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Novell Simplifies Network Management for Customers with IntranetWare/NT Integration Solutions

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01 Apr 1997

Novell has announced availability of two software solutions which use Novell Directory Services (NDS) to integrate Windows NT with Novell business networks of all sizes, intranets and the Internet. Novell Administrator for Windows NT and Novell Workstation Manager simplify administration of heterogeneous networks, reduce network costs and largely eliminate the need to administer networks through NT domains.

These new solutions are just two components of Novell's complete Windows NT integration strategy. Novell Administrator for Windows NT and Novell Workstation Manager are available now, free of charge, from Novell on line forums on the Web and CompuServe.

The Novell Administrator for Windows NT integrates all users and groups in mixed IntranetWare/NetWare and NT server environments within NDS so that user rights can be administered from a single IntranetWare/NetWare console. Novell Workstation Manager, part of the current IntranetWare Client for

Windows NT, uses NDS to centrally manage NT Workstation 3.51 and 4.0 user accounts and access to all resources within an IntranetWare/NetWare environment.

With only two network administrators for five sites and 500 users, we need to leverage what we already know about NDS and extend it into new environments, like NT," said Rick Soto, network systems specialist at

Florida State Department of Transportation (DOT), District 7. "By enabling me to perform all user account creation and authentication under NDS, Novell Administrator for Windows NT cuts the time I used to spend resetting user accounts by about 80 percent and saves the DOT the cost of overtime pay or hiring additional administrative staff."

"By enabling me to manage our organization's NT workstations through NDS, Novell Workstation Manager will save me a tremendous amount of administration time and my company a significant amount of money," said Adam Brinton, network administrator at NuSkin International. "At the same time, it will allow my users to enjoy all the benefits of using an NT workstation, such as security and stability, while providing them with complete access to networked resources through IntranetWare."

"Novell recognizes that our customers' networks are heterogeneous today, and they'll remain that way in the future," said Marc Epstein, vice president of Novell's Management Products Division. "We're delivering these breakthrough products for organizations that want to be able to install a variety of systems in their network, yet be able to control their network centrally and securely through NDS."

Novell Administrator for Windows NT The Novell Administrator for Windows NT is a plug in to NetWare Administrator (NWAdmin), Novell's powerful management interface to NDS. This new software utility substantially reduces the cost of owning and managing heterogeneous networks by providing a single point of administration for users who need access to Novell and NT network servers.

The Novell Administrator for Windows NT synchronizes Windows NT users and groups with the NDS database, eliminating the need to build complex trusts between Windows NT domains. Additionally, the software automatically updates any administration changes made while the network is down.

Novell Workstation Manager A component of the current IntranetWare Client for Windows NT, the Novell Workstation Manager enables administrators to use NDS to simplify workstation administration and management. It also helps to reduce the cost of network ownership by eliminating the need to purchase, install and maintain separate NT servers and domains to manage NT workstation user accounts.

Full Compatibility of the IntranetWare Client for Windows NT and Novell Workstation Manager with the Windows NT operating system enables administrators to quickly and easily configure any number of desktops centrally through NDS, eliminating the need to manually configure each workstation. It also enables users to access their familiar desktop and networked resources securely from any workstation on the network with a single log in.

Novell's NT Integration Solution Components The Novell Administrator for Windows NT and Workstation Manager are two components in Novell's product strategy to integrate both Microsoft Windows NT Workstation users and NT servers into business LANs, WANs, intranets and the Internet with Novell's advanced networking solutions. Other components of the Novell/NT integration solution, available now or shipping later this year include:

  • GroupWise 5 for Windows NT;

  • IntranetWare Client for Windows NT;

  • ManageWise Agent for Windows NT Server;

  • Novell Application Launcher;

  • Novell Directory Services for Windows NT; and

  • Novell Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server.

Novell is also offering IntranetWare and Windows NT Integration specialization in the Client/Network Solutions track of the Master CNE program. These courses teach IS professionals the skills necessary to integrate Windows NT with IntranetWare, including methods for streamlining NT Server administration by using NDS.

Pricing and Availability The Novell Administrator for Windows NT will be available, free of charge, to IntranetWare and ManageWise customers for a limited time only. This six month promotional offer is now available on the World Wide Web at Following the six month promotion, projected pricing for Administrator for NT will be $6 per NT domain user.

The Novell Workstation Manager software utility is available now electronically, free of charge, with the current version of the IntranetWare Client for Windows NT from the World Wide Web ( and NetWire on CompuServe (GO NWCLIENT).

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