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01 Apr 1997

Discusses the latest Novell Directory Services Schema Registry which contains schema name prefixes and associated object IDs.


The Internet model of computing is radically changing the way companies do business. The network paradigm in distributed computing is evolving from traditional client/server applications to a multi tier computing model, where the logic of an application is distributed across multiple nodes within a network. Novell, the leader in robust networking services, is embracing an open development model with Java and CORBA to provide you, as a developer, with the full range of support you need to build powerful, flexible, distributed applications, and to migrate your existing applications from the NOS to the future.

As the industry moves into network centric computing, the necessary infrastructure and services must be in place to make distributed applications and solutions reliable, manageable, secure, scalable and extensive. Distributed solutions allow you to partition the components of an application among different systems and access them in ways that can change as your needs change. Java is the best platform available for developing distributed solutions.In 1997, Novell continues to evolve its leadership role in defining and implementing distributed computing by fully embracing Java, extending Java through open networking services, and distributing Java through open standard interfaces such as the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA).

Novell is committed to turn NetWare , the most established, reliable Network Operating System (NOS) platform, installed on more than three million servers, into the premier middle tier development and deployment platform for Java business and network services logic for the intranets and Internet.

Full-Service Internet Support

Novell has defined networking for the PC-LAN for more than 15 years. The original departmental LAN environment prospered due to NetWare's high performance operating system that looked across the LAN to provide users fast, reliable, uncomplicated access to file and print services. Over time, the network has evolved from the department to the enterprise, from the enterprise to the intranet, and from the intranet to the Internet. This new paradigm requires a new type of platform.

Novell has the experience and the vision to build a full-service open Internet platform. Already today, Novell's IntranetWare platform and services are running business critical tasks in large installations across multiple connected sites serving tens of millions of users each day. Novell is building a first class, open, platform-independent development and execution environment by tightly integrating the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and CORBA functionality into the high-performance IntranetWareoperating system.

In fact, by tightly coupling Java and CORBA, Novell hides the complexity of Interface Definition Language (IDL) programming techniques in building distributed, cross platform applications. Novell is also extending and enhancing its strengths in networking services including directory, replication, management, messaging, collaboration, security, licensing, proxy and catalog to provide you with the functionality to build network-aware Java applications.

As the Java platform evolves, Novell will provide new services for distributed computing that will enable network services to be even more portable and ubiquitous across platforms, while many of Novell's prized existing services, written as NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs), will be provided as native Java class interfaces.

Universal Development Environment

Novell offers you a universal development environment for network centric solutions that takes advantage of Novell's networking expertise and powerful open standards to provide the broadest reach for your applications. Novell's distributed computing architecture will offer Java on the server and on the client with CORBA as the distributed object infrastructure. You will have the convenience of complete symmetry between the client and server when building and deploying distributed solutions based upon Java. CORBA ensures you universal connectivity across nodes and interoperability between object models.

Novell's Commitment To 100% Pure Java

To ensure that you maximize the benefits of distributed computing, Java must remain cross platform. With 100% Pure Java, applications are distributable and extensible not bound to a specific platform or service on that platform. To Novell, cross platform means more that just Windows 95 and Windows NT; it means that an application can run on any platform at any time. Novell is committed to ensuring that the Java development and execution environment running on the IntranetWare platform will be 100% Pure Java compliant.

In addition, Novell is committed to delivering access to its leading networking services through open Java interfaces. Novell and Sun are key partners in defining and enriching the functionality of Java through networking service interfaces. These Java interfaces are open and extensible to all vendors and promote the strengths of Java in building an infrastructure for distributed computing.

As the leader in networking services, Novell is committed to employing its expertise to make Java a rich programming environment for the network. Novell's work in supporting the network services described below demonstrates Novell's commitment to creating a richer network aware environment for distributed Java applications and solutions.

Java Directory Services

Novell has applied its industry-leading expertise in directory services to develop, along with Sun, Netscape, IBM, HP and others, the Java Directory Interface (JDI). JDI is a 100% Pure Java API that allows applications written in Java to navigate naming and directory services of all types, including Novell Directory Services (NDS).

Java Workgroup Collaboration Services

Leveraging Novell's expertise in workgroup collaboration. Novell is working with Sun to provide Java interfaces to E-mail messaging services, calendaring/scheduling, document management and workflow services.

