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Novell Will Deliver Third-Party Tools To Complement ManageWise 2.1 Management Capabilities

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01 May 1997

Novell has announced it is offering ManageWise 2.1 customers free enhancement software to complement its proven ManageWise PC network management platform. The ManageWise 2.1 Enhancement CD provides a set of third-party tools to extend and customize ManageWise 2.1 management capabilities while reducing network maintenance costs.

These third-party software tools integrate with the existing ManageWise platform, adding new capabilities to the solution.

Valuable Tools The ManageWise 2.1 Enhancement CD offers a collection of six tools from Novell partners to enhance and expand administrators' network management capabilities:

  • Recovery management-Alexander SPK (Server Protection Kit) from Alexander LAN provides comprehensive crash prevention and diagnostic information for NetWare 3.11 to 4.1 servers;

  • Alarm management-Alarm Vocalizer from Atlantis Software turns all Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) alarms into audible alarms; Node Sound Manager, also from Atlantis Software, enhances Alarm Vocalizer by automatically sending recorded messages to inform people what to do when specific alarms occur;

  • Alarm paging -AlertPage from Geneva Software provides comprehensive event notification and automatically forwards and filters alarms to pagers and a variety of e-mail systems;

  • E-mail management-MailCheck from Baranof Software proactively checks e-mail connectivity for multiple messaging systems and components, using graphical displays to notify network administrators of e-mail failures and slowdowns;

  • Database integration-SyncComplete from Kansmen Corporation saves time by gathering essential network data and combining it into a readily available database to track network performance and attributes as well as physical inventory of network devices.

"Data recovery, alarm management, e-mail management and network inventory database integration are natural extensions to the inherent functionality of the ManageWise 2.1 platform," said Marc Epstein, vice president of Novell Management Products Division.

"Novell relies on a set of popular third-party tools to provide these capabilities in our own Global Network Operation Center (GNOC). We found the collection so useful in running the GNOC, we wanted to give all ManageWise 2.1 users access to the same set of tools, so we worked with the third parties to bundle their solutions on the ManageWise 2.1 Enhancement CD."

About ManageWise 2.1 ManageWise 2.1 is a comprehensive, end-to-end PC LAN management platform that increases network reliability and performance while boosting end-user and overall business productivity.

Novell's network management platform is a proven solution that has garnered many awards including the LAN Times and Network VAR readers' choice awards.

In addition to software distribution, ManageWise 2.1 offers desktop management, integrated server administration and management, automated hardware and software inventory, distributed network analysis, print management, router management, network performance reports, network topology maps and virus protection.

Third-party partners can also add new functionality to the ManageWise platform by creating software that integrates with ManageWise.

Pricing and Availability The Novell ManageWise 2.1 Enhancement CD will be available free of charge to registered ManageWise 2.1 customers early in the second quarter of 1997. Customers will be able to go to the Novell World Wide Web site ( to request a copy of the CD. Customers can submit their ManageWise 2.1 registration from the ManageWise page of Novell's World Wide Web site.

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