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Novell Directory Services Schema Registry v2.02

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01 Apr 1997

Novell Directory Services Schema Registry v2.02

Novell DeveloperNet support channel maintains a Novell Directory Service (NDS) Schema Registry which contains schema name prefix's and associated object ID's (OID). All certifiable applications or services must utilize registered NDS schema name prefix's in extended schema names. Applications that do not utilize registered schema name prefix's WILL NOT BE CERTIFIABLE by Novell Labs. Registering schema name prefix's with the NDS Schema Registry eliminates the possibility of schema definition collisions caused by duplicate schema names with different definition structures. As well, the registration process provides a direction for developers to align themselves with future schema enhancement support. If the schema registry recommendations are followed, porting applications to future schema architectures will be eased. The schema registry consists of recorded name prefix names, OID assignments, and contact information. All registration fees are to recapture administrative costs only.

Name prefix registration allows a developer to immediately design and implement schema extensions that are unique in NDS with the current schema calls. A name prefix may be up to 8 alpha-numeric ASCII characters. Name prefixes are requested by the registrar upon application, (see attached name prefix application form,) but must be applicable to the name of an associated product, business, or technology. Previously registered name prefix's will be rejected so that name prefix's will not be registered to two differing entities. The NDS Schema Registry reserves the right to approve/disapprove any name prefix. Name prefix registration requires a nominal registration fee of (US)$100.00. A name prefix registration form is appended to this document to facilitate a registration request.

To use a name prefix, with the current schema calls, create the attribute or class definition named by the name prefix, immediately followed by a colon delimiter, immediately followed by the descriptive identifier for the attribute or class definition. An example is company Wimple Makers registers a name prefix for a widget server product of "WMWIDSRV." The Wimple Maker developers then define a new class called "widgetServer" and an attribute called "widgetDatabaseList." When creating the new class the schema name should be defined as "WMWIDSRV:widgetServer." Likewise the new attribute is defined as "WMWIDSRV:widgetDatabaseList."

Another functionality of a name prefix is to associate an unambiguous OID (object id) with defined schema. OID's are hierarchical in nature. Every schema extension will have a unique OID and an associated parent OID. For example, in the above example WMWIDSRV name prefix might be associated with an OID of joint-iso-ccitt(2).country(16).us(840). organization(1).Novell(113719).subregistry(2).WMWIDSRV(28). The created "WMWIDSRV:widgetServer" could be created as joint-iso-ccitt(2).country(16).us(840). organization(1).Novell(113719).subregistry(2). WMWIDSRV(28). classes(1). widgetServer(1) or 2.16.840.1.113719. The created "WMWIDSRV:widgetDatabaseList" could be created as joint-iso-ccitt(2).country(16).us(840).organization(1). Novell(113719).subregistry(2). WMWIDSRV(28).attributes(2). WidgetDatabaseList(1) or 2.16.840.1.113719. Name prefix's, if used, will associate existing schema extensions with future OID definitions making migration to the use of OID's easier.

OID's may be obtained from ANSI, IANA, or the NDS Schema Registry. Assigned ANSI or IANA OID's or some child of an ANSI or IANA OID may be associated with a name prefix. If application for an OID is in process, the OID field may be left blank on application for a name prefix. Then when the OID is obtained, the OID can be associated with the name prefix. OID's assigned from Novell's OID sub-registry will be assigned if the OID field is left blank in the name prefix request form and the box "Register an OID under Novell's Sub-registry" is marked.

To register an OID with ANSI, request an information packet from:

Michelle Mass Registration Coordinator 11 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036

To register an OID with IANA, request an Enterprise Number by providing your complete company name, address, and phone number; and the contact person's complete name, address, phone number, and E-mail mailbox in an E-mail message to For more information about IANA, refer to the file: schema name prefix registration request. (Send this form to DEVSUP@NOVELL.COM or to Novell DeveloperNet; E-24-1 Schema Registry; 122 East 1700 South; Provo, Utah, 84606. If form is sent via e-mail, mail (US)$100.00 check or money order made out to Novell Schema Registry.) Schema registration requests will be processed within 10 working days of all materials being received.

Contact name:

Company name:

Mailing address:




Requested name prefix:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(8 alpha/numeric characters)

name prefix type(check one): 

Product Specific 


Product Name (if applicable):

Register an OID under Novell's Sub-registry (leave Associated OID field blank if you select this option)

Associated OID:&_;&_;&_;&_;_



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