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Novell To Bring Sun's Visual Java Technology to IntranetWare

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01 Apr 1997

Novell To Bring Sun's Visual Java Technology to IntranetWare

Novell recently announced its licensing of Sun Microsystems' Project Studio technology for integration with future versions of IntranetWare, Novell's full-service intranet and Internet access platform. Project Studio's Visual Java technology and JavaBeans component architecture will enable a broad new class of users to quickly and easily create Internet and intranet applications that take advantage of Novell network services such as Novell Directory Services (NDS)C without writing a single line of code.

Project Studio and other technologies recently licensed from Sun are advancing Novell's strategy to provide an industry-standard environment on IntranetWare for developing and executing client/network and client/server applications.

These applications can take advantage of the "write once, run anywhere" capability of Java and the ability of NDS and other leading Novell network services to be distributed across the cusotmer's entire network asset. Novell intends to evolve IntranetWare into a high-performance Java application server, enabling customers to make a smooth transition to Java-based intranets while building on their exisitng network investments.

"Project Studio for IntranetWare is one more way that Novell is making network application development fast and easy" said Gary Mueller, vice president of Novell Developer Services. "With this Visual Java technology, we're opening the power of NDS and other Novell network services to a whole new community of developers and users, including network administrators, Web Masters, corporate IT managers, and even end users."

"Use of JavaBeans components in Project Studio will provide developers in the Novell environment with an extensive collection of compelling components," said Larry Weber, vice president and general manager, Sun's WorksShop Products Group. "Through our partnership, Novell gains the premiere Visual Java tool set for exposing its services to developers and customers, while Novell customers move to the leading edge in ease of use."

Expanding Novell Developer Options Project Studio enables end-users to easily and visually create solutions to access, manipulate and publish information on intranets and the Internet. A visual assembly tool, a What You See Is What You Publish (WYSIWYP) HTML authoring tool and a full complement of reusable JavaBeans business and collaborative components such as charting, database access, graphing, and spreadsheets deliver a breakthrough in ease of use. Novell intends to extend Project Studio for IntranetWare by providing industry-standard components for access to NDS and other Novell network services.

Project Studio for IntranetWare is one of several Java development and deployment technologies for the Novell environment resulting from Novell's recently announced strategic alliance with Sun. In addition to Project Studio, Novell Java offerings include:

  • IntranetWare Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Java Platform, shipping this month, allowing developers to build and execute Java applications on the IntranetWare and NetWare 4 platforms;

  • Sun's Java Workshop Development Environment for IntranetWare, providing developers with a complete set of Java development tools, now available to subscribers in Novell's DeveloperNet program;

  • Work with Sun on open, industry-wide application programming interfaces for Novell and other network services, available in the first half of 1997.

Java is one of several options available to developers through Novell's DeveloperNet 2000 initiative to support intranet and Internet application development. Through DeveloperNet 2000, Novell delivers programming tools and technologies for Java, Scripting, RAD Components and C++. DeveloperNet is Novell's subscription program that delivers on all the APIs, code, documentation and support needed for developing to Novell's products. For more information, access the World Wide Web at, or call 1-800-REDWORD (1-800-733-9673).

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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