Java Management Services

This combined effort from Novell, Sun, Computer Associates, Tivoli Systems, 3Com, Bay Networks and others provides a rich set of extensible Java objects and methods for building applets that can manage an enterprise network over the Internet.

Java Distributed Printing Services

Novell, Sun, HP, Xerox and others are collaborating on a new initiative to expand on the simple printing services available in Java now. This interface enables richer functionality for end-user oriented printing, such as starting and stopping print jobs and checking status. It also offers a rich print administration interface to manage print queues, printers and access control.

Java Internationalization Services

Along with Taligent, Novell has provided assistance and technology to Sun for the much needed internationalization of Java for your products and solutions. Specifically, Novell provided technology in the area of UNICODE-Code page conversion.

Java Telephony Services

Novell, Lucent, Intel and Sun collaborated on JTAPI (Java Telephony API), which provides application programming interfaces for Java-based computer-telephony applications that work across a variety of telephony systems. The integration of telephony, intranets and the Internet is an exciting area of technology blending that helps the network look more user friendly &endash; like an extension to a well-known appliance.

Java Speech Services

Novell and Sun are collaborating to produce leading-edge speech recognition and speech synthesis (text to speech) technology written in and accessible from Java.

Java Beans Components To Network Services

Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools make it easier for non programmers to use pre defined components written in Java. In parallel with developing Java Class Libraries to access network services, Novell will define Java Beans that provide high level abstractions to network services. This will provide developers and administrators an easier way to build applications that access network services.

Java Developer Tools

Novell and Sun are working together to tightly integrate Java Workshop with IntranetWare to enable you to take advantage of networking services and distributed functionality. Java Workshop offers professional programmers a complete, rich development environment for building distributed applications and Java applets. Novell will also deliver higher level visual developer tools to allow Web content developers to easily build and deploy Java based applications using pre defined Java Beans components.

Novell is enhancing current products and services to take advantage of Java. Today Java is utilized in four major Novell product lines: IntranetWare, Novell Directory Services, GroupWise and ManageWise. As Novell's vision further unfolds, you can take advantage of even broader and richer cross platform, open networking functionality.


Novell has joined the most portable networking language with the most powerful networking platform by incorporating the Java Virtual Machine into the IntranetWare operating system. IntranetWare's high performance networking services are a perfect complement to Java's comprehensive memory management and security. New Java class libraries that expose Novell's leading networking services make IntranetWare an even more efficient platform for building and executing distributed, mission critical applications for business intranets.

Novell makes it easy to build and execute networked business applications for intranets with the IntranetWare SDK for Java. This free SDK enables you to write platform independent, distributed applications and execute them on IntranetWare.

Novell Directory Services

By integrating Java and Novell's advanced directory services through JDI, Novell enables you to build solutions that will be easier to manage, distribute, secure and deploy across intranets or the Internet. Novell currently has a customer base of more than 17 million NDS users, and only NDS offers cross platform support that extends from the leading UNIX implementations to Windows NT, along with Novell's own widely deployed networking software products, including IntranetWare, GroupWise and ManageWise.


Novell has added Java functionality to GroupWise WebAccess that allows the Internet or private intranets to become extensions of your messaging system and includes support for Java applications and applets at both the server and client level. You can take advantage of the GroupWise WebAccess Java enabled back end for your own distributed solutions via the Java Virtual Machines found on the IntranetWare, UNIX, and NT platforms.

Novell's GroupWise 5 offers leadership functionality with full document management capabilities, and a Universal Mail Box, which gives users single point access to incoming and outgoing messages, documents, shared folders, personal calendaring, group scheduling, tasks, voice mail, faxes and other message types. With the integrated Java functionality, users can stay in touch with the information in their Universal Mail Box via any workstation with an Internet connection and browser, or through a desktop workstation, a remote connection through modem or wireless communications, or any touchtone telephone or pager.


Novell's Web enabled version of ManageWise, the leading end to end network management product, incorporates Java technology to allow network managers to quickly and easily access network information through ManageWise on any Java enabled browser. Java applets for ManageWise increase administration flexibility and reduce your total cost of ownership.

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