Java began shipping last December.

"This partnership reinforces Novell's strategic direction to offer customers freedom of choice in an increasingly heterogeneous, client-network world," said Joe Marengi, president of Novell Inc. "We are embracing open technologies that allow our developers and users to create networked applications that run on multiple platforms. Java technology is a major breakthrough in the networking industry because it helps corporations save money and time by eliminating the work usually required to develop many applications for a variety of platforms. Novell IntranetWare and NDS users will have access to a multitude of 100% Pure Java network-aware applications, making the platform an even more valuable asset to businesses."

"We've worked closely with Novell to create a consistent set of enterprise APIs for Java developers to more easily build and use networked applications," said Alan Baratz, president of JavaSoft, a business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "We look forward to continuing our relationship with Novell and leveraging their expertise in networking technologies as we progress in moving Java to the enterprise."

Network Solutions for Java In addition, Novell has participated in a number of Sun's Java API development projects, including:

  • Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI): Novell contributed significantly to the development of this key technology. JNDI allows information to be shared among multiple applications, regardless of the platform, and enables them to locate, access and manage resources across disparate naming and directory systems. Novell delivered an early access implementation of JNDI for NDS at its BrainShare '97 conference.

  • Java Internationalization: Novell has provided assistance and technology to Sun to facilitate the internationalization of Java.

  • Java Telephony: Along with other technology and communications companies, Novell collaborated with Sun to define the JTAPI specification. JTAPI provides the framework for a high-level interface-to-all control and allows for first party and third party call control.

  • Java Speech: Novell is participating with Sun to develop the Java Speech API to make leading-edge speech recognition and speech synthesis (text-to-speech) technology available to Java applications.

  • JavaBeans for Network Services: Novell is developing JavaBeans based on Sun's JavaBeans specification that provide high level abstractions to network services. This will provide developers and administrators with an easier way to build cross platform network applications. Novell previewed the first JavaBeans for NDS at BrainShare.

Commitment to 100% Pure Java Novell and Sun are strongly committed to the 100% Percent Java Program, announced by Sun in December 1996. This commitment is underscored by the companies' sponsorship, along with IBM and Netscape, of the Java Education World Tour '97. Novell and Sun will continue to evolve their partnership to deliver additional enterprise Java APIs for leading- edge, 100% Pure Java network solutions.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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